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I did Nanowrimo before - in 2003 and 2005, winning both times. Both contributed a lot to my momentum for writing for the years after that, and I think after the past two years (which were mostly due to work-stress), I'm due for another boost.

This time my project is science-fiction (trust me, I'm just as surprised). I won't bore people with the whole unedited lot, but I may end up posting some lj-cut excerpts if I'm proud of them.

And the characters may seem... familiar to some people.

(Musumeyaku. I need suggestions for musumeyaku with strong personalities, because my chosen brand of fighting style calls for equal numbers of otokoyaku and musumeyaku, and I suck at ogling recalling musumeyaku. It's been on my to-do list for ages, but now I need it for the plot.)

Working title: Starfall, Moonfall.
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A lot of scriptwriters should follow this ♥

In my translation:

Seven deadly sins of writers of musicals:

1. The story is predictable
2. The audience feels no empathy with the protagonist
3. The protagonist learns nothing from the story and remains unchanged
4. The theme isn't explored/analysed
5. Songs tell the audience what they already know
6. All characters act and sing in the same way
7. Ten minutes in, you still don't know what's going on
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Phantom of the Opera season opener was on Saturday. The Phantom has clearly been working out, which means he's now of the proper Phantom shape, but leaves his trousers hanging like sacks over his legs :> The Amazing Vampire Raoul got carnations with a card with vampire fangs drawn on it, which he promptly displayed to the rest of the cast. Ooops. Should have drawn a smaller card ;)

I'm also trying very, very hard to kickstart my [ profile] x2009 story. I hope this meme helps me get my creativity on, if I have any takers *bats eyelashes*

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.
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I was meaning to write this post for [ profile] ibarw (International Blog Against Racism Week) last year, but other matters got into the way. The advice is still valid - I saw the discussion in Elizabeth Bear's LJ on a similar topic: how do you get around to writing those same characters of colour/ethnicity/religion etc and not commit the same mistakes everyone is chastising commercial media for?

The following is a roadmap of sorts to a character of a different background than your own.

Disclaimers at the end; non-US-centric )
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Sometimes, life makes me feel like stabbing someone in the gut. Since that would be unprofessional, instead I have to withstand the same sensation from my own body as it gives under the stress.

At times like these, I find it calming to think that nothing lasts forever, and that I always have writing to turn to. I've been worried over the past year or so, as my creative output all but dried up and I could not even get the motivation to write on request. I'm amazingly grateful to [ profile] penknife and [ profile] mireille719 for [ profile] lgbtfest, which dealt with my fears nicely.

There's nothing like finding that a fresh issue to explore and toy with (and one that has interested me for half a lifetime - genderqueerness and gender identity). And most of all, there is nothing like writing stories for an audience that is 100% disparate from my LJ acquaintances - and getting positive reviews. It makes me believe that I can go somewhere with my writing; that apart from style, I have substance, original characters and emotional arcs.

(Plot will be the next thing I'll work on. I promise :P)

I missed two deadlines for this fic, but got it in just under the wire once I stopped fighting the characters about its direction:

Marching Orders - Discworld, Polly and Maladicta - The next war, and where they take it

(3,000 words, 2 days. Yes, I've still got it.)
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I started out in media fandom, where by media I define books, series, films, comics – any creative work that is performed once and communicated via media, a one-to-many single-time-point form of creation. For the past two years, my primary fandoms, the defaults I scribble about in my free moments, have been live performance fandoms. Involvement in the two is a very different experience.

Media fandom versus live performance fandom: an analysis )

And now, I should probably write another analysis for the fascinating in-between creature that is Takarazuka fandom ;) But at 1,700+ words, this will be enough for now.
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The gendertwist story for [ profile] imaginarybeasts is kicking my arse. Therefore, I swiped this writers' survey off [ profile] caraloup:

Watch me ramble )
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After falling behind around 2x03, I'm finally all caught up on Heroes and can offer at least some thoughts on the second season.

Spoilers for Heroes 2x01 to 2x06 )
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*looks at Yuletide assignment and kind of falls over* At least I didn't get [ profile] fyrie. And I do have a challenge like I wanted.

EDIT: Huh. Looks like everyone will get a rematch, which is a pity - I liked that request :/

Dear Yuletide Santa, as to my own requests.... )

In conclusion: Dear Yuletide Santa. I wish you luck. You may need it ;)
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Off to the seaside for two days, to watch the guy in my moodtheme play a monk. Technically back Sunday, but very, very late.

Also, I have a love-hate relationship with ficathons - so far this year I've succeeded at one, completely failed another for health and work reasons, and this time I managed one a week in advance, only to post the story after the deadline due to circumstances outside my control. I may link to it on Monday, but for now I'm just facepalming over the whole thing because argh! I was trying so hard to be a good participant!

But the one ficathon that's been decent to me last time around is Yuletide, and it'll be signups soon, and yay! It's the rare fandom ficathon to beat all - all rare fandoms and all genres and themes welcome, and you get to both write a rare fandom (out of the ones you indicate you know, of course, and only the fandom and characters are obligatory, you can ignore the prompt if it blocks you), and get a guaranteed story in a rare fandom of your choice. Last year it got me a great Dracula story, and this year I'm hoping for something in a musical fandom.

More about Yuletide here - why not consider signing up?
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I saw Dnevnoy Dozor, the sequel to Night Watch, today. I liked the original movie for its slightly mad take on urban fantasy, Russian-punk style, even if the plot could use work, and I like the original books (completely different from the movies).

Day Watch left me reeling. It's - post-modern is probably the wrong word, but it's a mad ride of tropes and plots and postcard-like scenes that stay with you. Fate and inescapability and escape. Lots of emphasis on father-son issues, and two of the main characters (Olga and Anton) body-switching and the actors having such complete fun with it. They must have spent ages studying each other's body language, because Olga in a male body was to die for.

It's such a decadent, oneiric movie, and at the same time the plot is tight. Every moment pushes the action forward. Visually, it's stunning - less elf-punk grime and more New Russian shine, and effects are gorgeous in their simplicity. Let's just say that for the four million (USD) total this film cost, they blew up Moscow, got Tamerlane to invade Samarkand, and filmed the best ending to a truck chicken-fight ever. If you asked me to name a budget figure for the effects alone, I'd say forty million and wouldn't be surprised at twice that.

So yes, recommended, especially if you want to see the East-West divide in action, mentality-wise - it's such a Russian movie. And I think it woke up certain characters of mine, which is good, because it's been ages since I wrote Flowers of the Frost.
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I've been writing fanfic sporadically at best over the past year or so, but that doesn't mean I haven't been writing. Several original projects are circling at the edge of my consciousness; Roses for Lucifer are threatening to blossom into something even bigger; and of course there is the cowritten soap opera that I promise will be available for consumption. Soon. I've got it all saved until mid-July, all 400 scenes of it!

In the meantime, meme - and even though I haven't posted anything with them yet, I'd love if someone asked about POTC characters. I may have signed up for a ficathon, and this time no Project From Hell on the horizon to interfere with it :)

Name a character that you know I write or have written (or roleplay or have roleplayed), and I’ll tell you:

a. What initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about him/her
b. One of his/her best traits
c. One of his/her worst traits
d. How easy/difficult I find it to write the character
e. The story/chapter/paragraph/phrase where I feel that I truly captured the character
f. My plans (if any) to write the character in the near future
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[ profile] ibarw is on again, and after the recent kerfuffle (or does anyone remember it in the wake of the Boldthrough?), I've been thinking along the same lines.

One issue I often see in racism discussions is the Europe/America divide. Racism in America is something special, yes, but I think it's mostly because of how much it's been fought against and for, there. I wonder if it wasn't for the better: if Americans aren't perfect, at least they have the instinct to respond to an accusation of racism with "No, I'm not." Too often in Poland, the response is "So what?"

European take )

(As an aside, I've also been thinking about the issue of writing about race or other discrimination from the point of view of a character with a cultural background and ideas different from my own. Would anybody be interested in reading something like that?)
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Open this time: can anyone with legal experience in the US or other common-law system tell me whether in the light of this, the following disclaimer might hold water?

This [journal/post/story] discusses matters concerning activity that may be illegal in certain jurisdictions. This is for artistic purposes only, is not meant to condone or encourage such activity, and the author opposes any and all illegal activity. This [journal/post/story] is not used in furtherance of any illegal activity.

I'm thinking that combined with removing questionable interests, this might be a nice argument to pull up with LJ abuse next time they pull this card. "Didn't you read the disclaimer in my profile?"
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In case you were wondering, the first two episodes of Heroes made me laugh lots. Since they're showing 2 per week, I should be caught up with the rest of you soon.

[ profile] rkold is an absolute angel. I am looking forward to boggling my workmates with Original Takarazuka Goodies. "Who is that?" "A Heian-era prince who's sleeping with the mother of his reincarnated father. As played by a girl :D"

But the point of this post: Miss Snark has announced her retirement from her blog.

I must say hers is the best blog I've read for authors looking to be published. She gives a great insight on the industry, the agents, everything. After reading her for the past year I now know much more about how to go about being published. If anyone else is serious about seeing their names on covers of Actual Paper Books, I have to recommend this blog. And now, since there's no telling how long it'll stay up...


Oct. 12th, 2006 11:09 am
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I'm starting to wonder if the recent blah-feeling isn't the infection still echoing :/ It had to be something particularly nasty, especially since yesterday, over two weeks after the initial doctor's visit and almost three weeks since I first started feeling the symptoms, I got the vertigo and shortness of breath again. I do so hate being sick.

So, I've been apathetic. When I try to read, especially online, the words tend to just run together. Even Fandom_Wank isn't entertaining me as much as it should. Creativeness also seems to be on hold, apart from one active muse *glares at a certain genderless anthropomorphic personification, who apart from a boyfriend has now acquired a quasi-parental figure and a kid brother*

Nanowrimo probably will not happen this year, but I'm going to do [ profile] yuletide. They're assembling their list of rare fandoms from scratch this year, and I'm thinking of which ones to request to add to the list - each person can suggest six. Elisabeth is a given, and probably Tanz der Vampire. Book-Dracula is another thing I'd be happy to write. Coldfire, yes, but that'll probably get requested by enough other people. Once Upon A Time in Mexico might not make the cut - 437 stories at No idea what else to nominate.

And hey. [ profile] yuletide will be opening to all comers this year. How about it, people? I can't be the only crazy one :)
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I'll be acquiring a [ profile] fyrie this evening for a week, so LJ presence will be sporadical (though I'm planning to post some backlogged fic). Still, I thought I might as well ramble now:

Yes, it's that thing about characters of colour,and also me being confused )

And on that note, I'm going back to writing about a mad and repressed Austrian crown prince being molested by a graphomaniac vampire. Peace, all.
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Put your characters in situations that rip them apart. And rip them apart some more.

- Sherry Thomas, On fundamental rules of writing

I think this is something that I've internalised over the past year or so. The downside is, I have a lot of traumatised characters.

(On the other hand, I think this is why I adore movies like Equilibrium and Once Upon A Time In Mexico so much. Set up a successful character. Rip them apart utterly. And twist pins in the wounds until the diamond core emerges and smacks you in the face with a pair of pistols.)
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For [ profile] assimbya, Als Es Sommer War, DVD commentary edition. Same warnings as the initial story - slash, angst, bloodplay, BDSM, humiliation, dubious consent.

On the writing of my first BDSM sex scene ever )


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