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Where to start? I saw four excellent shows, two each of Tanz der Vampire (Vámpirok Báljá) and Elisabeth. I saw them with roughly the same casts. In the case of Tanz, it was the first cast, which I've seen many times and have reviewed extensively. In the case of Elisabeth, while comments from the last time still apply, there was one notable exception. One muscular, blond, Hungarian exception with a rockstar voice and a charisma bigger than the stage.

After two years of fangirling the man, I have finally seen Máté Kamarás in person. And now I really understand the Japanese fangirls who travelled all the way to Budapest to see him. The man is that good.

Elisabeth, or the Death who stole the show )
And on top of all that, I've finally figured out how to get photos of actors in costume. Curtain calls!
Death (times 4), Elisabeth, Lucheni, plus Krolock and Herbert for good measure )
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Life has interfered with blogging, alas. On the upside, I'm off tomorrow evening for three days in pretty, pretty Budapest, with pretty, pretty musicals to watch. And a certain blond Hungarian to try and kidnap ;)

I'm taking the train this time, night trips both ways, and between that and the fact it's Budapest, I've about as much nerves as with a trip to the seaside that I take every summer. Sure, I don't speak the language, but no-one expects me to speak it, and the city's so nice. I have my favourite bakery, my favourite pancake place, and among my plans are stocking up on a Hungarian hand cream and spices. It's not a strange city anymore.

And once I'm back, expect more squee about musicals :)
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You have to be special to randomly stumble on a 50th show of a musical, and one with a signing to boot. Fortunately, we are special.

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Before the show, I wandered over to buy the new shiny programme and live CD (even though I accidentally recorded the same show that's on the CD while I was over the last time). I managed to keep my feet when the teller told me that after the show, there would be a signing upstairs.

Signing )

It's alive!

Jan. 4th, 2008 09:45 pm
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Just a note that I'm safely tucked away in Budapest, in a gorgeous (and grandiose) apartment with [ profile] fyrie :) Tomorrow, the Wacky Musical Adventures start.
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21 pictures selected from the 914 I shot, which means don't complain about picspam, I would say :) I'm too tired to annotate, but if there are any questions, I can elaborate on each.

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Signing in from Budapest - I'm going to be here until 6AM Monday next. The apartment isn't the one I booked, but it's very nice, and while it technically doesn't have internet access, well, I'm typing this somehow ;) Now to track down the shops, public transport and public baths.

(And dancing vampires, but that's on Thursday and Saturday. Wish me luck.)


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