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A white Christmas, it seems. The snow melted a little today and a freeze is coming, so yesterday was probably the last we've seen of the true fluffy stuff. The decorations in the city centre are stunning.

darkness and snow and lights )
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The Koya-san cold managed to put us both under the weather - I'm the one who's actually upright, so I'm taking the opportunity to sort through photos. I can't believe there are less than three days left before I'm back home.

J-11, days 1 to 5 - Kyoto, Nara 1300th anniversary celebrations, Tokyo )
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Photo is from her halfway house (she's a foundling rescued by a very nice cat lady). Milady is now exploring, while Lestat grumbles. *goes to hug furball the elder*
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I've been getting home at about 7-8PM each day, but I'm literally too tired to write. There is so much to see here that it occupies all of my brain. What little is left is taken up with the images of the cloaked cavaliers that should be striding about the place. I didn't think it was possible for there to be so much history in one place, not preserved this way, one upon another. I remain in love with Italian museums and their habit of just shoving interesting things in a room. "Is that-!!!" is a running theme, from Caravaggio to Leonardo to random Dali and Van Gogh and Tintoretto and Rafael O.o

Oh gods, Rafael. I remain in utter awe and admiration ♥ He's the only painter to reduce me to this state, where I can just sit and stare happily, melting into a puddle.

I am also taking way too many photos. Especially of angels. There are angels everywhere.

This example in Santa Maria del Popolo is the current favourite )
Tomorrow, I hope to improve the count of people-in-my-icons-whom-I-have-seen-live by one *points up* Then Trastevere, then on Monday frantic running around filling in the sightseeing gaps, and by Tuesday evening I should be home.
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Off to the lakeside for nine days. Back on Monday the 17th, but mail will definitely get checked and answered, and web access may happen if I can get the mobile phones to behave long enough to let me connect. GSM coverage holes are annoying :P

In the meantime, have a deer )
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I wrapped up last week at a party, as if I hadn't been tired enough. Hence, meme swiped from [ profile] galynthia, because brain isn't up to more.

Look up your birthday in Wikipedia. Pick 4 events, 3 births, 2 deaths, and 1 holiday.

July 7



And speaking of Tanabata )
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Happy Easter, Passover, Ostara and other holidays taking advantage of the spring equinox :)

The result of my trek through Warsaw churches yesterday )
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We've had over a month of full-on, beautiful snow this year, more than usual - it's more common to have sleet or hard clumps of grey ice littering the streets, depending on whether it's too warm or too cold for fluffy snow. I took shameless advantage of it with my camera.

The first batch of photos is from Kiermusy again, the pine forest near the village.

Four more photos from the forest near Kiermusy )

And these are from a recent walk in the Lasek Bielanski park.

Snow-covered trees )
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Wilhelm von Hohenzollern may very well be stalking me. A week after a couple of photos sent plotbunnies running through my brain, Mother was in Pszczyna, in the castle of the dukes von Pless. The palace was Wilhelm's headquarters during most of World War I, and five rooms have been reconstructed according to photographs and using furniture that, like the rest of the fantastic castle, survived two world wars and half a century of communism.

And it really should be used as historical arguments. Especially the chaise.

Wilhelm's dubious taste in fabulous furniture )
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Where to start? I saw four excellent shows, two each of Tanz der Vampire (Vámpirok Báljá) and Elisabeth. I saw them with roughly the same casts. In the case of Tanz, it was the first cast, which I've seen many times and have reviewed extensively. In the case of Elisabeth, while comments from the last time still apply, there was one notable exception. One muscular, blond, Hungarian exception with a rockstar voice and a charisma bigger than the stage.

After two years of fangirling the man, I have finally seen Máté Kamarás in person. And now I really understand the Japanese fangirls who travelled all the way to Budapest to see him. The man is that good.

Elisabeth, or the Death who stole the show )
And on top of all that, I've finally figured out how to get photos of actors in costume. Curtain calls!
Death (times 4), Elisabeth, Lucheni, plus Krolock and Herbert for good measure )
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As demanded, here are photos of my new lodger. As far as I've been able to determine, he is very much in looks and behaviour (squeaking) to a Norwegian Forest Cat, which means he'll be about 10kg when grown - right now he's 0.6kg of fluffy hairball. Oops?

Monsieur Fluffy )
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It's been three weeks, but the exhibition is still ongoing, so those currently in Warsaw can still go see the Ukrainian gold from the PLATAR collection on show at the National :) It's an amazing exhibition - perfectly preserved ceramics and jewelry from the least-known cultures that wintered in Ukraine and Poland before the current era began. Scythian motives run to stylised animals, and they traded extensively with Greeks, so the craftmanship is astounding.

Greek/Scythian jewelry

More images in my gallery of the exhibition. Forgive the poor framing at times - I only had the Panasonic TZ3, not the best camera for indoor photography, so I concentrated on sharp pictures.
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Not my best gallery, but either way, I'm back from Edinburgh and have photos in tow :)

Edinburgh photos )
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21 pictures selected from the 914 I shot, which means don't complain about picspam, I would say :) I'm too tired to annotate, but if there are any questions, I can elaborate on each.

Read more... )
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I was walking aimlessly down Vaci Utca after getting lost in re-routed Budapest traffic on my way to somewhere else entirely. I entered a church at random, after idly noting that there would be a concert there that evening.

Then I heard the music. They were rehearsing, a singer singing something I didn't understand. For a moment, there was magic.

And I had my camera with me )
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It might still be piercingly cold at times, but spring came right on time with Easter this year. The trees are still bare, but the blossoms are gorgeous :) These are the product of Thursday's lunchtime, taken in the park across the street from where I work, and on the tech university campus next to our building.

Cherry blossoms )
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The less said about the past week, the better. An infection retreated just in time for work to hit me like a ton of bricks. Fortunately, the next two weeks will be a lot of work - but at my own pace, and on my own, too.

Meanwhile, here are a lot of pictures of very, very pretty butterflies from the Vienna Schmetterlinghaus.

Large quantities of tropical butterflies )
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This time, dead Habsburgs and their shiny things. Thank gods for people allowing flashless photos in museums :D

Kappuzinerkirche crypt and Schatzkammer )

Next: fallen angels and more nighttime church photography.
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Part three of my picspam is Sunday night. There was an organ concert at the Peterskirche, one of the examples of a baroque church you just need to love. Afterwards, I took some photos of Vienna by night. There really is some magic to the city, even just in the tourist quarter.

At some point I'll toy with those pictures - I concentrated too much on sharpness as opposed to cropping and colour - but right now, I'm still waiting for someone to install my harddrive. It's been two months I've been without a functional home computer :/

My camera takes good nighttime photos )

Next: dead Habsburgs and fallen angels, or my second nighttime church excursion.


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