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Calling out to London and UK people - in the eventuality that one can be in London on Thursday-Saturday this week, how does one get (cheap) tickets to something like Phantom, Les Miserables, Priscilla, possibly Wicked?

(Also, anyone want to meet up? Evenings should be free-ish.)
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With the overall rush, I completely forgot to post about my new toy.

Since mid-May (just before Paris, in fact) I've been the proud owner of an HTC Desire ♥ It may be last year's model, but it's plenty fast, durable (I managed to get it caught out in the rain and drop it on a stone floor thus far), and I'm loving both Android and HTC Sense. Yes, you have to charge it daily, and hack it to move all apps to SD because the internal memory is laughable, but it's a tiny computer that works like a phone. I'm finally living in the future ;)

Requisite list of apps + plea for recommendations )
(Also, it's called Karenina, the wallpaper is Maki Ichiro as Anna Karenina, and the ringtone is Maki Ichiro singing Ich Bin Ein Echtes Wienerblut. In case you were wondering.)

The best thing about my new phone is that it means I don't have to drag a computer with me everywhere to stay completely connected (Echo Bazaar included). Thus I can take much lighter luggage to the lakeside cottage for the nine days I'll be spending there - leaving this afternoon, back on the 7th in the evening.

Not AFK in the least. Unless my signal's out.

Au revoir

May. 17th, 2011 10:33 am
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I've been home for twelve hours. Good trip :)

I also have a severely aching arm. The new French collected edition of Rose of Versailles manga is awesome, but it's also phonebook-sized, and holding it up in one hand for two hours of flight was not a particularly bright idea.

(I acquired two of those thousand-page volumes. None of the three manga shops I tried had the third, but since that one' only about 500 pages, I can actually ship it from France.)
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I'm certainly not going to shut up about the Japan 2010 trip (so many pictures!), but I'm now checked into my flight, 95% packed (give or take pajamas and cosmetics) and safe in the lovely J-Hoppers Osaka hostel. In 12 hours I'll leave it and head to the airport.

For Whom The Bell Tolls is very good in a high-drama way. Tomochin is a scene stealer ♥ Tomu is really exceedingly pretty ♥ ♥ ♥ And the show has the best mini-revue I've ever seen at the end of a two-act show: Tomu gets the musumeyaku ballet, and the otokoyaku ballet is epic, Spanish and exceedingly long. (Also, Yuuhi. YUUHI. She and Tom are going head to head in my YOU GIT ranking.)

Final shopping is accomplished. Someone cleared out Taka-An of all Ichiro Maki photos and it wasn't me, but I did get an Anna Karenina clearfile.

Last time on the Hankyu train back from Mura. Last walk through the maze of Umeda stations.

I think it's safe to say I'll be back.
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The Koya-san cold managed to put us both under the weather - I'm the one who's actually upright, so I'm taking the opportunity to sort through photos. I can't believe there are less than three days left before I'm back home.

J-11, days 1 to 5 - Kyoto, Nara 1300th anniversary celebrations, Tokyo )
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Apparently mid-November is the perfect moment for Koya-san tree-watching. I fear I took 444 photos of red and gold leaves. Oops?

It's also exceedingly cold. I think my toes are still encased in ice, and we've been back in Osaka for over an hour now.
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Safely ensconced in gorgeous little quiet Takayama, after yesterday spent running around in the best crazy style (checking out, luggage lockers, toujitsuken, Gypsy Baron, on shinkansen within 20 minutes of leaving the theatre, 8:30PM in Takayama hostel). Shockingly, no shows to see today or tomorrow ;) Mind you, Tuesday to Friday I'll be seeing one every day. Again.

Crazy, crazy trip ♥

Travel meme

Oct. 5th, 2010 10:06 pm
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Meme swiped from [ profile] reynardine and [ profile] rkold . I'm not doing the travel destinations part because it's very US-heavy and I've only ever been to Minneapolis/St Paul.

Travel meme )
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So, if anyone is planning to visit the Scottish Highlands for tourist purposes, I heartily recommend MacBackpackers. That is, unless you mind:

  • Driver/guides who are mad as biscuits *waves to Graeme*

  • Masterful storytelling

  • Getting places via the scenic routes very, very fast (and low on diesel)

  • Whisky, ale, and all sorts of delicious things

  • Being allowed the right amount of time in all the right places

Oh, and sheep. But if you mind sheep, you'd better not go to the Highlands at all.

As we got off the bus (to tearful hugs and secret handshakes over having survived), we walked past the bus of a competitor tour company. The driver had a polo shirt and a lanyard with a badge. We looked at each other, then back at Graeme, and just about fell down laughing.

Now, for mad Welshmen playing crazy French people...
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Edinburgh's as friendly as I remembered. I'm about to depart on a three-day tour to Skye, so until late Wednesday evening I cannot promise anything in the way of net contact, but it will be awesome :)

And um. This concert. Can you pick out the person who has been taking a maternity break for the last four years?

*squees quietly* If she is in anything by October, I may be embarrassing. Very much so.

(And DVD, please? Because with that lineup there's a chance for Maki-Mori Oscar-Andre, or Akanesasu Murasakino Hana...)


Apr. 24th, 2010 02:47 pm
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Safely ensconced in Edinburgh hotel :) Sun! There is Scottish sun! (For the moment, of course.)

Dear volcano gods: thank you.
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So, on Saturday I have Ryanair tickets that were supposed to take me to Edinburgh to see a certain bearded Welshman in a certain adaptation of a Victor Hugo novel. I also have a mini-coach trip booked to Skye while I'm there, and generally a week of entertainment all planned. (Oh, and picking up my Maki Ichiro Sayonara Book of Doom). Right now Monday flights are decidedly cancelled - and everything else is up in the air because the bloody volcano is still spewing out dust. I am very, very annoyed.

(On the other hand, according to his Twitter, said bearded Welshman is currently stuck in Egypt... lose/lose?)
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Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten people/places/things you love that begin with that letter, afterwards post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

[ profile] demoneyeskyo87 gave me "I" :)

Ichiro Maki, Aoki Izumi, Izumo Aya, Ich, Inari, Italy, ice, icons, incense, intrigue )
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I've been getting home at about 7-8PM each day, but I'm literally too tired to write. There is so much to see here that it occupies all of my brain. What little is left is taken up with the images of the cloaked cavaliers that should be striding about the place. I didn't think it was possible for there to be so much history in one place, not preserved this way, one upon another. I remain in love with Italian museums and their habit of just shoving interesting things in a room. "Is that-!!!" is a running theme, from Caravaggio to Leonardo to random Dali and Van Gogh and Tintoretto and Rafael O.o

Oh gods, Rafael. I remain in utter awe and admiration ♥ He's the only painter to reduce me to this state, where I can just sit and stare happily, melting into a puddle.

I am also taking way too many photos. Especially of angels. There are angels everywhere.

This example in Santa Maria del Popolo is the current favourite )
Tomorrow, I hope to improve the count of people-in-my-icons-whom-I-have-seen-live by one *points up* Then Trastevere, then on Monday frantic running around filling in the sightseeing gaps, and by Tuesday evening I should be home.
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After three days of Roman angelic overload, I'm finally up to a review of Tuesday's gala.

To get bad things out of the way first: the concert was advertised with posters and annoucements featuring only Jan Ammann and Kevin Tarte, leading me to assume that they'd feature in at least half the concert. Instead, in a three-hour concert Kevin got one solo, Jan two, and there were two duets between the two of them, out of thirty-seven songs. I think that if the poster for a concert features only two stars, one can reasonably expect them to take up more than 13.5% of its duration. (One can also expect, say, drama musicals rather than crossdressing and Disney. One can be wrong.)

But there was still crack. And Jakub! My favourite Herbert and Phantom is all grown up and playing to audiences of thousands! )

Audio bonus

And to save you from the wall of text up there:

Jan Ammann - Nature Boy

Jan Ammann and Kevin Tarte - Stars (demonic version)

Jakub Wocial, Jan Ammann - Phantom / Rockstar Phantom

Kevin Tarte and Jan Ammann - The Winner Takes It All
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In Oberhausen. Just saw the git (no, not that git. The other other git. I have a lot of them) play Krolock, finally.

Review upcoming. For now, let it suffice to say that my lifelong ambition to see a Krolock fall into the orchestra pit has finally been realised, at least for values of Krolock-leg, Krolock-cloak, and frantic clutching at the ledge ♥
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Off to the lakeside for nine days. Back on Monday the 17th, but mail will definitely get checked and answered, and web access may happen if I can get the mobile phones to behave long enough to let me connect. GSM coverage holes are annoying :P

In the meantime, have a deer )
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Arrived home without falling over, which I think counts as a win. Saying goodbye was hard (to Osaka, [ profile] ladyoz, and finally to [ profile] fyrie in Helsinki, wah!), but oh, it's been a good trip.

(Also, my purchases from just two shops - guess which ones - fill a whole box. Oops?)
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Just a note to announce that we've survived the last day and the last show, and Chie-Nene-Teru are my new Golden Trio. Also, Yuu was in the audience. Thankfully she was on the first floor and we were on the balcony, or I would be really tempted to glare at her for being so amazing yesterday ;) Instead of demachi we got a talkshow onstage. Teru, apparently, is not stellar at dancing at the best of times, at least according to underclassmen ;)

Flight home is tomorrow morning, getting in to Warsaw about fourteen hours later. I wonder how long I'll be bowing to everyone and trying to queue up for the subway.

This trip was the best idea I've had in a long time.


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