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In the confessing vine, this year I went slightly insane and wrote four stories in total - one for my original assignee (I lucked out and got BluePeople again, which meant I already knew what she'd like ^.~), one as an assigned pinch-hitter, and two treats for requests that caught my attention.

Elisabeth: Finality
Rudolf as an action hero! )

Ovid's Metamorphoses: TelĂȘ
Endings for Ovid's stories: Argos and Hera, Phaeton and Cygnus, Cadmus and Athena, Hermaphroditos, Kore and Hades, Arachne )

Elisabeth: The Last Song
Herzog Max meets Saeko )

American Gods: Coming to America: Venus
Imitating Neil Gaiman for the win )

My own main stories were written by [ profile] windstar127. Mind you, I knew she was my Santa when she started to complain about having to look up Kacha stories in [ profile] wao_wao's journal ;) Thank you again, m'dear, they're lovely!

My Babylon 5 story came from thenewhope, while the Cinderella vignette was from [ profile] museofspeed. And last but not least, the gem of an Elisabeth story came from palmedfire, who may find herself the recipient of a NYR soon - the idea of Kimu in trouble is irresistible.
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Written for [ profile] lgbtfest:

Title: The End of Summer
Author: Beth Winter, [ profile] bwinter
Fandom: Loosely based on Tanz der Vampire (musical based on the movie Fearless Vampire Killers)
Pairing/characters: Graf von Krolock, Original Character
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Roman Polanski and Michael Kunze have my congratulations. This particular version is based on the original Vienna production.
Prompt: 35. Any fandom, any character(s), In a world that contains vampires one of them is utterly depressed. No matter who he/she loves, be it man or woman, the second her/his bloodlust takes over he/she destroys what he/she loved about them in the first place. How would meeting someone who is immortal (and therefore immune to the vampire's bite) in a completely different way change his/her perspective on (un)life?

Summary: The nature of curses may not be what we believe.
Warnings: Death, angst, religious themes (Catholicism).
Author's Notes: All you need to know about this canon is that it's 1617 in Transylvania, and Graf Stephan von Krolock, scientist and magician, has recently been turned into a vampire.

( The vampire and the stranger )

( And bonus epilogue )
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Fandom: Greek Mythology

Characters: Hermaphroditos, Thanatos

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Inspired by the story of Hermaphroditos in Ovid's Metamorphoses

Prompt: 546. Mythology - Greek: Hermaphroditus. How does his assimiliation with the nymph immediately affect him and his sexuality?

Summary: After Hermaphroditos pronounces his curse.

Author's Notes: With great thanks to [ profile] shriker_tam for beta-reading. Written for [ profile] lgbtfest.

( Blood of Salmacis )
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Now that I've caught up on matters LJ, I have to say I'm not too offended by the flags - it is something present on just about any other site. And the Russian buyout might actually mean people who want to develop LJ, on top of less chances of running into the kind of over-compliance with US morals that led to Strikethrough and similar.

And lookit! [ profile] imaginarybeasts has a new issue out. I broke and wrote a story for this one, an exercise in folktale.

Borrowed Skin
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I know I have a problem with being what I like to call high-strung. I deal with it, and I've recently encountered a trick that works for me. Technically Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way recommends these "morning pages", free-writing for as long as the words keep flowing, to clear your head in the morning, but I've found that the morning is the time I rarely need them. Instead, I write when nervousness builds, and it helps me immensely. By the time I hit 1 000 words, the problems are formulated, solved, and I feel calm. The trick is not to re-read as you write, just write until it dries up.

And if I do manage to write in the morning, I can write fiction, too - usually nice mood-vignettes that work in quiet ways. This is yesterday's: Thanatos is the Greek personification of Death I've written of before.

320 AD, a meadow in Dacia )
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Vlad Draculea: historical character. Death: original character based on Maki Ichiro's interpretation of the role of Tod in Elisabeth. Sequel to this and this.

Rated R for discreet smut.


Anno Domini 1453

At the third meeting, he dares to act )

(And yes, 2 more parts already written, third one underway.)
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Vlad Draculea: historical character. Death: original based on Maki Ichiro's interpretation of the role of Tod in Elisabeth. Sequel to this.


Anno Domini 1447

The second time they met )
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Am running like a chicken with my head cut off, so I guess I might as well post this for public consumption. This is the first in a series that I've been writing for the past month - I have 4 chapters out of 9 already finished. It's also origific or as close as makes no difference, since one character is historical and one is inspired by Maki Ichiro's performance as Death in Elisabeth (see icon).

So here's Vlad Draculea, age almost-nine, and the world that surrounds and shapes him into legend.

With thanks to [ profile] fyrie as usual and [ profile] alice_montrose for beta.


Anno Domini 1440

Bored minds are dangerous things )
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I don't really know who the narrator is. Agent Smith from the Matrix, perhaps, or one of Pratchett's Auditors of Reality. Rated R for description of violence, a cool one hundred words in all.

Would you? RATED R )
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An original vignette, 186 words. This is what happens when I re-read Sandman one too many times.

Streetartig )


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