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On top of the exhaustion I've managed to catch a cold, but with the short-handed team at work, I had to muddle through it. Packages to everyone waiting for them will be sent today ♥

I've spent the week glued to Twitter, mainly, catching up on the Japan news. At [ profile] help_japan there are several thousand wonderful offers you can bid on, all money to go to charity (and donated by you to one of several reputable charities directly, so that you can be sure money isn't mislaid). I still have one free slot on my fanfic offer - your chance to get, for a donation, fanfic written in any obscure fandom we share, to your specification :)

I've seen misinformation that as a rich country, Japan doesn't need donations; I'll let UNICEF explain how for the first time in 46 years, this major charity contributor country needs help on its own.

Flat update: all furniture that needed putting together, is put together. Still not clean, because the cleaning lady was off sick, but that's on Monday. Most importantly - it's hooked up to the internet, and thus classes as livable :D Which is a good thing, because I've been informed someone is going to be sleeping in my room here on Friday. Oops?

Finally, I've had problems with LiveJournal notifications since March 1st. Now that I've switched to Gmail and some delayed ones came through, it may be resolved, but if I missed your response to a comment - or your entry, in my fog of exhaustion and illness - please let me know!
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I've put up two items for charity auctions for [ profile] help_japan:

Fanfic of 2,000 words or more in any fandom I've written in - and any musical I've seen, Western, Takarazuka or otherwise! Offer of three, to top three bidders, starting at 10 USD - your chance to get fic written for That Obscure Musical of your choice...

Grab-bag of Polish folk crafts - we have some fantastic wood carving and wooden crafts in general, as well as sweets, jewelry, and handmade toys. 30USD value and I'll try to up it if the winning bid is higher than that + shipping :)
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...I've spent the day glued to Twitter and news sites. It looks like things are mostly in hand by now, and my hat is most definitely off to Japanese engineers and emergency responders - it seems incredible that after a disaster like this the death toll isn't in the tens of thousands.

Everyone I know is all right, though shaken. InFocus has pictures. At #18, it really hit me hard: "Dammit, I have photos of this place. I was there." That, and the news that the Tokyo theatre of my favourite revue remains open all night for theatregoers who can't get home when the trains aren't running, a performance of Romeo et Juliette suspended during intermission.

(And Twitter consensus seems to be that the Red Cross may be the optimal donation route for the time being.)
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I'm certainly not going to shut up about the Japan 2010 trip (so many pictures!), but I'm now checked into my flight, 95% packed (give or take pajamas and cosmetics) and safe in the lovely J-Hoppers Osaka hostel. In 12 hours I'll leave it and head to the airport.

For Whom The Bell Tolls is very good in a high-drama way. Tomochin is a scene stealer ♥ Tomu is really exceedingly pretty ♥ ♥ ♥ And the show has the best mini-revue I've ever seen at the end of a two-act show: Tomu gets the musumeyaku ballet, and the otokoyaku ballet is epic, Spanish and exceedingly long. (Also, Yuuhi. YUUHI. She and Tom are going head to head in my YOU GIT ranking.)

Final shopping is accomplished. Someone cleared out Taka-An of all Ichiro Maki photos and it wasn't me, but I did get an Anna Karenina clearfile.

Last time on the Hankyu train back from Mura. Last walk through the maze of Umeda stations.

I think it's safe to say I'll be back.
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The Koya-san cold managed to put us both under the weather - I'm the one who's actually upright, so I'm taking the opportunity to sort through photos. I can't believe there are less than three days left before I'm back home.

J-11, days 1 to 5 - Kyoto, Nara 1300th anniversary celebrations, Tokyo )
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Apparently mid-November is the perfect moment for Koya-san tree-watching. I fear I took 444 photos of red and gold leaves. Oops?

It's also exceedingly cold. I think my toes are still encased in ice, and we've been back in Osaka for over an hour now.
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Safely ensconced in gorgeous little quiet Takayama, after yesterday spent running around in the best crazy style (checking out, luggage lockers, toujitsuken, Gypsy Baron, on shinkansen within 20 minutes of leaving the theatre, 8:30PM in Takayama hostel). Shockingly, no shows to see today or tomorrow ;) Mind you, Tuesday to Friday I'll be seeing one every day. Again.

Crazy, crazy trip ♥
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Ms Ichiro is definitely going back to the stage :D Her first is going to be a revival of Anna Karenina, with Asako as the alternate Anna. Asako's so going to get it for All The Ways She Did Elisabeth and Death Wrong ;) Toono Asuka's also in it!

Poster! )

It's after I get back from Japan, but even so - she'll be around. Maternity leave is finished. I'll come to Japan again :D
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Off to the lakeside for nine days. Back on Monday the 17th, but mail will definitely get checked and answered, and web access may happen if I can get the mobile phones to behave long enough to let me connect. GSM coverage holes are annoying :P

In the meantime, have a deer )
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I wrapped up last week at a party, as if I hadn't been tired enough. Hence, meme swiped from [ profile] galynthia, because brain isn't up to more.

Look up your birthday in Wikipedia. Pick 4 events, 3 births, 2 deaths, and 1 holiday.

July 7



And speaking of Tanabata )
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Arrived home without falling over, which I think counts as a win. Saying goodbye was hard (to Osaka, [ profile] ladyoz, and finally to [ profile] fyrie in Helsinki, wah!), but oh, it's been a good trip.

(Also, my purchases from just two shops - guess which ones - fill a whole box. Oops?)
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Just a note to announce that we've survived the last day and the last show, and Chie-Nene-Teru are my new Golden Trio. Also, Yuu was in the audience. Thankfully she was on the first floor and we were on the balcony, or I would be really tempted to glare at her for being so amazing yesterday ;) Instead of demachi we got a talkshow onstage. Teru, apparently, is not stellar at dancing at the best of times, at least according to underclassmen ;)

Flight home is tomorrow morning, getting in to Warsaw about fourteen hours later. I wonder how long I'll be bowing to everyone and trying to queue up for the subway.

This trip was the best idea I've had in a long time.
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Cirque for the second time was fantastic, even if the most intense of acrobats switched acts, leaving the Duelling Seesaws of Death a little less tense.

Also, I sincerely want to kick Yuu. I do not need another troupe to follow, nor another DVD to buy, but I think I may break for Me and My Girl. Mainly because I can't get the songs out of my head. Or her drunken squeals, for that matter. She spent half the show in soprano ~_~
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So, not only am I in Japan for Tanabata (and I have the Google!Japan logo to prove it), but I just saw my favourite musical in the world, with the one performer that a, I adore in every role on account of his voice making me melt, and b, that I was never expecting to see because, well, Japan.

Yuichirou Yamaguchi, live, is enough to make your brain melt with the first note. For most of the show, he's a Japanese demon, a bunraku puppet, inhuman and only moving when he chooses to. Then came Unstillbare, and the way he came out and leaned on a gravestone, suddenly human, broke my heart even before he sang. And he did sing, and it left me gasping for breath. The stage presence alone, and that voice!

(Yes, I did have my faithful Olympus gadget. And I wasn't the only one melting. We were on the balcony, among an all-female crowd, and we all gasped in unison. As [ profile] fyrie put it, that voice bypasses the brain altogether to lodge much lower.)

The rest of the Tokyo version of Tanz der Vampire was also much improved )

We're going back to Osaka tomorrow, via Nagoya and Cirque du Soleil (again, this time for free in 12,000 yen seats). I think I may have trouble sleeping long enough today. Falling asleep at Me and My Girl would be embarrassing.
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I think I would have come away with a different impression of kabuki theatre if I hadn't seen a show with costumes designed by Yoshitaka Amano, starring Bando Tamasaburo and Ichikawa Ebizo (both of whom Google identifies as the definite dream cast). There were sparkles and capes and dragons and Shiny Things (TM). And heels.

So many little things made it from Kabuki into Takarazuka as well. The hand gestures, the steps, even the fawning manner of the female-players. Someone should write a thesis on this.

(For the record, the show was Kaijin Besso, The Sea God's Villa.)

And before, there was Taka-An, and a CD by my girl that was never officially released, recorded in 1991 during her nibante days. I now have a recording of Maki Ichiro singing Memory ♥
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Cirque du Soleil Corteo = wonderful. And may have a follow-up.

We only showed up for toujitsuken at 10, but we got B seats at a steal of a price :) BaraAme - not as confusing as people make it out to be. Tani impressed me with her fire, and Micchan's hair was messily adorable, but Tomu stole the show for me. She needs to do more comedy ♥

And then there was the revue, in which Ume-chan rocked the house. You have to respect a musumeyaku who can dance with a stage-ful of otokoyaku and pwn every single one of them. (Also, was Tomu speaking in sign language while singing? It looked that way.)

Also, Takarazuka-An is very dangerous for fans of OGs. I am now the proud owner of an autographed photo of my girl

Next is Tuesday. Tanz der Vampire. With a guy I've been starry-eyed about for over four years.

This is a good trip :D
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In Hiroshima right now, and after ten days of sun (and a major tan) in Kansai, we're finally getting to see the rainy season. Not that it's a bad thing: Miyajima in the rain, with mist covering the mountain tops, was very spectacular.

Tomorrow, we drive through Nagoya to catch Cirque du Soleil, then on to Tokyo. Thursday will be another Takarazuka first - standing in line at silly o' clock for same-day tickets ^^; Keeping my fingers crossed that we do get them.

It's halfway over already, eleven nights down and ten to go. I have a feeling I will be coming back, often.


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