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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - meh. It felt like a series of disjointed illustrations. Good ones, mind you, but there was absolutely no plot to it. Details )

In other news, my older cat managed to scratch my younger cat in a way that left poor Lestat with a forming boil on his front paw and fever upwards of 40 C. Guess who'll have to get him to the vet's for antibiotic injections each morning through the next week :/
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I finished this one in three hours (took me four for HBP). Overall verdict is approving, with certain reservations.

Spoilers within, brief )

All in all, a nice bit of escapism in a period devoid of it. As if it wasn't enough that last week had Weather From Hell and I'm busy enough at work to make me beat my head against a wall, now I'm also worrying about people :S
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Just a note - the movie's hitting the cinemas here in two weeks, so I won't be reading anyone's posts about it till then. The book premieres normally, so I won't be around that morning on account of being ensconced in a cafe and reading it in one go ;)

In other news, work = busy like hell. No time to even think.
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The Boy Was A Puppet, a Harry Potter vid by [ profile] wistful_fever.

That's what my interpretation of Harry is all about. And her vidding skills... :D
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Fic later. Now, recs for the people who are making me write it.

First of all, I've mentioned [ profile] guede_mazaka's The Black Road before. Now she wrote an extra not-quite-epilogue that shorted out my brain rather neatly.

(In return, I owe her Van Helsing angelic party fic.)

And second, the usual suspect. In the Name of, the story that'll make you see just why adore the Tanz vampires so much. Because they can, in utterly plausible ways, kick anyone's arse. No, honestly - you really, really don't need to know anything about Tanz to read this crack. But I don't guarantee sanity afterwards.

(In return, I owe her Herbert ficlets galore, as soon as I come up with enough pretentious German titles.)

In related news, I still can't decide which is weirder as OTP: Dark!Harry Potter/Stockholm-syndrome!Lucius or Herbert von Krolock/Spike. H/S is way fluffier, though. And more blood. *gives up and ships both*
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Frst of all, I spent 3 hours at the hairdresser's yesterday, getting new highlights done. Way more mocha, with a hint of titian, and here's hoping the darker colour holds this time. Before, I had the hair in the icon - cinnamon/copper depending on lighting.

Now it looks like this )

Recommendation the first: A few weeks ago, [ profile] guede_mazaka posted a random snippet of an extremely dark Harry torturing Lucius, the first thing I've seen her write for HP ever. I (and others) pleaded and begged until she wrote a little bit more. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Black Road - Epic, amazing, terribly dark and yet making so much sense in the way that perfect tragedy does. Harry is dead, but he's back, with a contract with Lucifer and an agenda that terrifies even the most seasoned Death Eaters. Lucius features prominently, so does Draco, Snape, Sirius, a heartbreaking Remus, and a host of other characters damaged by the war, but still so much themselves. If you only read one Harry Potter fic this year, let it be this one.

Recommendation the second: [ profile] alighiera finally posted that Coldfire thing! *squees* Probably won't make much sense unless you've read the books, though.

Recommendation the third: [ profile] fyrie did it again. More Tanz/Buffy fic, this time without brain-breaking vampire domination (don't worry, the next part makes up for it), but with an utterly adorable semi-original character whom I've had the honour of naming. (I also picked VK's last name in that one. Canon has him as Alfred, but Johannes fits him much better, don't you think?)
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Look! [ profile] fyrie drew brilliant fanart for my Krolock and Lestat fic! Go and marvel and tell her how good she is!

And since I'm almost finished with the fake-title meme (and the two bits that are yet to be written will get their own post), here are the best bits from that and the blather-about-characters meme, the ones I want to put on my site sometime:

The Dark River: Obi-Wan and Dooku )

Von Krolock and Dracula )

Sirius meta )

Dream and Thessaly, from The Sandman )

In other news, I managed somehow to sign up for a multi-fandom Dracula essay for [ profile] idol_reflection. Due May 3rd, and for source material I'll probably use Prince of Many Faces and Dracula: The Dark Prince for historical Vlad, Bram Stoker, Murnau's Nosferatu if I can get it (Herzog's if I can't), Dracula 2000 as an example of a BAD vampire movie, Van Helsing and The Historian. Anything else you think I should include in my ravings on why Dracula freaking rocks?
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Undercurrent by [ profile] sionnain

[ profile] ciciaye just threw this at me, and I've melted, because this fic does everything right. A delightfully distraught and disturbed young Lucius, fresh from his first kill and for the first time aware of his dark power, watches Narcissa sleep. Characterisation, imagery, emotions - everything matches, and creates a piece that's an erotic miniature with barely a PG-13 rating.
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Eurgh. Hence, meme, ganked from [ profile] selenak: 10 of my favourite characters and what kind of relationship I'd be likely to have with them.

Current and past favourites )
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The second batch of St Nick’s request not-really-drabbles. 480 words about Hob Gadling for [ profile] xwingace, 658 words about Sirius Black’s mother of all people for [ profile] amamiyarin. Next up: vampires and more vampires, because I still have to polish up [ profile] arabwel’s vignette.

Sandman’s Hob Gadling gets a little Christmas spirit )

Tom Riddle and the Hogwarts Express )
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Okay, I know I'm desperately late - it premiered a week later here, and last week I was too vamped out to give it justice. But it was worth it. The rhythm, the humour, the visuals - best Potter movie so far.

Oooh, and brilliant actors, too. And costumes. Mmm, those red Bulgarian Yule Ball uniforms...

Snape and Lucius and Krum oh my )

Now I should go and read everyone else's reactions, but I fear digging through 2 weeks of back posts is uneconomical :S
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This started out as an attempt to prove how easy it'd be to write Harry/Draco in certain settings in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". Needless to say, spoilers for that book. Everything belongs to JKR, and the first three sentences are directly from page 488. Written on the fly, in the update window. Dedicated to my inspiration, [ profile] amamiyarin.

Moments of Choice )
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The heat's broken a little today, with intermittent rain. The perfect lazy day for lying around with a good book. And what do you know, I happen to have one.

One thing about it: it's better than OotP, as a book. It's immensely readable, nicely ordered and with a good climax. It's also less gloomy than you'd think. It only took me five hours this time; the first two in a cafe to take in the fresh air, but I kept laughing each time a fanfic I've read was Jossed out of existence, so after that I removed myself to my own home and bed.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince spoilers beyond this point )
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For [ profile] luthienofold: Remus Lupin/Lily Potter


Remus stands downwind.

He isn't hiding. They’re not hidden – Lily and James are just sitting in the sun, talking. Her fingers crook like spider legs; she always shapes her thoughts in the air. She throws her head back, the throat arched, the skin on the back of the neck folding in on itself. The wind carries the scent of her sweat, the staccato of her laugh.

After a while, Remus drops his eyes to his book. There is a career to obtain. A life to be lived. His friends, Lily Evans among them.

Remus always wants what he cannot have.

100 words

Eight drabbles to go (and still taking requests if you want one of your own). And two hours to think up cover letters for two internships before the deadline's up. Doing well on the first one means I don't have motivation to come up with businessbabble for the other two, even though nothing's certain :/

EDIT: One application sent off, one left to go, 88 minutes left until midnight. Go me.

Happy birthday, [ profile] ninjatrauma :)
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(Snape and Magrat, for [ profile] bekithewitch, 300 words)

An unexpected connection )

(Juubei/Kazuki for [ profile] sakura_no_prey, double demi-drabble - two times 50 words)

Limits/Chains )

I'm still taking drabble requests. Any fandom I'm familiar with - give me a character, pairing, prompt, missing scene, idea.

Fandoms I'm especially interested in drabbling right now: Chronicles of Narnia, CLAMP's Wish, FAKE, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (manga), Van Helsing, Phantom of the Opera, any Guy Gavriel Kay book.
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Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sirius and Remus friendship. Could be interpreted otherwise, I suppose. But mostly concentrating on the bond between those two; the interpretation of the nature of the bond is left as an exercise for the reader.
Spoilers: everything up to and including Order of the Phoenix. Yes, including THE SPOILER.
Summary: Afterwards, Remus remembers the last year they had.
Note: Sweetness and tragedy. Dedicated to everyone who let me babble at them after I read OotP.

Eight Shards of a Broken Mirror )


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