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Dusting off this Livejournal just for Takarazuka fandom purposes. Has it really been 19 months since I posted anything relevant?

Meme from everyone else who's dusting off their LJs lately:

1. What have you been up to in the last year or two?
2. What is the last Takarazuka show you saw and what did you think of it?
3. What was your favorite Takarazuka show of 2013?
4. What actress surprised you the most in 2013?
5. What do you think about the 100th anniversary so far?
6. What troupe you do think will win the Sports Day Festival? (And what troupe will you be rooting for regardless?)
7. What shows do you want for 2015?

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(Real life remains unstable with added cold, but hey, optimism.)

This year I wrote two stories, both of which I'm rather proud of:

The Emissary - Spirited Away, genfic

A twenty-years-later casefic with a teenage female OC narrator and lots of Japanese folklore - I had a moment of trepidation there before hitting post. But hey, it got fantastic comments and kudos, and recced to boot! It's making me feel much more optimistic about writing again, that's for sure :)

Between the Shadows - Takarazuka RPF, genfic

When I saw [ profile] yumenotatsu's request go out for pinch hit, I remembered I did have a very good idea for it. I actually wrote a lot more, but couldn't quite find the ending without a 20K-word supernatural plot that I ran out of time to type...

And my story was written by the lovely Perch - Oniisama-E angst turning to victory, Ephemeral Flower Floating on a Reflection Made of Sound.
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...yeah. I need some time to think this through.

Some things, I really like. The reason Tomomin initially caught my attention was not her goofiness, but the fact that she's one of those girls who gives all to her role, allowing it to subsume her. Onstage, Yumeno Seika isn't there, and this is a very Yukigumi thing.

Similarly, I think Masako will do nicely in Hoshigumi (giving Toyoko someone to bounce off of) and MiyaRuri in Tsukigumi - Hoshi just has too many people and she hasn't been well-utilised lately; Mii-chan's situation in Sora was the same. Dai-chan I'm not sure about - there's going to be Tomomin and Koma above her and Kingu gaining fast. I'm curious about Serika Toa in Hanagumi. Dammit. Have to start watching them.

But I'm... annoyed about the Senka transfers. I know, I've been talking for ages about how Senka needs new blood, but it rubs me the wrong way to take Ema Naoki and Asuka Yuu away from troupes that they've been with for respectively 30 and 35 years. Let them retire with the people who care for them, would you?

Micchan... I'm hoping it's a New Senka thing, Tom-style, stealing All The Shows. And better than the dreaded alternative!

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Any time I try to become more active online/creatively is cue for work to come crashing down at me. You don't want to know my overtime statistics.

But! I don't know if I mentioned, but I have a public Tumblr now.

(I'm sure I'm making a mess of it. Anyone got a Tumblr etiquette primer on reblogging / liking / following?)

Yukinojou, after Maki's great role, is my place for unashamed and unedited Takarazuka and other fandom squee, basically. Pictures. I like pictures :D I also like being able to post with a touch of a button rather than composing something thoughtful (LJ/Dreamwidth) or within a character limit (Twitter).

So for now it's LiveJournal as the communication hub + creative outlet, Dreamwidth for long-form public Takarazuka posts, Twitter for being social, retweeting neat stuff and stalking people, and Tumblr for fandom squee. I think this is as much of an online presence as I can handle on 12+ hours of work per day.
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Following a lot of Japanese twitter accounts paid off in that Toho Geino was where I learned that my favourite Takarasienne ever has a blog now:

一路真輝 Official Blog ♥ ♥ ♥

I don't know what it is about this woman that reduces me to a squeeing fangirl, but oh, she. With flowers and a banner photo that doesn't hide the fact she's a 46-year-old mother, and photos.

And. Um. Puri-kura. *dead-as-a-doornail*

I will also finally be getting the 2011 Anna Karenina, and holding fingers and toes crossed for her October concert to be put on DVD, because this woman is a true diva. With all the sparkles and emoticons she wants.

(I also wasn't expecting it in the least because she's famous - married to a TV/stage star - and has had trouble with tabloids in the past two years. But she's never been one to back down from a challenge, or let her voice be silenced. THIS LADY.)

And if she's doing anything to celebrate her 30 years on stage next year... let's just say the currencies/world economy had better calm down.
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...I'd ask people to name my inspirations for the OCs if they weren't painfully obvious. For the record, never let Ayami Haya into your story if you don't want her taking over and putting her hands on the lead.

Title: In the spotlight

Fandom: Doctor Who (11 era)
Characters: Amy, Rory, Eleven, OCs and OGs
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.

Summary: When she's hauled in front of a planetary overlord, with the Doctor and Rory thrown into a dungeon, Amy has to rely on her wits to get off the planet.
Notes: All resemblance between OCs and real people is mostly intentional.
Word Count: ~6,000
Poster by: [ profile] fyrie

Amy Pond didn't deal well with planetary overlords. )

Commemorative show programme (warning: 400KB image)
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I'm certainly not going to shut up about the Japan 2010 trip (so many pictures!), but I'm now checked into my flight, 95% packed (give or take pajamas and cosmetics) and safe in the lovely J-Hoppers Osaka hostel. In 12 hours I'll leave it and head to the airport.

For Whom The Bell Tolls is very good in a high-drama way. Tomochin is a scene stealer ♥ Tomu is really exceedingly pretty ♥ ♥ ♥ And the show has the best mini-revue I've ever seen at the end of a two-act show: Tomu gets the musumeyaku ballet, and the otokoyaku ballet is epic, Spanish and exceedingly long. (Also, Yuuhi. YUUHI. She and Tom are going head to head in my YOU GIT ranking.)

Final shopping is accomplished. Someone cleared out Taka-An of all Ichiro Maki photos and it wasn't me, but I did get an Anna Karenina clearfile.

Last time on the Hankyu train back from Mura. Last walk through the maze of Umeda stations.

I think it's safe to say I'll be back.
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This is crossposted, because it's Of Interest to anyone who likes Shakespeare. Or is professionally interested in him and his works, even.

The Takarazuka Revue often takes on Shakespeare, but they usually do "shows inspired by", like Epiphany, or in the case of Romeo + Juliette, they adapt ready-made musical adaptations. This time, Fuji Daisuke, the director, went a different way: he took the new Japanese translation of Hamlet, and set it to music verbatim, only moving around some lines. As a rock opera.

Since it was announced, I was in two minds. On one hand, I adore Takarazuka Shakespeare adaptations exactly because they play with the original text rather than do it verbatim. On the other, it's Takarazuka - I was certain there would be sparkles. Then again, it's Hamlet. Hasn't it been done in every edgy and modern way possible? Musical included.

When the poster came out, I was sold. With her makeup alone, Ryuu Masaki transformed herself into a fey, wild and yet regal creature. The red lipstick is to symbolise blood, and yet it's also Takarazuka-code for androgynity.

(I have several of those posters. They will be on the walls of my new apartment.)

The live reports and Sky Stage footage confirmed my impressions. Since Masaki is not-quite-second in Moon troupe, this show didn't make it to DVD, but thanks to noble efforts of dedicated fans, the Sky Stage recording now available with subtitles after covering the costs of blank disc and shipping.

Yes, it's that good. It's that brain-breaking, too.

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason,
how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable,
in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god!
the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals
—and yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?

Now imagine this sung by a leather-clad rockstar Hamlet with a chorus of enthusiastic cheerleaders - with golden pompoms - shouting "Crazy Hamlet!"

Oh, Revue ♥ And oh, people. Because the same show has the single best Claudius after the play scene that I've ever seen. One of the best Hamlets. A hands-down fantastic Ophelia. (And I may want a Horatio of my own.) Each interpretation is layered and referential. They've seen productions, they know the story, and they've melded it into something of their own.

And at the same time it's Hamlet. A Hamlet as told by Horatio, ghostly and fantastic and iconic. A Hamlet in which Ophelia is central (because it's Takarazuka, and because in Takarazuka, there is nothing by Love and Death). And a show with energy that goes through the roof. The recording was made on the final night, and though everyone is in high form, you can really tell they're falling over because of how much they gave. Voices are torn to shreds.

Kabuki Rock Hamlet - direction, music, sets, costumes )
And all the women merely players. Great ones. )

Someone on my f-list put it well: This is a good Hamlet, period. Not for Takarazuka, not for a musical, for Shakespeare. They could show this at any Shakespeare festival without any shame at all.

(And for people with NicoNico accounts, a little extra.)

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I managed to catch the first cold of the year. This coincided with the arrival of a certain package, so today was spent watching Shakespearean rock opera crack ♥

Meme is swiped from [ profile] ruderal_species:
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From everyone:

Stage Name:Maki Ichiro

Class: 68

Troupe: Yukigumi OG

• What Color Are They? (Up to two)
Vibrant blue.

• What Animal Are They?
Clumsy kitten. (She wrote herself into a musical as one.)

• What's Their Theme Song? (Please choose something other than Takarazuka)
You better stand tall
When they're calling you out
Don't bend, don't break
Baby, don't back down

(It's My Life, Bon Jovi)
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From [ profile] mizukusa:

1. Comment and name the actress you want me to comment on. I'll comment back a few lines about what I have to say about her, as in what I like about her, my favourite role of her and so on.
2. If you comment, post this in your own journal, so that others have a chance to ask you as well.

(The above can also mean a character in a fandom we share. The tribulations of a multifandom existence...)
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Ms Ichiro is definitely going back to the stage :D Her first is going to be a revival of Anna Karenina, with Asako as the alternate Anna. Asako's so going to get it for All The Ways She Did Elisabeth and Death Wrong ;) Toono Asuka's also in it!

Poster! )

It's after I get back from Japan, but even so - she'll be around. Maternity leave is finished. I'll come to Japan again :D
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Edinburgh's as friendly as I remembered. I'm about to depart on a three-day tour to Skye, so until late Wednesday evening I cannot promise anything in the way of net contact, but it will be awesome :)

And um. This concert. Can you pick out the person who has been taking a maternity break for the last four years?

*squees quietly* If she is in anything by October, I may be embarrassing. Very much so.

(And DVD, please? Because with that lineup there's a chance for Maki-Mori Oscar-Andre, or Akanesasu Murasakino Hana...)
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Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten people/places/things you love that begin with that letter, afterwards post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

[ profile] demoneyeskyo87 gave me "I" :)

Ichiro Maki, Aoki Izumi, Izumo Aya, Ich, Inari, Italy, ice, icons, incense, intrigue )
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I'm still alive, despite the best attempts of certain microorganisms. Weather's being utterly gorgeous, with white fresh snow everywhere ♥

Also, I started a dedicated Takarazuka journal, to free y'all from having to see babble about daily updates and gossip and random Youtube videos. I can now squee schoolgirl-style here:

[info]yukinojou (DreamWidth)

And here's its LiveJournal feed to add to Friends pages if you really want to see the babble.

Thus far I've posted my long delayed Epiphany review and Battlefield for the Two of Us squee that would be a review if I only knew what was going on in the show ^^; I don't suppose anyone has seen the latter and can clue me in to what Ichiro and Tom were angsting so beautifully about?
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Sliding in under the wire on the [ profile] yuletide rec train, just before the reveal :) Like before, Yuletide was a trip and a half this year. I was in a worse emotional state, but I managed, and I'll post about my stories after the reveal.

This year, I was exceedingly lucky - I got so many stories and treats!

Takarazuka RPF, Yami ga Hirogaru - Kacha and Asako during Elisabeth rehearsals, with Kacha catching a glimpse of the loneliness that Asako forged into her role. This is 100% my take on them, from which I conclude that my Santa is psychic. My Nanowrimo (which fell by the wayside because of the aforementioned events) had these two as main characters, and I could paste this scene into it with just changing character names ♥ Thank you for the telepathy, m'dear!

Takarazuka RPF, Father's Day with the Hapsburgs: A bonus story from my Santa - backstage hijinks and Kiriyan! Kiriyan being her wonderful self.

Babylon 5, The works of creation: Susan Ivanova in her youth, a series of snapshots of her growing up, and growing tougher and more beautiful.

Elisabeth, Do Not Be Afraid: I remain in love with this story. It's Death taking Little Sophie, who's such a Character in this one. And Death is kind, for a moment. ♥

Cinderella, PSA: And to finish it off, tiny Daily Mail article about the dangers of fairytales :D

Other recommendations:

Night Watch, Never be lost: This is exactly the story I asked for last year, Kay after the events of the book, and Kay being happy.

Tanz der Vampire, First Step: How Alfred falls into his story. Be sure to read the ending!

Elisabeth, Guiding Light: Rudolf and Death throughout Rudolf's life. The best parental take on it.

Arthurian Legend, The other way: Mordred and Galahad and making far too much sense ♥ I started writing a story for the same prompt, but couldn't finish in time - it might be a New Year's story....

Vorkosigan saga: The Rules of Barrayaran Sex: Perfectly in-character and exceedingly amusing. Cordelia is always love, and so is Aral and his socks.

Vorkosigan saga: Sworn in Silence: Aral's view of the moments just after his mother's and brother's deaths, a breathless chase and plot and a very poignant view of Piotr Vorkosigan.

 Sandman: Ink Space Lucien's view of the new Dream. It's just a little heartwrenching, and full of a quiet love.

Sandman, Recoil and Grace - an AU ending for Lucifer and Morpheus that makes far more sense than it should.

Discworld, A place called home - The rarest thing, a Discworld fic that does justice to the world and the characters, and a perfect Drumknott (and Vetinari) study.

Discworld, Wizard Muddle:  What happens in UU when Ponder goes on a vacation.

The Cable and Deadpool Yuletide Special: Epic. Just Epic. Read. Even if you have no idea who Cable and Deadpool are, because Deadpool is King of Backstory, thankyouverymuch
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It says something about me that the TakaWiki was the first page I checked this morning. I love many troupes, but I'm a Snow girl in my heart ♥

Yumiko, we knew about already. For the record, I think she's leaving on her terms, whether or not the initial impulse came from the company.

Hamako, on the other hand, hit me hard :( She's definitely put in more than her due, but Naga-san's health already took her out of one show this year, and if Hamako's not there to be kumichou when Naga-san decides that age 60+ is enough high kicks for now, after Mizu's retirement that'll leave... the 84ths Kimu and Yumemi as the eldest people in the troupe O.o Hankyu, you need to work on retaining your distinguished upperclassmen while there are any left!

Nacchan's a bad loss too, but I think we all know the impulse for it. She wanted Snow!Top, she didn't get it, and she probably wants to set up a long-term career while she's still young enough for Japan's extremely competitive scene when it comes to girls of the cute persuasion. Best of luck to her, even though it's another heavy, heavy loss for my troupe, and she's another who'll be getting a letter from me.

JinJin... see upperclassmen, retaining of. And see also, retaining of experienced musumeyaku. Yumemi better not be going anywhere now that she's probably getting the vice-kumichou mantle.

(I've also acquired a Dreamwidth account just for Takarazuka that I'll set up shortly. Then I will be able to babble more without annoying the non-Zuka crowd ;))
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After five days of twice-daily IVs, my dearest Tonio's results are much improved. And so is he - annoyed about the cannula, surely, but shiny and happy and jumping and eating ♥ His vet says it's going very well, and while there will be twice daily IVs for another week, I'd do them for months if it meant I can keep his furry self this happy. I know it's a serious, lifetime condition, but one day, one week at a time - he's only six years old :)

(And I think I owe Tomomin a four-page letter full of "OMG your fanclub mail saved my sanity", only then she'll think I'm really insane...)

In other news, here's the Phantom and Rock Phantom on Youtube - sound only, but you can see why I was so happy with my Phantom, the first Phantom I ever saw live, mesmerising 1300 people with a single note :D
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Because I was shopping until 1AM yesterday and am currently falling over ~_~

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