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I can't even blame Simon Ammann, because I've always had a weakness for him ever since he pulled the same bloody stunt in 2002 coming out of nowhere for the gold ♥ No matter, because Adam did a 2002 repeat as well, only much more impressive because he's not at the top of his game this time. And they're both 8 years older, but you can't tell by the way they bounced off for their medals.

Here, have a fabulous cover of We Are the Champions by a Yakutsyan folk band. (Honestly, watch this - the lady singer in particular has a voice to match her imperial costume. She'd be a shoo-in for a Siberian production of Rebecca.)

(And mostly for my own reference: men's figure skating on the 17th and 19th, women's on 24th and 26th, sport pairs 15th and 16th, dancing 20-22-23.)
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For yay: last year during the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix, Robert Kubica managed to total his car and the general consensus was that he was lucky to be alive, never mind intact. This year, same Grand Prix - he won his first-ever F1 race and took the lead in the overall drivers' ranking. Yay :)

For boo: Football... what football? Poland-Poland 2:0 :P I just pity Lukasz Podolski - not his fault the German national team drafted him first.
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There was some noise from other apartments in my block earlier. I must admit even in our football-deprived household one TV was quietly turned on, and each time I went into the kitchen, I snuck a look and cringed.

I think I'll be rooting for Korea this year again.
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Alas, I can't find a video of Lambiel's gala programme, which was a lovely and joyful celebration of skating. But.

Between hockey last night, I caught a repeat of Plushenko's gala performance.

Go watch.

And then try and tell me that guy's not poetry on ice.

(And yes, I've been watching it over and over and over again.)
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Well, that was predictable. But still, gotta love a guy who goes out on ice and doesn't look like any of what he does takes real effort, and still manages to be perhaps the only guy who doesn't make any mistakes at all.

Apart from the Plushchenko love, highlights included Joubert's Riverdancing On Ice, Savoie's entire program (pretty!) and Buttle's lovely classic ballet - Buttle's second place in the free skate is certainly well-deserved. Also, there was this first moment in Takahashi's program, that little bow he did at the very beginning, that was very charming indeed. I'm just sorry for Lambiel - he's really good, but he overreached himself and when he finished, you could see he was just so angry about it all.

(In case you're interested: got an A in my exam, then came home and slept for 5 hours. One of these days, I'll get a healthy reaction to stress.)

Oooh. It looks like LJ added a draft post autosave. Nifty!
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I couldn't care less about V-day, but the decorations in our building are amusing. The piece de resistance is the street-name plaque - usually it says "Armii Ludowej" (People's Army), but today it's in English and says "Army of Lovers". Either someone's not up on their Plato, or there's a Secret Slasher in the building :>

And I'm still astounded by the pairs' free skating last night. The youngest Chinese pair had a secret weapon - a terribly difficult jump that was supposed to bring them the gold. They were the last pair, and instead of flying through the air Zhang Dan fell so hard, she had to be helped off the ice; she could barely move her knee. And then they came back on the ice and continued - her legs were shaking, her partner had to support her at times, but they did it, every jump and every twirl. And they got silver.

Shoujo sports manga come to life, and I have to admit I had tears in my eyes. Zhang Dan's this tiny little thing like a china doll, and she did it. Movie material, people, especially if they get the gold in four years.
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Figure skating, pairs, free skating. It just finished live, so those of you in the US should catch it later in the evening.

Even if you just watch the last pair, Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao. Because... meep.

I can't spoil it, so I'll write more tomorrow.

(Actually, watch the last three at least. Lovely Phantom Of The Opear acrobatic piece, the best Russian pair showing how figure skating ought to be done, and then the Zhangs.)

Note to self: watch more figure skating.
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I hereby nominate the Turin Winter Olympics for most far-out opening ceremony ever O_O

Honestly. The whole thing was apparently designed by Gabriella Pesucci, who did costume design for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Van Helsing.

That explains the Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland meets degenerate eighteenth-century ball meets Anne Rice meets Botticelli on LSD bits. I'm even willing to let the renaissance flag-twirling cheerleaders pass, because the hose looked good on these guys' legs.

I still want an explanation of why they assembled a Ferrari sports car on stage and then had it go crazy, bathing the stage in smoke from the engine and the smoked rubber. And why Willy Wonka took his clothes off and climbed onto a parade float on fire, with a motorcycle on top of it, as an army of Japanese men in full war paint did karate kata.

EDIT: I would like to note that I wrote this before Yoko Ono and Peter Gabriel appeared to sing "Imagine" together.

Also, Signor Pavarotti? The Phantom called. He wants his chandelier back.


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