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After a year of carrying the work laptop home every day, and eight years after I last got a new-to-me computer (only a year old at that point and with extra-good specs for that time, 2GB RAM and almost 2GHz single-core processor), I finally have a new personal machine. MINE. My money, my choice, my 6+ hours reinstalling everything from scratch because silly Microsoft thinks that only people who live in English-speaking countries want English-speaking Windows. (I have not had a Polish-speaking computer ever, and I don't use one for work either, since my workplace is very much global.)

It's a Lenovo IdeaPad Y570, because I'm on my second work-issued ThinkPad and loving it.

I started off calling it just Toy. Thanks to [ profile] fyrie it's now Toyoko. Svelte, elegant, stylish enough to carry off some dubious fashion choices (orange stripe around the lid) and hopefully will work for 10+ years - if the shoe fits...
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I don't do this often, but today's changes to LiveJournal's design are beyond idiotic even in a long history of idiotic LJ stuff. Just try viewing a long comment thread on a post without a custom design to see what I mean. Please go to the LJ Releases post about them and lodge a formal complaint. Numbers are the one thing they understand.
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Any time I try to become more active online/creatively is cue for work to come crashing down at me. You don't want to know my overtime statistics.

But! I don't know if I mentioned, but I have a public Tumblr now.

(I'm sure I'm making a mess of it. Anyone got a Tumblr etiquette primer on reblogging / liking / following?)

Yukinojou, after Maki's great role, is my place for unashamed and unedited Takarazuka and other fandom squee, basically. Pictures. I like pictures :D I also like being able to post with a touch of a button rather than composing something thoughtful (LJ/Dreamwidth) or within a character limit (Twitter).

So for now it's LiveJournal as the communication hub + creative outlet, Dreamwidth for long-form public Takarazuka posts, Twitter for being social, retweeting neat stuff and stalking people, and Tumblr for fandom squee. I think this is as much of an online presence as I can handle on 12+ hours of work per day.
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With the overall rush, I completely forgot to post about my new toy.

Since mid-May (just before Paris, in fact) I've been the proud owner of an HTC Desire ♥ It may be last year's model, but it's plenty fast, durable (I managed to get it caught out in the rain and drop it on a stone floor thus far), and I'm loving both Android and HTC Sense. Yes, you have to charge it daily, and hack it to move all apps to SD because the internal memory is laughable, but it's a tiny computer that works like a phone. I'm finally living in the future ;)

Requisite list of apps + plea for recommendations )
(Also, it's called Karenina, the wallpaper is Maki Ichiro as Anna Karenina, and the ringtone is Maki Ichiro singing Ich Bin Ein Echtes Wienerblut. In case you were wondering.)

The best thing about my new phone is that it means I don't have to drag a computer with me everywhere to stay completely connected (Echo Bazaar included). Thus I can take much lighter luggage to the lakeside cottage for the nine days I'll be spending there - leaving this afternoon, back on the 7th in the evening.

Not AFK in the least. Unless my signal's out.
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Because LJ is a dolt again:

- Pingbacks means that if you have pingbacks turned on and user X has pingbacks turned on, once user X posts a public link to your entry, you get an automatic comment to this entry telling you they're done it. Nothing more. A poor man's Google Alert for your LJ's URL.

- Yes, the placement of the FB/Twitter crossposting tickyboxes sucks. I've said. Here's a temporary cure.
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One of those days, LiveJournal will learn to talk over their announcements before springing them on the populace. Today is not that day.

The revised wording in this announcement says that inactive accounts will be deleted and purged (all contents removed permanently, name available for renaming another account to the purged account's name), but only if they fulfill both the following criteria:

- no activity in the last 24 months (for personal journals - logging in, for communities - a new post)

- the journal or comm has only the one automatic welcome post

If you haven't created a journal lately, the automatic welcome post is Private and says something like "Welcome to LJ, here's how you can do stuff". No journals with any entry content will be deleted for inactivity.

So the only way RP journals are in danger is if you only used them for posting in an RP comm never even bothered to delete that first post and replace it with something like "This is account X for RP Y, move along". You may want to do that now.

I'm glad I was asleep for this kerfuffle...
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As a backup for when I have neither newspaper nor a physical book on my commute, I have MobiReader installed on both my phones (the personal Toodo and professional Lucheni). I have a variety of free e-books to tide me over, and I tend to pick things that are either not too engrossing - like Dickens - or that come in small chunks, since each time I'm looking at my 10-minute commute or a similar period of waiting for someone. The other factor in favour of short reading times is the smallness of the phones' screens, especially Lucheni's.

Guess which phone I loaded up with Helen S. Wright's A Matter of Oaths.

The thing is, it's her only book. She published it in 1988, and she's only now gearing up to write another. (She's arkessian@Dreamwidth.) I. Can't. Wait.

A Matter of Oaths is a space opera without infodumps, a political novel with a spare cast, a tapestry condensed into the one thread of weave and one of weft that still conveys it all. There's the man who broke an oath, but he cannot remember why he broke it, because the punishment is taking away your memories. There is the woman who refuses to acknowledge age, weakness, or anything but the strength of her will. (Rallya, incidentally, is awesome.) There are all those mysteries that - just like in real life - pass by on the edges, and you don't have time to look because of how fast you're rushing by. My eyes hurt, significantly, from staring at the small screen once I was done.

(And there's definitely something for the slash fans. And for fans of strong female characters not defined by either their sexuality or reproductive potential. And both romance and platonic friendship and everything in between.)

And best of all: it's out of print, but Helen made it available as an ebook, for free, in PDF and e-Pub and MobiReader.

Helen S. Wright, A Matter of Oaths

(Mind you, after this much fun out of it, I dropped a few quid in her PayPal tip jar. And if it were reprinted, I'd buy it. In a heartbeat.)
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I'm still alive, despite the best attempts of certain microorganisms. Weather's being utterly gorgeous, with white fresh snow everywhere ♥

Also, I started a dedicated Takarazuka journal, to free y'all from having to see babble about daily updates and gossip and random Youtube videos. I can now squee schoolgirl-style here:

[info]yukinojou (DreamWidth)

And here's its LiveJournal feed to add to Friends pages if you really want to see the babble.

Thus far I've posted my long delayed Epiphany review and Battlefield for the Two of Us squee that would be a review if I only knew what was going on in the show ^^; I don't suppose anyone has seen the latter and can clue me in to what Ichiro and Tom were angsting so beautifully about?
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*facepalms* So, from the horse's mouth. Remember that Snowflake Cookie free v-gift that everyone was sending around?

It's what broke notifications, because there's a default setting of ON for "get notified when one of your friends receives a virtual gift". The Snowflake got made available free to everyone by a glitch (*cough* there's a reason I was sending them around last year at St Nick's) and suddenly everyone and their dog was sending it to people. Which generated notifications to the f-lists of people who got them. Lots of notifications. The sending system hid under the bed and refused to come out.

Notifs are getting processed now, but they're also still building up. At the height of it, the number reached 12 million ~_~ Ops are on it and have managed to kickstart the sending, but it might take a while for all of them to clear up.

So Now You Know.
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Dreamwidth is officially open for business open beta, and you can buy accounts if you don't have an invite code :)

I'm not moving - there's possibly a "yet" there. I will be reading my f-list on DW, and I may take advantage of an account there to post Takarazuka material (I really need to start doing systematic reviews of things I watch). The dealbreaking features for me will be importing my LJ f-list to DW (to integrate both reading lists) reliably and seeing DW come out of open beta while continuing the no-ads mantra. Six months, let's say?

And I have four DW invite codes free to a good home :) First come, first served!
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*falls over* I have a newfound respect for anyone who edits wikis. Still, after over a year from my first attempt at it, and with only a little hack, the Seal of the Bourbons page at the TakaWiki is all mine :D

(I'll add the play summaries later. Falling over now.)
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However I may personally feel about the LiveJournal staff layoffs, there's an official statement about them now.

Most of LiveJournal revenue is in rubles. Their labour costs were in USD. Economically, it's a textbook move, especially since they already have a Russian technical and product development team - who are paid less.

Best of luck to everyone involved, especially those who got the bad news :(
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I'm off on Thursday morning for Berlin, back on Saturday night. Have decided not to lug the computer around, since it's just two nights and a rather busy schedule of shopping and two shows to catch. If anyone has anything urgent, speak now, or hold your peace for four whole days ;)

Incidentally, this will be the first time in three years or so that I'll be incommunicado from e-mail for over 24 hours - even when I was net-less, I monitored things via mobile phone. Wish me luck!
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Out of curiosity, has anyone had any experience with a Lenovo ThinkPad R61?

Our office has the T60s, and while I'm on a Dell, the ThinkPad squad like theirs. Since my home computer is hitting the 6 year mark this June, it's time for something new. And June 30 will be the stop-mark for new computers with Windows XP - I can definitely do without Vista for the moment, though the R61 is Vista-ready.

The configuration I'm eyeing would be 2GB of RAM, 2GHz dual Intel, 160GB hard drive. I think this would last me a while - not necessarily another six years, but at least three - considering my main home tasks are done in Firefox, MS Office (2002) and the now elderly Paint Shop Pro 8, plus whatever forays I make into GIMP and Inkscape. I'd miss the smooth Dell curves, but somehow the ThinkPad seems to have more personality to it. I think it looks like a Bob, or possibly a Logan.
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For the past week or so, I've been toying with volunteering on the LiveJournal support board. It's fun, it lets me practice formal business English, and I've already learned a lot about LiveJournal.

However, the fact that the Support v-gift of choice is PINK PONIES is driving me absolutely bonkers :P I've got two of them now!

Note to self: add a profile note along the lines of "Hate Pink Rar". (Appreciate the sentiment, but still.)
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Half the fun of visual design, for me, is getting sidetracked in all the little things. After a whole day devoted to layout (conclusion: width fixed in ems, single-column, sidebar widgets in a horizontal container between the banner and the main layout), now it's colour choices and colour theory. For the LJ redesign I'm considering, I've promised [ profile] fyrie that I'll have a Maki Ichiro layout to match her Saki Asaji one. To match the picture, I'll need colours a little more varied than my current black and white. Cue way too much fun with online Pantone swatches.

Below, a quick mockup of the current top-runners. Saturation may still get put down, and I think I might opt for a grey background with the deep purple used for flourishes on it.

Read more... )

Now to come up with matching colours for visited, hovered-over and active links. Then I can actually open a graphics program ;)

This has been your Content Nonstrike post for the day. And boy, is my f-list rocking.
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I've been reading A List Apart, because at some point, I do have to do something about my website. The fanfic portion is fine, but the code could use a cleanup. The Discworld site will stay up as-is, for non-link-breaking, but I should add a disclaimer that it's no longer updated. Main index, of course, needs updating. Additions

And while my Greymatter installation broke ages ago, maybe I could use another blog. This "Wordpress" thing sounds interesting, even if learning another structure and language to play with its layout will be daunting. Does anyone have a Wordpress blog and can tell me how difficult it is to design it properly as opposed to designing a non-dynamic HTML/CSS site?

And as I read about things that changed in the last four years, since I last seriously took an interest in webdesign (no 4.x browsers, hallelujah), I find myself thinking about my LJ. Style systems are a bitch and a half, but Expressive *is* CSS-compatible.

I designed my first site in 1997. I've never dabbled in anything but the simplest Javascript, but otherwise I've gone through all the phases, tables, rollovers, image maps, you name it. CSS, once the browsers are halfway compatible, has a logic and beauty to it.

My fingers itch to code something.
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Tomorrow morning, I'm on the train to the seaside; I'll be back on Thursday evening, and while I'll check my mail on my mobile, I won't have connectivity otherwise. I'm hoping some kind soul will mail me my Yuletide story.

Due to December health issues, I haven't completed my personal Yuletide yet, but it's definitely a project for my upcoming offline period. We'll do Russian-style New Year's gifts ;)

It's funny: due to work and health, it doesn't feel like Christmas yet. Still, happy holidays to everyone. Even if you don't celebrate, isn't it fun to have time off? Especially since my next day of work will be Wednesday after next. Long live Evil Corporate Empires.
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GreatestJournal has just cut userpics down to 10.

InsaneJournal has been down for the past hour.

I think I'll be staying with our Russian overlords for the time being.
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Now that I've caught up on matters LJ, I have to say I'm not too offended by the flags - it is something present on just about any other site. And the Russian buyout might actually mean people who want to develop LJ, on top of less chances of running into the kind of over-compliance with US morals that led to Strikethrough and similar.

And lookit! [ profile] imaginarybeasts has a new issue out. I broke and wrote a story for this one, an exercise in folktale.

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