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As an end to a hellish half-week, I'm at the office at noon on a Saturday. No time like the present...

To reiterate, meme rules:

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.

Arabwel: Once Upon a Time in Mexico as done by Tolkien )

Trobadora: Coldfire superhero AU )

RKold: CCD in a Gundam/Space Soap Opera type AU )

Sukeban: Pirates of the Caribbean in the Middle Earth )

That's enough for today, since I'm through with the reports as well :) Other four to be done later.
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Note to self: add tags later. No bloody time. A net cafe's harder to find in Gdansk than in freaking Stezyca!

For [ profile] alighiera: Van Helsing


For [ profile] arabwel: Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Vanity )

For [ profile] fuumasfrog: Pirates of the Caribbean

Sisterhood )
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*looks at the last post and its 100+ comments, of which most aren't between myself and [ profile] fyrie* I do write other things than vampires and Coldfire, you know. Alas, these are the weakest ones of today's batch...

Sandman, Death and Destruction )

OUATIM, Lorenzo and a stuffed toy )

BTW, drabble requests still open, with modifications. Namely, no vampires except maybe Underworld, and no Coldfire :P C'mon, people - Star Wars? Batman Begins? Tolkien? Anyone? Bueller?
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I should have known not to post that last meme :P You can still bunny me for a fic-fragment there, and I'll post all of them in a separate post once I get through all of them - right now just two outstanding, including one from [ profile] guede_mazaka that killed me. Meanwhile, [ profile] arabwel managed to bunny me hard enough to obtain actual fic. 50 sentences, ~700 words.

Fandom: Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Pairing: Lorenzo/El, Lorenzo/Fideo, Sands/El, implied multiple OFC/Lorenzo
Genre: Humour

Everything identifiable belongs to Robert Rodriguez et consortes, with the exception of [ profile] arabwel and myself.

How To Seduce A The Mariachi In 10 Easy Steps

Blame Ara! I know I do )
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Eurgh. Hence, meme, ganked from [ profile] selenak: 10 of my favourite characters and what kind of relationship I'd be likely to have with them.

Current and past favourites )
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Just three so far, alas. To my defense, work absolutely pwn3d me today just after I wrote the last post - I ended up staying way longer than regular work hours and I still have a busload to do tomorrow. On the upside, I also have tickets for the 18th for my next dose of fanged crack, so yay. Said crack has also inspired drabbles #2 and #3, because I'm on a permanent vampire high here. Both titles from "Vor dem Schloss/Wohl der Nacht/Wohl dem Mann", the last song in act 1.

Mexico, seasonal )

Bruce and Ducard, and giving in )

the long dark night of Obi-Wan Kenobi )

In other news, a very happy birthday to [ profile] _leareth and [ profile] rkold!
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Fandom: Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Rating: PG-13 to R for language

In the proud tradition of fic written when I really should be doing something else. My train is in five hours.

The Soul Market )
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Fandom: Boondock Saints/OUATIM
Rating: R (language)
Summary: When Smecker and the McManuses go to New Mexico, they're encroaching on someone else's territory.

This was supposed to be dedicated to [ profile] guede_mazaka, but then she went and wrote Clean Hands, which makes this fic not fit to be in one fandom with hers. So I'm not worthy ;)

Thanks to [ profile] feath for a word.

South of the River )

Current works-in-progress: Star Wars ROTS icons, request drabbles, Blind Dancer (Vader and OFC and Raymond Chandler, oh my).
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Sands and a boy, on a lazy afternoon.

Previously in the series:
Back in the Fold
Things to Do in Sinaloa When You're Dead
First Blood
Ballad of the Blind Gunman
Darkness, and the Fear of Darkness

Note: With thanks to my child-Faramir muse, who informed my portrayal of Chiclet Boy here.

On the lips and hearts of children )
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Fandom: OUATIM
Pairing: None
Rating: R for language

Summary: Sheldon can't sleep. Or won't. Part of the Back in the Fold series.

Previously in the series:
Back in the Fold
Things to Do in Sinaloa When You're Dead
First Blood
Ballad of the Blind Gunman

Darkness, and the fear of darkness )
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Fandom: OUATIM
Rated: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: Everything from OUATIM belongs to Rodriguez and assorted. Fun, not profit.

Inspired by the movie "The Mark of Zorro" with Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


by Beth (

Legends go on )

Comments? (Yes/No/BANG!)
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Since I'm not sure everyone in the OUATIM/POTC crowd is subscribed to [ profile] depp_daily, a heads-up.

Jack Sparrow and Sheldon Sands action figures in, well, action

Come to think of it, [ profile] guede_mazaka, maybe you feel up to writing something based on the first picture?
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From [ profile] _redpanda_ via [ profile] jenlittlebottom: Ten things that happened in a fandom of mine that I just know are true, even though there's precious little evidence for them in canon.

X and Tokyo Babylon )


Silmarillion )
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The fic I've been whining about for the past month. Finally finished, and good riddance ^_^

Pairings: Sands/Ajedrez, El/Carolina
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: OUATIM property of Robert Rodriguez and assorted. Lyrics quoted property of John Porter and Anita Lipnicka
Summary: Ajedrez and El, two complicated people. Two people who are very, very lost.

Note: This assumes that Sands had time to visit Ajedrez before his meeting with Bellini. Time in OUATIM is mightily confusing. Also, the specifications of the request called for only El and Ajedrez; unfortunately Sands is not so easily contained, so he crawled into a few places.

Blamed on: [ profile] guede_mazaka.

Also blamed on John Porter and Anita Lipnicka, who provided the soundtrack. Thanks to [ profile] permetaform for a tidbit.


Let's sing of love to make us all weep )

Comments? (yes/no/BANG!)
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So I was sitting in the International Finance exam, finishing up the test with 40 minutes to spare and no bloody hope of getting out early because someone had the bright idea of cramming the lecturer's three courses into one stuffy exam hall. Sands popped into existence in the seat next to me, looking about as bored as I was with the common characteristics of US money market instruments. I told him to tell me a story.

Pairings: Sands/Ajedrez, El/Carolina mentioned
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Three situations, three women, three conclusions

Dedicated to: Whatever bloody idiot schedules the exams at the Warsaw School of Economics. And [ profile] lasergirl69 for finding a tidbit.

Three Kinds of Kindness )
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For [ profile] circe_tigana's 882 ways to appease the heathen gods challenge. I wanted to do more, but won't have the time before I leave, and by the time I get back it looks like the challenge will be over - there's well over 700 drabbles already, with just a few of them being off-topic (I trust Circe'll be vigilant about deleting those).

~a study in gold~
Perhaps this reeks a little of Sleepy Hollow )

~Hungarian blood~
Underworld crossover )


Off to war her Johnny went )

~Throwing Shapes~

Obligatory OUATIM crossover - alas, on perusal not the first one )

Since I won't make it in time for the challenge, my last drabble will probably evolve into a vignette. Ah well. A chance to revisit an old fandom at least.

Merry Christmas or equivalent holiday to all!
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Mmm. Sleep deprivation means my subconscious is closer to the surface. It bubbles and murmurs in dark corners, throwing shapes and distracting me with lazy stabs of the blade of inspiration. I was looking for quotes, because I'm desperate for a title and a story.

"His madness... his madness keeps him sane."
- Delirium, "Three Novembers and a January", Sandman, Neil Gaiman.

It's not the one I'm looking for - but isn't it a fascinating concept? Someone who has gone past madness, past despair, past desire and out the other side. To a place where he holds on to an idea. A dream. He lives out his destiny, and deals out death. And hey, destruction is change, and change is freedom, and everything changes but nothing is truly lost.

Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, I'm looking at you.

Okay, dear, try and pull your thoughts together for a moment. See, that's my problem. I don't see Sands as crazy, or at least as the kind of raving lunatic, dancing in the pale moonlight crazy some fanon renditions would have me believe. Sure, good stories and all, and I enjoy them. But I just can't write him that way. Maybe it'd make my fics better, but somehow my Sands is outwardly strong as steel, even if he has collapsed inside (which depends on the version). He just doesn't give up, not even to himself.

Hm. Anybody care to try naming all the works quoted and paraphrased in this little delusional rant?

And if anyone can give me a good Sandman quote about the dangers of dreams, they win a virtual cookie and a fic dedication.
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Today's Boy Meets Boy features Apollo taking Tybalt to Tijuana to cheer him up. And Tybalt's wearing sunglasses and has Johnny-worthy cheekbones. Okay, he always has the cheekbones, just that now with the sunglasses and the road trip and Tijuana... it very bad of me to want to write an obscure crossover? ^_^
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Fandom: OUATIM
Pairings: Sands/Ajedrez, El/Sands
Rating: R
Summary: What if things were different? What if Sands was?

WARNING: Femslash, het, slash. In other words, every possible gender configuration with two partners. Also, this is not an original female character.

Dedicated to [ profile] permetaform for finding me not only a quote, but a context.

where the devil can't go )
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Okay. Same as before, but Sands and a certain object important to him. Blamed on [ profile] permetaform and [ profile] lil_neko.

Fandom: OUATIM
Author: Beth Winter
Pairing: Sunglasses/Sands, El/Sands
Rating: R


Read more... )


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