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Back from Vienna, alive. I had an immensely enjoyable weekend, including seeing Rebecca again (more on which, hopefully, later) and [ profile] fyrie killing my feet with all the walking we did ;)

One of the highlights of the trip was the temporary exhibition on Crown Prince Rudolf that's currently on at the Hofmobiliendepot. He was a deeply disturbed individual. One quote: "I have a deep respect for death. I often seek out dying people, to witness their last breath. Each of them dies differently. I watch dying animals as well..."

But what slayed me was a pair of photos of Rudolf clinging - there is no other word - on the arm of Wilhelm II of Prussia. Who, before the unfortunate moustache, apparently was a dead ringer for Jesper Tyden. And of all the Rudolf photos in the exhibit, the one with his arm through Wilhelm's was the only one in which he looked comfortable. On top of Wilhelm's documented predilections, I really do not need this plotbunny.
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The less said about the past week, the better. An infection retreated just in time for work to hit me like a ton of bricks. Fortunately, the next two weeks will be a lot of work - but at my own pace, and on my own, too.

Meanwhile, here are a lot of pictures of very, very pretty butterflies from the Vienna Schmetterlinghaus.

Large quantities of tropical butterflies )
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This time, dead Habsburgs and their shiny things. Thank gods for people allowing flashless photos in museums :D

Kappuzinerkirche crypt and Schatzkammer )

Next: fallen angels and more nighttime church photography.
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Part three of my picspam is Sunday night. There was an organ concert at the Peterskirche, one of the examples of a baroque church you just need to love. Afterwards, I took some photos of Vienna by night. There really is some magic to the city, even just in the tourist quarter.

At some point I'll toy with those pictures - I concentrated too much on sharpness as opposed to cropping and colour - but right now, I'm still waiting for someone to install my harddrive. It's been two months I've been without a functional home computer :/

My camera takes good nighttime photos )

Next: dead Habsburgs and fallen angels, or my second nighttime church excursion.
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Firm resolutions about writing a proper travelogue have fled in the face of work and a crippling headache that kept me in bed for most of Saturday and Sunday. I'm hoping a slew of pictures and captions will do instead :) In this part, the first days in Vienna and the Opera House.

No making fun of my crooked photos, plzkthx )

Coming up next: Viennese churches, or why I need an image stabiliser on my camera.
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It turned out that by a stroke of luck, our hotel was only 4 U-Bahn (underground) stops from the Raimund Theater, no line changing necessary. The theater itself is smaller than I thought - perhaps half the size of our Roma, without the aisles that allowed our vampires to run around the audience, and with a much smaller stage, though they do have a superior revolving/descending platform.

It has a pretty curtain screen, though )

I was a little surprised by the audience - very few people were in black and I only saw one cosplayer. I'm wondering if the cheaper tickets didn't draw people who just wanted to see any musical at all.

The show itself )

I can't say I wouldn't have liked an Elisabeth-style anniversary performance, with multiple actors singing each role and a lineup of Von Krolocks, but then they'd probably have to do CPR on at least one after Lukasz and Yamaguchi got into a sing-off. The show was gorgeous, and well worth the trip - and that was just my first day in Vienna.
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I'm almost done with my vacation - the train back to Warsaw is tomorrow afternoon. All in all, I think 7 days was an ample amount of time for Vienna, because I got to all the museums I wanted to, and over the past two days my feet have started to hurt a lot :)

To blog about in the next few days: photos (800 and counting), Tanz der Vampire anniversary concert, Rebecca (new musical by Kunze&Levay, starring Uwe Kroger, Wietske van Tongeren and the amazing Susan Rigvava-Dumas) and Die Fledermaus at the Volksoper. I think I can chalk this one up as a productive holiday.

Also, retroactive and advance wishes of very happy birthdays to: [ profile] moustachios, [ profile] artela, [ profile] flamebyrd and [ profile] shoiryu. Please forgive my Vienna-induced absent-mindedness!

(Oh, and met up with [ profile] alighiera today for a few hours of musical geekage. And Melange and Apfelstrudel, which I'm starting to be addicted to. Can anybody tell me how to make Melange at home?)


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