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Recipe adapted from Every Cake You Bake (Polish-only). Makes low-maintenance delicious fluff, like a cheesecake but much lighter.

Lemony goodness )
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Alive, more than before (turns out magnesium supplements do work).

Yesterday, I went to the "Best of Roma Theatre" concert, which was supposed to feature the best bits of the musicals they've done over the last twelve years. In order:
  • Crazy for You - So you're tapdancing with Rockettes. Good for you. I've seen it done with actual sex appeal. By a girl.

  • Peter Pan - Okay, actual cool operetta-based song for Captain Hook... and the only one they're doing from this musical after three Crazy for You songs ~.~

  • Miss Saigon - *yawn* Stop trying to sing like you sang (badly) ten years ago. I've heard you as Phantom, you're actually good!

  • Grease - Um. Yes. Stop trying to LOOK like you looked ten years ago. Sandy should not have wrinkles. And Kennicky may be 35, but he looks 45 and that is rather disturbing.

  • Cats - Oh, I like the Jellicle Song... except I don't like it when the "High C" part is cut because of a mic going off. And um. Misto? You're supposed to jump high. You only remembered that in the last sequence.

  • Akademia Pana Kleksa - okay, kids are always adorable, so no complaints. And look! I told you you could sing, and you can be my evil hairdresser anytime ♥ Except get a better android, because this one can't do rock'n'roll any better than he could do tapdancing with Rockettes. Both require charisma, sorry, dear...

  • Tanz der Vampire - *wild sobbing because WHY DID THEY CLOSE THIS SHOW???* *momentary RAR on which more later* *more wild sobbing with giggles, because our Ewigkeit costumes are still beautiful and best ever*

  • Phantom of the Opera - see, I told you, GOOD Phantom. Now if only you'd sung like that since the show opened...

  • Les Miserables - sorry, all Mizzed out.

  • Aladdin Jr - boy can sing. Girl screeches. NEXT!~

  • Ooops. That's the end?

In conclusion, not the best spent money, except for a few high points. But one thing... I'm still raging.

Imagine this: Totale Finsternis, with von Krolock on the staircase, slowly turning. Sarah's fallen quiet, and it's time for his solo, the best part of the whole song. Sich verlieren heisst sich befreien - du wirst dich in mir erkennen - was du ertraumst wird Wahrheit sein - Nichts und niemand kann uns trennen. Between the void and the brilliance falls the darkness...

...and he forgot the words.

My hissy-fit was epic, I can tell you that much. He was the understudy in the show! He's done it like fifty times! He's done this concert quite a lot, too, and of all the places to forget the words - the one place where he's suppsed to shine - PEOPLE.

(Finally, this recipe for vanilla scones is fantastic.)
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My colleagues won't let a birthday pass by without a demand for sweets, so I spent this evening baking alarming quantities of muffins ~.~

But! For the first time I made up a muffin recipe almost from scratch, and had it come out right :D

Chocolate-rum-raisin-gingerbread-coffee-chocolate-chip muffins of DOOM )

Now to sleep, and wake up a year older...
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Old family tradition, sticking it here for safe-keeping. This is one of the typical Easter recipes that start with a dozen eggs and go downhill from there.

Cheesecake a la Polonaise )
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This recipe was originally from [ profile] beauchat, but I'm copying it for safekeeping, with my own alterations.

Fool-proof brownies )
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Continuing my baking experiments, I declare the updated, healthified and Europeanised edition of the Huguenot Torte a success :> Apples, walnuts and brown sugar are never a bad combination

Recipe for a comfort cake )

In other cooking news, on Friday I'm making okonomiyaki for a large group. I've already successfuly Europeanised the recipe by substituting potato starch for taro root. And a new Korean restaurant/grocery near my work has tonkatsu sauce - score one for semi-authentic toppings.

I wonder if I should practice flipping them again. I tend to end up with very small okonomiyaki ;)
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Does anyone have an idea how to make icing or frosting that isn't very sweet?

I just made dark chocolate cupcakes that are sinfully delicious, but also rather sweet. I had an idea for orange icing, but anything with the usual amount of sugar in it is out.

So what can I spread over the chocolate that will fit and be tart rather than sweet? Can be refrigirated, and since I'm serving them tomorrow, I can buy ingredients as well.
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Easter's around the corner, so yesterday I did my first baking run, making babas.

The thing is, I bought a set of silicone baking pans a while ago, and I'd only tried out the muffin ones before. The bundt/baba pan looked perfect - it's just the kind of fiddly, easily adherent cake you want to be able to peel out of a form.

Only it stuck like hell, with half of it breaking apart. And the half of it that didn't, was nowhere near as crisp as it should have been.

Thankfully I was making two anyway, and I had my trusty metal pan. But a question for the baking subset of the f-list - is this just how silicone pans are, or just cheap ones? Or is silicone only suitable for muffins?

Lemon baba recipe )


Mar. 22nd, 2008 09:47 pm
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For some reason, I've always regarded meringues as something fiendishly difficult; consequently, I rarely bought them and hunted without much success for something that was not 90% sugar.

We had 4 egg whites left over from other baking. The whole thing took 15 minutes, and half of that was sifting the caster sugar because I'm an obsessive perfectionist sometimes.


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Just sticking it here so that I don't forget, but anyone's welcome to try it. This is Grandmother's foolproof gingerbread recipe. This stuff lasts ages, is very easy on the stomach and tastes divine :)

Easy Gingerbread )

Also, a very happy birthday to [ profile] assimbya :)


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