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Look! I managed four stories this year, though all are short, and written in a haze of sleep-deprived exhaustion. Theme of the year: AAAAAANGST.

Dance of Mirrors: Rudolf, Elisabeth, Death

For [ profile] hawkwolf who was my Santa before and requested focus on Rudolf and Elisabeth's relationship. This is very much musical-based, with less reference to how broken Rudolf was in real life. Their last Christmas, a last talk, a last decision. (Gen, mental illness themes.)

God and Chance: Les Miserables AU

The challenge was, more or less, "Fantine survives and marries Valjean". I managed to turn it into feminist angstfest deluxe, based mostly on the 25th Anniversary cast.

Radgeber für Verliebte: Tanz der Vampire

Again an irresistable (somewhat crack) prompt - Herbert pursuing Alfred with chivalrous rather than predatory tactics <3

At the Flip of a Coin - Downton Abbey AU for 2x08

I love the characters of Downton Abbey. I do not love the plot. This is a (short) attempt to make it more interesting, for [ profile] fyrie who as usual shares my opinions ^.^
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Alive, more than before (turns out magnesium supplements do work).

Yesterday, I went to the "Best of Roma Theatre" concert, which was supposed to feature the best bits of the musicals they've done over the last twelve years. In order:
  • Crazy for You - So you're tapdancing with Rockettes. Good for you. I've seen it done with actual sex appeal. By a girl.

  • Peter Pan - Okay, actual cool operetta-based song for Captain Hook... and the only one they're doing from this musical after three Crazy for You songs ~.~

  • Miss Saigon - *yawn* Stop trying to sing like you sang (badly) ten years ago. I've heard you as Phantom, you're actually good!

  • Grease - Um. Yes. Stop trying to LOOK like you looked ten years ago. Sandy should not have wrinkles. And Kennicky may be 35, but he looks 45 and that is rather disturbing.

  • Cats - Oh, I like the Jellicle Song... except I don't like it when the "High C" part is cut because of a mic going off. And um. Misto? You're supposed to jump high. You only remembered that in the last sequence.

  • Akademia Pana Kleksa - okay, kids are always adorable, so no complaints. And look! I told you you could sing, and you can be my evil hairdresser anytime ♥ Except get a better android, because this one can't do rock'n'roll any better than he could do tapdancing with Rockettes. Both require charisma, sorry, dear...

  • Tanz der Vampire - *wild sobbing because WHY DID THEY CLOSE THIS SHOW???* *momentary RAR on which more later* *more wild sobbing with giggles, because our Ewigkeit costumes are still beautiful and best ever*

  • Phantom of the Opera - see, I told you, GOOD Phantom. Now if only you'd sung like that since the show opened...

  • Les Miserables - sorry, all Mizzed out.

  • Aladdin Jr - boy can sing. Girl screeches. NEXT!~

  • Ooops. That's the end?

In conclusion, not the best spent money, except for a few high points. But one thing... I'm still raging.

Imagine this: Totale Finsternis, with von Krolock on the staircase, slowly turning. Sarah's fallen quiet, and it's time for his solo, the best part of the whole song. Sich verlieren heisst sich befreien - du wirst dich in mir erkennen - was du ertraumst wird Wahrheit sein - Nichts und niemand kann uns trennen. Between the void and the brilliance falls the darkness...

...and he forgot the words.

My hissy-fit was epic, I can tell you that much. He was the understudy in the show! He's done it like fifty times! He's done this concert quite a lot, too, and of all the places to forget the words - the one place where he's suppsed to shine - PEOPLE.

(Finally, this recipe for vanilla scones is fantastic.)
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Between August 16 and September 2, I was working every day. I just had my first free weekend and, predictably, spent it sleeping off the stress.

Today, I was on the road for 12 hours, due to a meeting in another city.

Tomorrow evening, I fly to Prague. Three days' training, then Saturday-Monday for sightseeing.

I'm taking the computer, but I might not be around much. I'll be trying to rest, because the alternative is passing out with exhaustion at some point next week.

But! I managed a pathetic two responses to the crossover meme:

Buffy and Phantom )

Star Wars and Tanz der Vampire )
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I wasn't terribly productive (especially next to [ profile] fyrie with her 11 stories *swats*), but then rather than snowed in for a week, I was doing semi-regular 12-hour days at work while overseeing the ongoing renovations of my future flat. (All Christmas cards I got this year mention the renovations. Am I babbling about them that much?)

Oh, and my main stories were written by Herself *swats again* I guessed from Raindrops, because that's our Amidio and Thanatos in the flesh, but Gazing into the Abyss fooled me. No fair changing style on me :P

I also got a lovely treat from Skazka - a Sandman snippet from the ending.

Yuletide was fun as usual. And I love the Kudos feature - the "Like" button that's so easy to click!

With my assigned recipient, I had to stretch myself to write an Alfred story. I have no idea where I got that Alfred from!

I also promised one to [ profile] windstar127, and writing a young Rosalie was fascinating - I'd like to do more either with her or characters like her, young and innocent. I write too many omnipotent dark warriors ;)

And speaking of which, the response to this fic - written because the recipient's Yuletide letter just resonated with me - kind of floored me. 88 comments and kudos, on a story that's all about women (five to three men, and all main characters) and all about the powers and the different kinds of queens.

Snow, melting (1952 words) by faviconBeth Winter
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis, Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alice/Hatter
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Mirana of Marmoreal, Mad Hatter, Mallyumkun, White Rabbit, Bandersnatch (Alice in Wonderland 2010), Alice Kingsleigh

Alice isn't sure that she did the right thing by taking Susan Pevensie to Underland.

I like the fact I wrote this one :)
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I got through the entire 2010 full-length archive in one big burst yesterday, so here are some favourites in alphabetical order by fandom :) Expect more when madness goes live!

Fandoms: Carmilla, Castle, Coldfire, Elisabeth, Historian, Mentalist, Rose of Versailles, Scarlet Pimpernel, V for Vendetta, Vorkosigan )
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Finally - video from Tanz der Vampire, Oberhausen

And a certain Jan Ammann almost landing in the orchestra pit again, natch ♥ Not to mention that the last cloak swirl is very familiar. Git's been teaching him ;)
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I can haz DVD.

I can haz the DVD I've wanted since October 22, 2006.

And yes, the sets were budget, the voices rock and not musical (except for HIM and GIT, because there are shivers, and not only from the Swirliest of Cloaks), the tensions running high.

But Sarah and Alfred were in love, rockstar love with sparkles on, the Jewish prayers were real prayers, and the cloaks Swirled. Dear gods, they swirled.

I have the DVD, and I can have this any. Time. I. Want.

(New dream DVD: same show, Crack Edition.)

It's no secret I love HIS voice to utter distraction, and the way he moves and dances and works that Cloak, but I also forgot how good a Sarah she was, rockstar and innocent and for once, seventeen for real. Here, have a promo clip ♥
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Thank you everyone for the kind comments on my last post. Mourning is never easy, but we're managing. I'm afraid I'm not yet at the stage when I can answer them without crying.

It helps that there's still Lestat, the kindest, most golden-hearted feline vampire ever to walk the earth. He follows us around the flat, cuddles up with me at night, and each time we mention Tonio's name he looks around in frightened puzzlement. "Where is he? When is he coming back?"

(And there are other things. [ profile] fyrie sent an amazing Elisabeth gift. I had tickets, bought back in September, for a Disney concert with certain someones, and yesterday I both teared up at the wonderful orchestrations - Disney tugs on heart-strings like no other - and melted a little at having Krolock, in full Krolock mode if not in the costume, sing If I can't love her with thunder and lightning and swirling an invisible cloak. Tomorrow, I'm going to be seeing our Herbert sing Spamalot duets at himself. It all helps.)

We'll be going to the seaside for Christmas after all, leaving on Tuesday evening so that we can bury my darling at the lakeside cottage on Wednesday. I'll be back on Sunday evening, but since the grandparents have a net connection, I won't be fully absent.
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After three days of Roman angelic overload, I'm finally up to a review of Tuesday's gala.

To get bad things out of the way first: the concert was advertised with posters and annoucements featuring only Jan Ammann and Kevin Tarte, leading me to assume that they'd feature in at least half the concert. Instead, in a three-hour concert Kevin got one solo, Jan two, and there were two duets between the two of them, out of thirty-seven songs. I think that if the poster for a concert features only two stars, one can reasonably expect them to take up more than 13.5% of its duration. (One can also expect, say, drama musicals rather than crossdressing and Disney. One can be wrong.)

But there was still crack. And Jakub! My favourite Herbert and Phantom is all grown up and playing to audiences of thousands! )

Audio bonus

And to save you from the wall of text up there:

Jan Ammann - Nature Boy

Jan Ammann and Kevin Tarte - Stars (demonic version)

Jakub Wocial, Jan Ammann - Phantom / Rockstar Phantom

Kevin Tarte and Jan Ammann - The Winner Takes It All
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Two days and a lot of chatter to [ profile] dunkle_feuer later, I'm ready to put my thoughts in order. Which does not change the fact that the show was On Crack.

The show where everything happened at once )

And yes, I finally got to see Jan Ammann as Krolock )

Now, off to catch that git and yet another git in concert. Wish me luck with not melting outright!
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In Oberhausen. Just saw the git (no, not that git. The other other git. I have a lot of them) play Krolock, finally.

Review upcoming. For now, let it suffice to say that my lifelong ambition to see a Krolock fall into the orchestra pit has finally been realised, at least for values of Krolock-leg, Krolock-cloak, and frantic clutching at the ledge ♥
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So, not only am I in Japan for Tanabata (and I have the Google!Japan logo to prove it), but I just saw my favourite musical in the world, with the one performer that a, I adore in every role on account of his voice making me melt, and b, that I was never expecting to see because, well, Japan.

Yuichirou Yamaguchi, live, is enough to make your brain melt with the first note. For most of the show, he's a Japanese demon, a bunraku puppet, inhuman and only moving when he chooses to. Then came Unstillbare, and the way he came out and leaned on a gravestone, suddenly human, broke my heart even before he sang. And he did sing, and it left me gasping for breath. The stage presence alone, and that voice!

(Yes, I did have my faithful Olympus gadget. And I wasn't the only one melting. We were on the balcony, among an all-female crowd, and we all gasped in unison. As [ profile] fyrie put it, that voice bypasses the brain altogether to lodge much lower.)

The rest of the Tokyo version of Tanz der Vampire was also much improved )

We're going back to Osaka tomorrow, via Nagoya and Cirque du Soleil (again, this time for free in 12,000 yen seats). I think I may have trouble sleeping long enough today. Falling asleep at Me and My Girl would be embarrassing.
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Cirque du Soleil Corteo = wonderful. And may have a follow-up.

We only showed up for toujitsuken at 10, but we got B seats at a steal of a price :) BaraAme - not as confusing as people make it out to be. Tani impressed me with her fire, and Micchan's hair was messily adorable, but Tomu stole the show for me. She needs to do more comedy ♥

And then there was the revue, in which Ume-chan rocked the house. You have to respect a musumeyaku who can dance with a stage-ful of otokoyaku and pwn every single one of them. (Also, was Tomu speaking in sign language while singing? It looked that way.)

Also, Takarazuka-An is very dangerous for fans of OGs. I am now the proud owner of an autographed photo of my girl

Next is Tuesday. Tanz der Vampire. With a guy I've been starry-eyed about for over four years.

This is a good trip :D
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I'm almost entirely packed for Japan. Thank goodness for Google Street View, because I get to shadow-walk my way everywhere as a dry run before actual travel. It's going to be... fun? :)

Internet availability is pretty sure, but due to the sheer amount of stuff to see, I'll be limiting online time to skipping through the f-list. Anything that requires my attention should be emailed. (No texting, please, my roaming plan's extortionate.)

And once I get back from Japan, I may very well be buying a flat and getting a driver's license in the same month. Fun?

In the meantime, have a coloratura falsetto Abronsius:
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Three weeks until my exam, and I'm nose-deep in studying. (And planning for Japan.)

In the meantime, have Pretty von Krolock:

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Written for [ profile] lgbtfest:

Title: The End of Summer
Author: Beth Winter, [ profile] bwinter
Fandom: Loosely based on Tanz der Vampire (musical based on the movie Fearless Vampire Killers)
Pairing/characters: Graf von Krolock, Original Character
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Roman Polanski and Michael Kunze have my congratulations. This particular version is based on the original Vienna production.
Prompt: 35. Any fandom, any character(s), In a world that contains vampires one of them is utterly depressed. No matter who he/she loves, be it man or woman, the second her/his bloodlust takes over he/she destroys what he/she loved about them in the first place. How would meeting someone who is immortal (and therefore immune to the vampire's bite) in a completely different way change his/her perspective on (un)life?

Summary: The nature of curses may not be what we believe.
Warnings: Death, angst, religious themes (Catholicism).
Author's Notes: All you need to know about this canon is that it's 1617 in Transylvania, and Graf Stephan von Krolock, scientist and magician, has recently been turned into a vampire.

( The vampire and the stranger )

( And bonus epilogue )
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Unstillbare Gier is the favourite song for amateur musical singers to record on Youtube - probably because it has less hard notes than Music of the Night ;) Imagine my amazement when I found a 20-year-old at a Gymnasium concert who's actually good. And I mean better than some Krolocks I've seen in actual professional productions. I think I've got a newbie to keep an eye on:

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Between work and fever, this is, alas, almost two weeks late. Rest assured that my memories are quite vivid :)

Tanz der Vampire, on crack edition )

In conclusion: if you're putting on a musical, add Hungarians. They make everything better :D

It's alive

Mar. 10th, 2009 02:57 pm
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Just a quick note to let people know I survived Oberhausen, albeit with a damnable cold. In point form:
  • Cologne and Düsseldorf are both pretty. And wet.

  • The Roman-German museum in Cologne remains as amazing as ever.

  • According to the guy in the theatre box office, Jan Ammann broke his leg.

  • However, Kevin Tarte was not in good form on the Hamburg proshot. Now, he is. The difference is dramatic.

  • I got to make him snicker onstage and got a picture with him at stagedoor.

  • The Oberhausen run of Tanz der Vampire just got extended to January. And it's worth it.
Now, not to fall over at work. It's going to be a challenge.


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