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[ profile] lgbtfest is running again this year! This is a wonderful issue-focussed fest that last year resulted in two fics I'm rather proud of writing, as well as a busload of material to read :) The general quality's insanely high.

Prompt submission is running until March 3, with prompt claiming from March 5 to 10. Now if only someone would submit the prompts I want... *hopes quietly for a Rose of Versailles one, because [ profile] fyrie would kill me*
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I've just noticed I haven't posted in two weeks. As usual, this means work's eating me alive. And amusingly enough, of my New Year's Resolutions I'm doing the best with exercise, which means less weight already, but also 45 to 60 minutes less in the day. Studying isn't going badly, but writing, thus far, is mostly of the Morning Pages kind, letting out steam and stress.

And I'm watching the news about the newest Elisabeth production with... bemusement. Not only will Sisi be taller than Death (which has happened before), but it looks like it'll be equivalent of Sandor Nagy playing Sisi to Szilveszter Szabo's Death. It'll be - interesting.

But hey, she's cute. And I need to look for this concert while I'm over there: 【ニコニコ動画】I have a dreamコンサート「オスカーワイルド」01
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*glares at a certain Kaiser*

A question to the LGBT and history-inclined portion of my friends-list: Can anyone recommend books about Wilhelm II of Germany? I'm looking in particular for information about his youth and private life, including the LGBT inclinations.
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Back from Vienna, alive. I had an immensely enjoyable weekend, including seeing Rebecca again (more on which, hopefully, later) and [ profile] fyrie killing my feet with all the walking we did ;)

One of the highlights of the trip was the temporary exhibition on Crown Prince Rudolf that's currently on at the Hofmobiliendepot. He was a deeply disturbed individual. One quote: "I have a deep respect for death. I often seek out dying people, to witness their last breath. Each of them dies differently. I watch dying animals as well..."

But what slayed me was a pair of photos of Rudolf clinging - there is no other word - on the arm of Wilhelm II of Prussia. Who, before the unfortunate moustache, apparently was a dead ringer for Jesper Tyden. And of all the Rudolf photos in the exhibit, the one with his arm through Wilhelm's was the only one in which he looked comfortable. On top of Wilhelm's documented predilections, I really do not need this plotbunny.
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Yuletide story: done.

Story I owe someone: not the faintest idea what to write, nor even which version of the canon to use.

Yuletide pinch hits (requests that were defaulted on by the original writer appointed): being eyed for fandoms I have the faintest idea about.

I might well end up grabbing a pinch-hit story tomorrow. Somebody stop me.
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*eyedart* I hate vampires. Really, really, really hate them.

Throw me a fandom, any fandom. And a quote. Doesn't have to be anything to do with the fandom, just a hook. You can include character and pairing if you want.

Fandoms: All the usual, including vampires and Van Helsing and originals and what-have-you. Batman (Begins and DC), Star Wars, OUATIM, CLAMP, Tolkien, Kay, Discworld, anything I've ever written or described.

First 10 will get written before the bell tolls midnight.
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I'm stuck, stuck, stuck on the Van Helsing things.

Time for a kick start.

Give me a fandom and either a character, a pairing, an item, a title, or all of the above. Get a 100-word drabble in return.

No Van Helsing for obvious reasons, and also no CLAMP. Otherwise anything I'm vaguely familiar with is fair go. This includes Coldfire, Underworld, V for Vendetta (comic) and anything up to and including Night Watch (Russian version).

First 10 will get written today.

EDIT: *sweatdrop* 6 requesters so far, 4 of which want pr0n. Um. People?
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I totally should post something Star Wars related, except for the fact that I didn't realise posting my info in [ profile] imadra_blue's friending meme would lead to people actually friending me. So. Um. Probably not the right moment to mention the fact I haven't touched Star Wars with a ten foot pole in a long while.

Anyway, spent today trying to fic and failing. Current working-on-them-right-now list, just to motivate me tomorrow at work, because apparently I'm unable to write at home; at this rate I'll be able to write something I want to write around... hm, July?

- 3 Tanz der Vampire stories (trials of a vampire father, very twisted Dracula/Krolock and Herbertfic). All for [ profile] fyrie *expletive deleted*

- Vlad and Gabriel by the fire, for [ profile] ariss_tenoh, with sincere apologies for the delay

- Coldfire: Family Ties, possible vignettes, for Gerald Tarrant. Peskiest muse ever

- next set of Dooku drabbles for the [ profile] 1character prompts, and the Dooku-and-Obi-Wan fic, for [ profile] imadra_blue

- miscellaneous Dooku and non-Dooku fic for the SW people on the f-list because I'm feeling guilty

Oh, and on top of everything else I may be able to combine my obligations towards [ profile] fyrie, the Coldfire people and the Star Wars people in one fic. But I've a feeling it might get me a wee bit flamed =^.^=

In other news, GIP. *purrs*

EDIT: *headdesk* Completely forgot. [ profile] fyrie did it again. The next installment of her Buffy/Tanz crossover killed me even deader. Even if you don't know anything about Buffy or Tanz, if you have the slightest fondness for dominant vampires, for Lucifer's sake read this story.
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When you're on a diet, Fat Thursday sucks. So I coped by switching my allotted two 200-300 calorie meals to two rose-jam filling donuts and eating a faworek instead of the protein bar :>

I really don't understand how people can eat donuts that don't have rose-jam filling and candied orange peel on top, you know.

In other news, work killed me dead and Gerald Tarrant administered the coup de grace by deciding he doesn't feel like plodding through his conversation with Narilka again, but instead wants the first-time story I promised I'd write for him. Got a 1000 words of it done today, and they haven't even laid eyes on each other yet. Anyone want to take a very pushy muse off my hands?
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Eva Green is the new Bond girl. I'm quite amused, since I used an uglified (longer nose, narrower lips and eyes etc) version of her for the heroine of my NaNo. This reminds me - I should update that with the next bits. And plot the bits after that, after which there will be the grand finale that's mostly plotted, and finally Kirill and Rachel can go dancing.

Off to get myself in a Star Wars mood for a couple of requests. In the meantime, a meme from [ profile] daegaer:

Why did you give your fic that name? Are any of the titles I've used obscure? Ask, and all will be revealed, if I can remember what I meant by them!
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My Joss Whedon experience is spotty at best. I've watched most of Buffy Season 1, about two-thirds of Buffy seasons 2 and 3, Angel 1-3 and then three quarters of 5. The problem being, I now want to write a Buffy crossover that, for plot purposes, has to be set after Angel discovers the Shanshu thing. This puts it between Season 4 and Season 5 of Buffy. Hence, characterisation problems.

  • Willow's with Tara at that point and somewhat aware of her power, but at what stage of her transformation? Still geeky, Wicca girl, Terrible As The Dawn, somewhere in between?

  • What was Giles' status throughout season 4? Any changes in his character since season 3 that I should be aware of? And what was he doing for a living - I believe he only opened up the Magic Box in season 5?

  • And finally, I know what Spike was like at the time, but where was he living between Season 4 and Season 5? I saw mentions of a crypt, I suppose with Harmony tagging along?

I know there are Buffy fans on my f-list. I'm sadly deprived through lack of time and money to buy full seasons :( Help me out?
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The best part of Pride and Prejudice was the giggling around the cinema each time a male did something stupid. A very decent job of an adaptation, with some superior acting, though not exactly Oscar material on Keira's part.

In other news, I would like to take the opportunity to wish a very happy birthday to [ profile] ithilwen. Have a good one and may Himring's walls never fall!

Also, a resolution: I want to finish the PotO/Tanz crossover in time for Valentine's Day. Love is a major theme of it (especially since Krolock seems determined to guilt-trip me to hell), and I just want to sit down and write it.
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Creative-wise, I'm building up momentum to get past another pivotal action scene in Flowers (NaNo), polishing up the Christmas origific, and hopelessly stuck on Ara's Lorenzo thingie. To unblock everything, I'm planning a meta essay tomorrow, but shhh.

In the meantime, not-so-wildlife on the Sopot beach:

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It's been over a year now, since my writing-melody has stuck like a broken record. Okay, there have been some patches of cloudless skies (What Remains, Quintile, Memory(FeelIt)Now), but they have something in common: they're series of drabbles. I plot longer things, start to write them, but I do not finish them. I need to fix this stutter. I need a writing-catharsis, a typewritten epiphany, a free-flow marathon to make me forget about closed structures and filigree repetitions.

And look, it'll be November in no time at all.

I did it once, in 2003, ending up with 50,000 words that formed two-thirds of a rather good novel that still needs an ending and a place in the top 20 forum posters. In 2004 I started, then broke down as my ilness returned with a vengeance. Now it's 2005, and I don't want a plot, sense, rhyme nor reason. There will be castles and aristocrats, heather and magic and blood.

Since I don't plan for it to be publishable in print, I might even post it online.

Once more unto the breech.

NaNo or bust.

PS: My NaNo theme song for this year: INXS - Elegantly Wasted
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Dear Luke Skywalker, get out of my brain. I’m trying to write about the torrid affairs of your father, mother, mentor and assorted hangers-on, which will probably result in your not being born at all. Now is not the time to hang around and try to engage me in discussions on philosophy.

Dear Bruce&Ducard, please reappear. I have pr0n to finish, and the fact you’ve been ensconced in the attic for the past two weeks is getting in the way. Also, the neighbours are starting to complain about the noises.

Dear Sands, shut up. If I want running commentary from the personification of my id, I’ll ask for it. Also, you’re not getting fic at the moment, so live with it.

Dear Obi-Wan, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to break your brain the way I did. It’s not my fault if people keep making me think up bad things to happen to you – it doesn’t mean they will happen. At least, not all of them. Even though you look utterly adorable and ravishable with your brain broken like that, a fact Darth Jinn was all too quick to point out to me.

Dear all: just cooperate. Is that really so much to ask for?

(Also: am stuck on who will lose a hand in the Darth Jinn fic. It will not be Anakin, Obi-Wan’s not the hand-losing type, Jinn and Dooku both maintain you only lose limbs when you lose your cool, therefore excepting them from the proceedings, and the OCs are bit players. Um. Padme?)
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I've just gotten my hands on the first season of Clone Wars. Cartoon Network showed it dubbed here, and I just can't watch stuff I know in original dubbed, so I hadn't seen it before. This is less a review than a series of loose remarks and inspirations.

Overall: lovely characterization and design, great Star Wars fun. The two jarring things were some replaced voices and the fact that at times they overdid it at the bad-assedness of certain characters (Mace Windu, I'm looking at you). Still, mreeeow.

specifics and spoilers )

Now to fight certain servers and make them give me some Season 2.
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First of all, two points of interest. One: [ profile] guede_mazaka wrote a bijou Sin City/Constantine crossover. Go and bother her to write some more. Two: [ profile] temve, quite apart from being a very good writer, makes customized Qui-Gon figures that had me in stitches. Go and marvel.

But it’s not all fun and games in Beth’s head today...

The curse of Mary Sue

Any fanfiction reader worth their salt knows the basic way to tell Mary Sues from legitimate original characters (OCs). They’re perfect and have the same – or better – powers as the main characters. They are or become best friends, relatives or romantic interests of the main characters. The story revolves around them.

The case in point: Will to Act (working title), also known as the Darth Qui-Gon fic. And the fact it now has a cast of three original characters, all of them Sith and (ex)apprentices to either Qui-Gon or Dooku, and all of them at some moments driving the story forward. One’s even female – if she weren’t African-Corellian, a manipulative bitch and asexual, I’d have no hopes of escaping the Mary Sue bashers.

The problem is that they’re all needed. Will to Act is a large-scale retelling of AOTC and follows its dual narrative structure, so Qui-Gon has to take care of Obi-Wan’s quest. Dooku’s too busy on Geonosis to go chasing after Anakin and Padmé. And if there’s no-one to interfere there, that plotline will take its AOTC shape, which will be boring. Then there’s a large plothole in the end that needs a Sith Infiltrator to plug it up. This means at least two OCs are needed, plus a third for Obi-Wan’s emotional reasons.

Beyond that, each of the OCs serves as a foil for a canon character. Ador is a counterpoint for Anakin and Padmé, the one who puts strange and dangerous thoughts in their heads. Damay lets Qui-Gon and later also Padmé shine: he asks them questions and gives them opportunities to articulate their own thoughts. Est... okay, Est is a pain in the arse, but a cute one. And he’s got a total of three scenes so far, in one of which he gets Dooku to open up, which alone is worth keeping him.

My question: is this too much? I’m not afraid of original characters, but out of an eight-strong main cast three are OCs. I’m wondering if it’s worth it to get creatively invested in something people will dismiss as weak origific or Sith Mary Sues.

(Even though the Qui-Gon|Obi-Wan|Anakin dynamic I’ve got set up is absolutely delicious. With lots of manly touching, natch. Am thinking of pawning Padmé off on Ador and pushing these three into bed together.)
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Just a reminder, because some people friended me in recent days: you can still request a drabble. I want to build up a nice sheaf of requests so that I don't get stuck creatively at work :)

And in the same vein, the next round of The Pairing List That Ate Fandom is up; funnily enough, the last one went up a day after I took drabble requests a few months ago. What looks interesting in this batch:
Read more... )

In the meantime, today I wrote a bit from [ profile] selenak's old request. Richard Mayhew's a surprisingly nice POV to write from.
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I had a much better and fun idea for this, but I forgot Buffy was on today. Inca Mummy Girl won over PSP.

So let's keep it simple. Think of a:

- a fandom I'm familiar with
- a character
- a pairing
- a motif, object, theme, colour

Comment to this post with any or all of the above, and I'll do my best to write a drabble about it. No deadlines, because I'll be doing those between "real" fics, but hey. Feed me.
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I just saw Batman Begins again, in IMAX no less. Mmm, Liam with crystal-clear surround sound <3

random notes mostly for fic purposes )

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