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Photo is from her halfway house (she's a foundling rescued by a very nice cat lady). Milady is now exploring, while Lestat grumbles. *goes to hug furball the elder*
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Thank you everyone for the kind comments on my last post. Mourning is never easy, but we're managing. I'm afraid I'm not yet at the stage when I can answer them without crying.

It helps that there's still Lestat, the kindest, most golden-hearted feline vampire ever to walk the earth. He follows us around the flat, cuddles up with me at night, and each time we mention Tonio's name he looks around in frightened puzzlement. "Where is he? When is he coming back?"

(And there are other things. [ profile] fyrie sent an amazing Elisabeth gift. I had tickets, bought back in September, for a Disney concert with certain someones, and yesterday I both teared up at the wonderful orchestrations - Disney tugs on heart-strings like no other - and melted a little at having Krolock, in full Krolock mode if not in the costume, sing If I can't love her with thunder and lightning and swirling an invisible cloak. Tomorrow, I'm going to be seeing our Herbert sing Spamalot duets at himself. It all helps.)

We'll be going to the seaside for Christmas after all, leaving on Tuesday evening so that we can bury my darling at the lakeside cottage on Wednesday. I'll be back on Sunday evening, but since the grandparents have a net connection, I won't be fully absent.
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Antonio, the greatest of mad genius cats
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It's a month to Christmas, and most other December holidays. With Tonio's condition and twice-daily medication, it'll probably be the first Christmas in over twenty years that we spend at home. All this means that in addition to the usual gift shopping (all gifts from me for family members, and all their gifts for me, since they cannot possibly fathom what I would like to get), I have to look into acquiring Christmas decorations.

To help others with the gift-shopping task:
(Obligatory disclosure: I've known [ profile] astarise for over half a decade, and [ profile] jo_graham for a little less. The former bribes me with coffee, the latter with sneak peeks of her prose. The above is still meant with complete earnestness.)
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After five days of twice-daily IVs, my dearest Tonio's results are much improved. And so is he - annoyed about the cannula, surely, but shiny and happy and jumping and eating ♥ His vet says it's going very well, and while there will be twice daily IVs for another week, I'd do them for months if it meant I can keep his furry self this happy. I know it's a serious, lifetime condition, but one day, one week at a time - he's only six years old :)

(And I think I owe Tomomin a four-page letter full of "OMG your fanclub mail saved my sanity", only then she'll think I'm really insane...)

In other news, here's the Phantom and Rock Phantom on Youtube - sound only, but you can see why I was so happy with my Phantom, the first Phantom I ever saw live, mesmerising 1300 people with a single note :D
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My elder cat, Tonio, is six years old. He's never been the healthiest of cats, ever since we got him at five months old, so thin and wasted that the first vet mis-diagnosed his sex. He's also very traumatised and neurotic towards strangers, sudden noises etc, which doesn't stop him from being an absolute darling evil feline mastermind who demands cuddles and thinks way too much.

Coming back from my trip, I noticed he'd suddenly lost weight. I was also told he hadn't been eating dry food, and it was unlike him to go to sleep so soon after greeting us.

I had him at the vet's this morning for a blood test. By this afternoon, he's been seen by one of the best feline nephrologists in town, and he's had an ultrasound test.

Tonio has chronic renal failure. His kidney function is at 25%. He's apparently one of the cats that are just born with it: his kidneys have been quietly deteriorating all his life, it's just that this week, he tipped over the threshold and became symptomatic.

He's on twice-daily IVs, special food and special treatment. We won't know the prognosis until much later, depending on how he takes to treatment. But he's not going to be around for the decade or more I thought I had left with him.

It's been four and a half years since losing Lady P, and I still think about her. I want my cats to live until they're twenty-five.

(People I owe stuff to, especially packages: it'll be a few days.)
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As demanded, here are photos of my new lodger. As far as I've been able to determine, he is very much in looks and behaviour (squeaking) to a Norwegian Forest Cat, which means he'll be about 10kg when grown - right now he's 0.6kg of fluffy hairball. Oops?

Monsieur Fluffy )


May. 21st, 2008 09:18 pm
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Found a kitten on my doormat. Fluffy brown thing, six weeks old. Hellion on paws.

*eyes Tanz der Vampire collection* Can I call him Sanyi?

(Three cats. Argh. Gonna have to get a car.)
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I've been following [ profile] ru_cats_daily for a while now, because the artistic quality of the photos is stunning. This is today's, and oh, the story just writes itself:
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - meh. It felt like a series of disjointed illustrations. Good ones, mind you, but there was absolutely no plot to it. Details )

In other news, my older cat managed to scratch my younger cat in a way that left poor Lestat with a forming boil on his front paw and fever upwards of 40 C. Guess who'll have to get him to the vet's for antibiotic injections each morning through the next week :/
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I went to the cat show in the Blue City mall today. Ogled a lot of gorgeous kitties, did some shopping (Lestat is currently sprawled on my bed, blissed out on valerian and catnip) and took photos.

(And incidentally, I know there are a lot of strays that need rescuing like my two boys did. But one day, I want a great big white angora or Maine Coon to cuddle up with and put a diamond collar on.)

12 beautiful pedigree cats under this cut )
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Five weeks ago, I brought a small furball home.

Now the furball is bigger. Very much so.

Lestat the Teenage Vampire )
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Got the camera cable, and a rather decent SF novel, off M. Therefore, photos.

Lestat the Cat )

More about Lestat tomorrow, since his story's fairly worksafe. Let's just say there are some people I am going to kick if I ever meet them. Hard.
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I'm back, obviously.

I also have just under four pounds of fawn/tabby kitten.

The name is Lestat de Panthercourt, and it fits him to a T. If Lestat were reincarnated as a cat, this would be it.

Off to watch him bond with Tonio ^_^
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Not only does it generate proper mono/contrast/triad etc color schemes in a variety of saturations and lightnesses, but you can see how it'd look like to various kinds of colorblindness. This will certainly come in handy.

Color Scheme Generator

(Also, leaving in an hour. Back tomorrow with either Lestat or Mina de Panthercourt, because I still don't know what the kitten's gender is.)
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Yo. General enquiry here:

Female Parental Unit is going to be in San Francisco in two weeks, with a day or two free. She doesn't drive, though cabs are a possibility, and her interests mostly mirror mine apart from manga/anime. What's there for her to see, visit and/or shop at?

(And if anyone can point out good comic stores there, I would very much like to prepare a shopping list for her ^_^)

Also, I may possibly have a kitten. 300 km away, stripey, undertermined sex, apparently very cute. Lestat for a boy, Esme for a girl?
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It's been brought to my attention that despite the fact that during her time at the lakes, the Female Parental Unit got a lot of gorgeous feline photography done, I haven't mentioned it yet. So here they are - the two best-looking cats this side of the Milky Way.

lots and lots of pictures )

And if that's not enough feline goodness, see my encounter with the tree beach kittens here.
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This is long overdue: an exhibition of what a cute cat Tonio is:

kitty terror, in 7 pictures )
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Remember that swift last August?

I nearly bloody stepped on another one just now. It looks like it flew in through the same window, then sat quietly on the floor. Tonio was sitting next to it and sniffing it. The featherball didn't start screaming its beak off until I picked it up, then hightailed it as soon as we got to the balcony.

It's official. I have the most inept hunting cat in the world <3

(Also the world's stupidest swallows and swifts, but that was clear as soon as Lady P started catching them by the simple expedient of leaping vertically into the air. On the balcony. With not one, but about 40 bells on her collar. Damn, I miss her.)


Apr. 13th, 2005 07:44 pm
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No, not me this time. I got a lovely shot of my ickle feline vampire :D

Tonio in his lair of EVAL, aka under the duvet )


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