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Look! I managed four stories this year, though all are short, and written in a haze of sleep-deprived exhaustion. Theme of the year: AAAAAANGST.

Dance of Mirrors: Rudolf, Elisabeth, Death

For [ profile] hawkwolf who was my Santa before and requested focus on Rudolf and Elisabeth's relationship. This is very much musical-based, with less reference to how broken Rudolf was in real life. Their last Christmas, a last talk, a last decision. (Gen, mental illness themes.)

God and Chance: Les Miserables AU

The challenge was, more or less, "Fantine survives and marries Valjean". I managed to turn it into feminist angstfest deluxe, based mostly on the 25th Anniversary cast.

Radgeber für Verliebte: Tanz der Vampire

Again an irresistable (somewhat crack) prompt - Herbert pursuing Alfred with chivalrous rather than predatory tactics <3

At the Flip of a Coin - Downton Abbey AU for 2x08

I love the characters of Downton Abbey. I do not love the plot. This is a (short) attempt to make it more interesting, for [ profile] fyrie who as usual shares my opinions ^.^
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I'm still in studying hell (fingers crossed on Saturday, please!) but concert schedules have their own rhythm. I don't remember that much from the one on Monday, but that is mostly because I was fading with blood pressure swings. I hope they didn't think I was asleep ~.~ I did notice that Jakub had new photos in the background slideshow - including ones from the Oberhausen concert where they let him open the second act as Phantom. I just about fell over when I saw that part!

(It did feature the one and only Wenn Liebe in Dir Ist as a Sarah-Herbert duet, because our second Alfred skipped out at the last moment and Sarah was in the audience anyway.)

Other people's clips:

One Song Glory - I do like the take on the song.

Till I Hear You Sing Once More - ...yes, you're one of my favourite Phantoms, stop making me interested in Paint Never Dries!

And that goes double for you, dear girl.

I Dreamed a Dream - EDYTA ♥

A Heart Full of Love - driving home the point that he should have been in Les Mis.

And the greatest surprise: the ushers/stagehands, a pair of complete newcomers, looking both all of 16, and bringing the house down with Boote in der Nacht. Go kids!
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I'll have more remarks later (seeing the show twice over the next two weeks, natch), but for now, this is my first impression of the new Big Show In Town, Les Miserables.

Production )
Cast )

Les Mis PL

Sep. 26th, 2010 09:06 pm
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So. Let's say, hypothetically, that your absolute favourite got a first major role in a theatre in this city in four years. And let's say that this role is Javert in Les Miserables.

I am convinced that they added a dishevelled, grey-haired, Krolock-like Javert prowling the barricade and checking the faces of the corpses just for me.

(Good show. Fantastic show. Or the bits I can remember, because I kind of died after Stars and then again after the suicide. That, or I fainted from hyperventilating so much.)
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This is [ profile] fyrie's birthday present :) Totally inspired by the 25th Anniversary Tour, but it can also work in a book context.

Summary: Enjolras and Grantaire, in the night before the dawn

Paris at night was not silent. )
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So. Edinburgh Les Mis.

Set broke down. Projections were fantastic, they moved through the sewers! And the director, cast, or both, ship Enjolras/Grantaire. Lots. Including in Beggars at the Feast, where they were servants in the background stealing the whole scene, and stealing scenes from this particular set of Threnadiers was hard indeed.

Thanks to [ profile] fyrie's cheerleading, I got autographs from Threnadier, Grantaire (Enjolras walked out talking on his mobile, but gave us a wide grin), Eponine and Jean Valjean. So, yes. Good few minutes chatting to John Owen Jones, who is a lovely person with a voice that can blow the roof off.

Full review later. Once I actually remember the details. Good show. Dear heavens, good show.
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*falls over* NOT another Phantom-like disaster after all.

Yep, cast for Warsaw Les Mis is up.

Valjean - first place to guy I saw as Quasimodo in Notre Dame, who is lovely. Damian as Valjean II, but I can live with that as long as he's not first place. (I repeat - lovely guy, not a dramatic lead.) Third Valjean to ex-second Krolock, who's been working on his voice a lot since then.

Javert - see icon. I cannot express how delirious I am about this guy being back in Warsaw, in THIS role. (Our Koukol is second Javert and oh, he's lovely and he's going to be brilliant.)

Fantine - third Christine and girl who was Esmeralda. Brilliant. My favourite ex-Magda as second Fantine, also good.

Eponine - haven't seen the first girl in anything, but Malwina will be second ♥

Cosette - first Christine. I'm a fan. Second Christine is second Cosette

Marius and Enjolras - first Raoul, plus pop singer I like, and our Black Vampire up for second Enjolras while second Alfred is second Marius (I adore both of those to pieces)

Threnadier - second Phantom, who is a brilliant, brilliant character actor. Second cast is our second Abronsius who ended up doing most shows.

I may need ticket money ;)


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