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May. 7th, 2006 04:04 pm
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In between the thesis thing (which is slowly gaining momentum - I might actually get 10 pages done today), I'm browsing through YouTube, mostly looking at musical stuff, but not exclusively. My list of favourites is available here, but since it's cluttered, here are a few particularly worth watching:

A kickass and very well-vidded Van Helsing vid - from a now sadly defunct site, which is a pity, because I'd love to send feedback to the vidder.

La Fête des Fous - Bruno Pelletier in the musical Notre Dame de Paris. I like the way he moves.

Dracula - Nous sommes ce que nous sommes - worth watching, if only for Bruno Pelletier's outfit and makeup. My inner Draculea just about had a heart attack.

Gerard Butler auditioning for Dracula 2000 - OMG the hair is going to EET ME!

Elizabeth the musical, Japanese trailer - such pretty costumes, and the Death in this one is going to be von Krolock :D

John Owen-Jones, The Music of the Night - hands down my favourite Phantom. He has almost the exact same voice as Lukasz Dziedzic, too.

Tanz der Vampire - Unstillbare Gier. No words, none. If only Steve hadn't killed himself.
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First, [ profile] ariss_tenoh wrote a rather spifferific Van Helsing vignette for Yours Truly, featuring a deliciously evil Dracula: The Wingless. Evil in love is a fearsome sight to behold.

Second, [ profile] fyrie has finally finished the next present-day chapter of her ongoing oeuvre: Makes us stronger, in which the dust settles and Herbert is miffed. Go, read. I don't have to repeat my ravings about that series, do I? :)
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Look! [ profile] fyrie drew brilliant fanart for my Krolock and Lestat fic! Go and marvel and tell her how good she is!

And since I'm almost finished with the fake-title meme (and the two bits that are yet to be written will get their own post), here are the best bits from that and the blather-about-characters meme, the ones I want to put on my site sometime:

The Dark River: Obi-Wan and Dooku )

Von Krolock and Dracula )

Sirius meta )

Dream and Thessaly, from The Sandman )

In other news, I managed somehow to sign up for a multi-fandom Dracula essay for [ profile] idol_reflection. Due May 3rd, and for source material I'll probably use Prince of Many Faces and Dracula: The Dark Prince for historical Vlad, Bram Stoker, Murnau's Nosferatu if I can get it (Herzog's if I can't), Dracula 2000 as an example of a BAD vampire movie, Van Helsing and The Historian. Anything else you think I should include in my ravings on why Dracula freaking rocks?
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[ profile] fyrie wrote me a Van Helsing piece as revenge thanks for infecting her with a certain musical. It's Dracula's fall, short and bitter and human, as the actions of two angels define his fate.

Lucifer's Kiss
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Fandom: Van Helsing, brief mention of Tanz der Vampire
Length: 900+ words
Rating: PG
Summary: [ profile] ariss_tenoh is evil. Gabriel wants to sue for moral damages. Unashamed seasonal crackfic.
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. Though I wouldn't mind having Von Krolock :D

DECK THE HALLS, for [ profile] ariss_tenoh

Dracula does Christmas )
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Eurgh. Hence, meme, ganked from [ profile] selenak: 10 of my favourite characters and what kind of relationship I'd be likely to have with them.

Current and past favourites )
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[ profile] fyrie asked me for this a long time ago. I managed to use all elements of her challenge. 900 words.

Being a much-delayed gift or handsel for the lady [ profile] fyrie, with the author's apologies

It all starts with a letter )
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First: [ profile] selenak's Unnamed Padme and Palpatine ROTS fic rocks. Lovely Padme characterization with regard to Palpatine and Anakin.

Secondly, SW characters are still kicking my butt, especially Yan Dooku, who's far too defined for comfort. Honestly, I haven't had a muse this vivid since Sands. Hopefully he'll be nearly as vocal as Sheldon, too, because so far I have three outlines for him - the beginning of Qui-Gon's apprenticeship, a vignette set during TPM, and a series of vignettes set on Serenno between TPM and ROTS.

Thirdly, I've been sitting on this one far too long. A shameless plot-what-plot Van Helsing short, with not enough smut and bonus angelic origins. Writing this reminded why I don't do explicit lemons - because I keep getting distracted by everything from clothing to nitpicks like eye colour to the characters' sheer bloodymindedness. I'm still not too sure about the clothes, but I decided to just post it and be done with it.

Fandom: Van Helsing
Pairing: Gabriel/Dracula
Rating: R
Word count: 1650

The setting is my usual mix of historical facts and Van Helsing fiction, including Vlad as Dracula's given name. The whole thing is mostly [ profile] fyrie's fault, though the blame for the setting and writing lies squarely with me.

Unbetaed, unsure. Creative criticism and all other comments welcome.

The dancing game )
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For [ profile] ariss_tenoh, who asked for "A post-movie Gabriel/Dracula fic? With some kind of semi-happy ending." This goes off the end of Quintile: "Folk tales would have it that the soul took three days to leave, and then the dead could come back as a vampire, a shadow of its human self."


It took Dracula three nights to rise. Three nights to regain his strength. And three nights to find the hunter again.

Before the ninth dawn, his Gabriel stood at the shore of the Adriatic. The dim light woke blue and grey traces in the dark waters. The rocks of the coastline were uneven and sharp, forcing Dracula to pay attention to each step as he approached the other.

Gabriel kept his eyes on the west, imagining perhaps the faded grandeur that was Rome, on the far side of the sea. Dracula knew there were a hundred things he could say, from hurtful barbs to simple questions on memories lost, but he did not want to be the one to break the silence.

"Then the tales were true." Gabriel's voice was tight, brittle. "About vampires rising-"

"Yes." Dracula let his hand rest on Gabriel's shoulder.

Gabriel's hand covered his. The ring was a darker shadow in the pre-dawn mist. "Don't make me kill you again."

"If you do it three times, it becomes truth."

In other news: I'm battling the urge to write The Blind Dance, a Star Wars inter-trilogy detective novella. If I did write it, it would be half Vader's POV, half the POV of a wishy-washy idealistic young woman who only wants to do her dancing shtick, but is forced to serve as Vader's local expert during an investigation. Daine Jir (curse you, [ profile] murasaki99 and your brilliant writing ways :P) and Lorth Needa would also be making an appearance. Somebody stop me, please?
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For [ profile] shoiryu, who requested "Gabriel/Vladislaus... angelically!", a drabble and a half in 145 words. Plot point inspired by Hellblazer, though Hellblazer's Gabriel is a stuck-up git.


The first ray of sunlight falls on Gabriel's eyes, waking him. He sits up, reaches to the window. In his mind, memories.

The cold of the castle, the coarseness of the sheets are forgotten. Instead, he feels the brush of Raphael's wings, the heat of Michael's sword as they stood together. Watching the first light of the Word. Not looking at the empty place between Gabriel and Michael, where the brightest of them should have stood.

This is the way the sun shone over the ruins of Sodom. Over the bodies of the firstborn of Egypt. On the dark hair of a woman in Israel, when she smiled and cried at once, and Gabriel wanted to hug her, but he did not dare to.

For a moment, he remembers. Then Dracula's hands wrap around his shoulders, drawing him back into the darkness.

Gabriel falls gladly.

In other news, despite today's flood of posts, I have a headache the size of Gibraltar and 3 hours of Oracle Database administration ahead of me. Argh.
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I finally managed to bully my beta into giving this a once-over, so here it is. Five glimpses from the long history of Gabriel Van Helsing and Count Dracula.

Fandom: Van Helsing
Rating: PG
Pairing: shades of Gabriel+Dracula

Dedicated to [ profile] rackhamrose, for planting the seeds of this story.

A note of introduction: With the Valerious heritage, the screenwriters of Van Helsing deprived Vlad Draculya of all his real-world history - he couldn't be Prince if his father were still alive to curse him after his death. To have the best of both worlds, let us assume Dracula is the sister-son of the founder of the Valerious family instead of his son, and the old Dragon remains Dracula's father.

Quintile (Five of Pentacles) )
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Fandom: Phantom of the Opera (musical)/Van Helsing
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Christine Daaé, Dracula

Dedicated to: [ profile] rackhamrose. Not quite what you asked for, but it's what Christine and Vladislaus decided they wanted to do.


by Beth Winter (bwinter at

Christine gets lost. Dracula goes out hunting. )

Roughly 1000 words, written in two hours, during two different lectures, while I also took notes for said lectures. Beta-ed by my parental unit <3
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Right. I saw Van Helsing today.

Overall? The plot could be used as a sieve, but the acting, visuals and music are worth it.

Details and spoilers )

Other news: Fingon's angsting, Maedhros' playing pachinko, Thranduil has a ko-gyaru girlfriend.


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