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I do think fannish activity centres are moving to Tumblr, and I never posted that much about real life. Especially when it tries to eat me, like it did throughout the last month. Last week was egregious, with a 14-hour day to cap it, so I'm looking forward to a slightly lighter schedule.

And for those interested - I managed to get the muse kick-started. Thus far, four longhand pages of a Doctor Who/Avengers crossover, wherein Steve has a Type, Tony Relates, and Thor cannot believe fairytales are real.
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In brief:

Game of Thrones - I didn't read the books, and I think that might be why I'm so repelled; I don't know who those people are, and instead of making me care (with the exception of small humanising moments for Clan Stark), HBO's going through the predictable checklist of "let's shock people!!!" that made me stop watching True Blood, combined with stock political fantasy material. Unless the second episode presents a dramatic departure, that'll be it for me.

The Borgias - This, on the other hand, I like lots. My kind of murderous priests, and the storytelling is aces ♥ Doesn't hurt that Jeremy Irons is having the time of his life, and Cesare-guy is adorable when he goes all threatening. (And the women - Giulia Farnese in particular, possibly the first time in American television I've seen the other woman done as a sympathetic character.)

Castle - Still watching, still enjoying :) This and Mentalist remain my mostly-mindless entertainment shows. (And White Collar, when it's on.)

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...I'd ask people to name my inspirations for the OCs if they weren't painfully obvious. For the record, never let Ayami Haya into your story if you don't want her taking over and putting her hands on the lead.

Title: In the spotlight

Fandom: Doctor Who (11 era)
Characters: Amy, Rory, Eleven, OCs and OGs
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.

Summary: When she's hauled in front of a planetary overlord, with the Doctor and Rory thrown into a dungeon, Amy has to rely on her wits to get off the planet.
Notes: All resemblance between OCs and real people is mostly intentional.
Word Count: ~6,000
Poster by: [ profile] fyrie

Amy Pond didn't deal well with planetary overlords. )

Commemorative show programme (warning: 400KB image)
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For the record: the one reason I adore the new Who Christmas special beyond compare is because of its quotableness. ELEVEN.

Case in point:

Eleven: "You'll find I'm universally recognised as a responsible adult."
Kid: "'s just a lot of wavy lines."
Eleven: "It's shorted out. Finally, a lie too big."

(I think I need to write more Eleven just because of the babble. I LOVE writing babble.)
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I love Steven Moffat.

That is all.
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Like all Doctor Who watchers I’m currently on tenterhooks between the final two episodes. (We love Steven Moffat, don’t we?) Which means that it’s a good moment to mention in this LJ that yes, I’m watching Doctor Who now.

As usual, it’s all [ profile] fyrie’s fault. She mentioned the floppy hair, the quirkiness and the SF, and I was hooked from the first episode on. I also inhaled the backlog of the new series from Nine onwards over something like a month, but more on that on a different occasion.

For now, Eleven.

Episode by episode, with some spoilers )

The characters )

I think this is what impresses me so much about this season altogether. It feels like Season 2 or 3 of Babylon 5, only even tighter, even more intricate. No throwaway lines, no throwaway angles, all a solid whole.

I never expected to be a Doctor Who fan.


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