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As an end to a hellish half-week, I'm at the office at noon on a Saturday. No time like the present...

To reiterate, meme rules:

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.

Arabwel: Once Upon a Time in Mexico as done by Tolkien )

Trobadora: Coldfire superhero AU )

RKold: CCD in a Gundam/Space Soap Opera type AU )

Sukeban: Pirates of the Caribbean in the Middle Earth )

That's enough for today, since I'm through with the reports as well :) Other four to be done later.
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Sometimes, life makes me feel like stabbing someone in the gut. Since that would be unprofessional, instead I have to withstand the same sensation from my own body as it gives under the stress.

At times like these, I find it calming to think that nothing lasts forever, and that I always have writing to turn to. I've been worried over the past year or so, as my creative output all but dried up and I could not even get the motivation to write on request. I'm amazingly grateful to [ profile] penknife and [ profile] mireille719 for [ profile] lgbtfest, which dealt with my fears nicely.

There's nothing like finding that a fresh issue to explore and toy with (and one that has interested me for half a lifetime - genderqueerness and gender identity). And most of all, there is nothing like writing stories for an audience that is 100% disparate from my LJ acquaintances - and getting positive reviews. It makes me believe that I can go somewhere with my writing; that apart from style, I have substance, original characters and emotional arcs.

(Plot will be the next thing I'll work on. I promise :P)

I missed two deadlines for this fic, but got it in just under the wire once I stopped fighting the characters about its direction:

Marching Orders - Discworld, Polly and Maladicta - The next war, and where they take it

(3,000 words, 2 days. Yes, I've still got it.)
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I signed up for Yuletide, which means a week and a bit of waiting with bated breath until I get my assignment. And then there's the fact Takarazuka Moon Troupe will be in London in January and I may end up glomping vampires, Deaths and Japanese crossdressers all in one week, but that also requires waiting for dates and details to go up.

To help me wait, I stole an idea from [ profile] alighiera and [ profile] ariss_tenoh, to take advantage of my good Yuletide karma and the urge to WRITE something. It's been a while:

1. Make at least three requests from different fandoms, for original stories, or a mixture of both. Optionally, in addition give me characters and/or a setting, a plot, a situation or some other kind of prompt. If you make a request for something original, give me a prompt of some kind in any case. A setting, plot, even a word.

2. If there's something you absolutely want (or don't want) to see in your story, tell me.

3. Fandoms I can write:
All I've ever written and most I've read )

I'll take all requests posted here before Yuletide assignments go out (a few days after October 18). I'll post all fic before December 6, St Nick's. Each story will be 500 words, minimum.

Comments are screened so you take your chances :)

(Also: yes, original includes That RPG. And if you know anyone looking for fic in any of those fandoms, feel free to pimp. I want to write!)
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Several work-related things are giving me enough (positive) stress to make my guts turn somersaults. In an attempt to distract myself, a meme swiped from [ profile] ninjatrauma and an abject plea for participation.

Comment with two characters I write, and I'll write you their first kiss. It may be just an idea, a sentence, or an entire fic.

Any fandom I've ever participated in, or just watched, too :)
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*flops* I wrote most of these twice, because my scratchbook file got corrupted.

For [ profile] shineko: Pirates of the Caribbean, 100 words

Guidance )

For [ profile] ciciaye: Angel the Series, 100 words

Vanity Varnish )

For [ profile] elefwin: Star Wars, 130 words

Silent )

For [ profile] fyrie: Phantom of the Opera, 114 words, same universe as Singing Songs In My Head

Hide Your Face )

For [ profile] kyrre: Batman Begins, 125 words

Communicativa )

For [ profile] alice_montrose: Roses for Lucifer, 160 words

Practical Applications )

Bonus question: Can someone give me an Elisabeth idea, preferably something featuring Sisi herself with a side of Death? She wants fic, I'm fresh out of bunnies.
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Note to self: add tags later. No bloody time. A net cafe's harder to find in Gdansk than in freaking Stezyca!

For [ profile] alighiera: Van Helsing


For [ profile] arabwel: Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Vanity )

For [ profile] fuumasfrog: Pirates of the Caribbean

Sisterhood )
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Give me a character and an object or place, please? No Coldfire. First three will get done today.
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For [ profile] fyrie, who needs the cheering-up, and gave me the spiffiest birthday present :) (And yes, it was vampire threeway pr0n. Predictable, aren't I?)

Fandom: Tanz der Vampire
Pairing: Von Krolock/pageboy
Rating: PG
Warning: Von Krolock POV. I.e. graphomania galore.

Dass seine Trauer mir das Herz nicht brach, kann ich mich nicht verzeihn )
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A much better day today, and it turns out that I'll probably be leaving tomorrow evening, salvaging half a day of lakeside vacation. In the meantime, the second batch of request drabbles, for the fandom that ate my brain:

For [ profile] fyrie, who rocks, Sarah, Alfred and pink ribbon:
Settled debts )

For [ profile] hotbeast, Herbert, von Krolock and a cell phone:
The virtues of technology )

For [ profile] ciciaye, hair curlers:
Frustrations )
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From the requests I took a few days ago:

For [ profile] trobadora: Ocean waves

Strange Aeons )

For [ profile] alice_montrose: Gerald's sword

Up to Par )

For [ profile] mariem_1: the coronet of Merentha

Legacy )

For [ profile] fuumasfrog: bathtub

Heat )
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The characters I picked: Coldfire, Star Wars, X, Batman, Tanz, others )

Answers to questions and speculation )

Also, [ profile] fyrie has a new chapter up. Per Ipsum is another prequel, this time what happens when Angelus really ticks people off. As always, she manages to make me squee to no end. Herbert+Spike=OTP^Infinity.
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*eyedart* I hate vampires. Really, really, really hate them.

Throw me a fandom, any fandom. And a quote. Doesn't have to be anything to do with the fandom, just a hook. You can include character and pairing if you want.

Fandoms: All the usual, including vampires and Van Helsing and originals and what-have-you. Batman (Begins and DC), Star Wars, OUATIM, CLAMP, Tolkien, Kay, Discworld, anything I've ever written or described.

First 10 will get written before the bell tolls midnight.
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The last batch of the request drabbles from two weeks ago, though [ profile] fyrie's turned into something much closer to a full story. I still owe Van Helsing to two people, and am still working on it. Incidentally, it's not that I haven't been writing fiction lately: I have, but it's a long Tanz der Vampire series that will need to be posted (and read) in order, and is still missing the first two installments.

For [ profile] azarias: Bruce Wayne as a Jedi Sith apprentice. Part of the Will to Act verse.

Truth and the Bat, 200 words )

For [ profile] fyrie, Viktor from Underworld meets Draculea. Incidentally, apart from another drabble where Draculea muscled in while it was supposed to be VH!Vlad, this is the first formal posted outing of Draculea, also known as my historical!vampire!Dracula.

For all the Sultan's gold, 670 words )
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I should have known better than to offer drabbles to a fic-starved fandom with so many plotbunniers on my f-list, really :) In order of appearance, for [ profile] alighiera, [ profile] alice_montrose, [ profile] fuumasfrog and [ profile] trobadora.


Gerald and Damien on a horizontal surface )


Gerald in a Knight of the Order of the Flame robe, for nefarious purposes )


Gerald cares about his clothing very much )


There are still old artefacts on Erna )
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*looks at the last post and its 100+ comments, of which most aren't between myself and [ profile] fyrie* I do write other things than vampires and Coldfire, you know. Alas, these are the weakest ones of today's batch...

Sandman, Death and Destruction )

OUATIM, Lorenzo and a stuffed toy )

BTW, drabble requests still open, with modifications. Namely, no vampires except maybe Underworld, and no Coldfire :P C'mon, people - Star Wars? Batman Begins? Tolkien? Anyone? Bueller?
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I'm stuck, stuck, stuck on the Van Helsing things.

Time for a kick start.

Give me a fandom and either a character, a pairing, an item, a title, or all of the above. Get a 100-word drabble in return.

No Van Helsing for obvious reasons, and also no CLAMP. Otherwise anything I'm vaguely familiar with is fair go. This includes Coldfire, Underworld, V for Vendetta (comic) and anything up to and including Night Watch (Russian version).

First 10 will get written today.

EDIT: *sweatdrop* 6 requesters so far, 4 of which want pr0n. Um. People?
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First of all, happy International Women's Day!

Second, wtf's up with all the lists of OMGexpertise on [ profile] little_details? Paging the mods, someone needs to put that comm on moderated for a day or two.

Third, yesterday. Okay, I fell asleep at 9.30 PM and slept until morning :P So instead, there are two drabbles today.

For [ profile] alighiera, part of the fake-title challenge (though she didn't give me an actual title): Coldfire, shipboard, Gerald and Damien killing time.

Novatlantis, Dead of Night, 350 words )

EDIT: Second version, canon-correct this time:
Novatlantis, Dead of Night, 350 words )

For [ profile] alice_montrose, part of the Vampire Celebration: Tanz der Vampire, Herbert, Alfred and stockings.

The Dressing-room Dilemma, 150 words )
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Completely not in order of requests due to various muses being on the lam, this one's for [ profile] ciciaye who wanted Lestat and Von Krolock. Vampire Chronicles versus Tanz der Vampire, or how to give Elton John a heart attack in 725 words.

By the way, this is Vienna!Krolock, largely because my Warsaw!Krolock has buggered off to play chess with Gerald Tarrant. Style due in equal parts to Elizabeth Kostova (re-reading The Historian in English this time, natch) and Anne Rice.

No knowledge of Tanz required. Familiarity with The Vampire Lestat recommended.

The Wolf in Ruin )
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Stolen from far too many people on the f-list, which probably means I won't get comments...

If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with details of those non-written stories. Just think of the possibilities! (If you'd like to include details you'd like, pairings or fandom or something, do that too.)

And hey, a twist to it: I'll actually write snippets of those nonexistent fics for you :>


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