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It's true spring today, and there are flowers in the park. There weren't any a week ago, and now there are croci and ducks and peacocks. Springtime.

Happy symbolic spring holidays to everyone.

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First of all, a very happy birthday to [ profile] pinkdormouse :)

Thursday morning, I'm off to Berlin for four days - back on Sunday evening. Shopping, sightseeing, and possibly a dancing vampire or two ;) The weather forecast isn't looking too good, but since the heatwave has been pushed back in forecasts over the last few days, I'm hoping the bleak skies and rain will hold until I get back.

And with my new milk frother, I've completed the set of appliances that lets me prepare a Wiener Melange coffee - or a latte if the fancy strikes me - in the privacy of my own house. This will save me a fortune in coffeehouse bills.
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I'm almost done with my vacation - the train back to Warsaw is tomorrow afternoon. All in all, I think 7 days was an ample amount of time for Vienna, because I got to all the museums I wanted to, and over the past two days my feet have started to hurt a lot :)

To blog about in the next few days: photos (800 and counting), Tanz der Vampire anniversary concert, Rebecca (new musical by Kunze&Levay, starring Uwe Kroger, Wietske van Tongeren and the amazing Susan Rigvava-Dumas) and Die Fledermaus at the Volksoper. I think I can chalk this one up as a productive holiday.

Also, retroactive and advance wishes of very happy birthdays to: [ profile] moustachios, [ profile] artela, [ profile] flamebyrd and [ profile] shoiryu. Please forgive my Vienna-induced absent-mindedness!

(Oh, and met up with [ profile] alighiera today for a few hours of musical geekage. And Melange and Apfelstrudel, which I'm starting to be addicted to. Can anybody tell me how to make Melange at home?)
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I didn't feel up to sending cards this year, but hey, 21st century.

If I don't have your mobile (cell) phone number, leave yours as a comment here and I might just send you a text for Christmas, New Year or both. All comments are screened :)
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It helps that we sent off the report to the client ;) Got new things on the desk, but much less bothersome. Therefore, I'm home at a decent hour and can be social.

A very happy birthday to [ profile] astarise, [ profile] ladyoz and [ profile] _leareth :) And hey, one out of three is on time. Go me.

Also, [ profile] lamath is a saint. Just so you know.

And happy St Nicholas Day to everyone. Normal people get chocolate. I got a crystal ball and a vampiric Christmas ornament. With a crystal ball on it. Yay.
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Seems that about once a week, I remember I still have an LJ ;) What time of mine isn't eaten by work is consumed by [ profile] fyrie and our menagerie of original characters.

On the good news front, the postal strike is on hold and this means I got my mail - [ profile] alighiera's card and [ profile] valancystar's package both made me suitably bouncy :) As did's new promotional delivery charge of 6 euro per shipment of anything. I need to order Christmas presents :D

Bad news? Still haven't started the Yuletide fic due to work obligations and not having finished reacquainting myself with the source material (see: work obligations). Less than three weeks until deadline :S

And a very happy birthday to [ profile] merentha :)
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A week without an entry, but not for any emo reason. Just busy at work.

Managed to miss [ profile] imadra_blue and [ profile] moodpoisoning's birthdays though - sorry girls, and my best wishes :)

Postal rant )
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Sickness and general stress are playing havoc with my brain. This would be my excuse for forgetting the birthdays of:

[ profile] tiamatschild
[ profile] malike
[ profile] selenak
[ profile] rikarna
[ profile] greektoomey

I'd offer apologetic cake, but it'd probably just pass on my plague ~_~

In other news, technology frustration continues. Bought a microphone, but it records abysmally and I can't return it, only exchange it...
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Had coffee with [ profile] maggiehoneybite, who's alive and well. [ profile] trixie_chick wrote me a lovely Yami no Matsuei drabble :). And look, this meme's going around again. Anyone?

If you've ever watched your favorite DVDs, and then found yourself eager to hear exactly what the actors, directors, writers and even production designers thought about making the episode, the movie, or whatever - you'll know sometimes the best parts of DVDs are hearing the commentaries. Getting into an actor's feelings about the character they play, getting the background behind a writer's plans and metaphors, even just getting the stupid anecdotal stuff that makes you laugh, it's all good.

Ask me about any story, and I'll do a DVD commentary for it! Satisfy your curiosity!

(List of fics here and earlier stuff at the site.)
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Just sticking it here so that I don't forget, but anyone's welcome to try it. This is Grandmother's foolproof gingerbread recipe. This stuff lasts ages, is very easy on the stomach and tastes divine :)

Easy Gingerbread )

Also, a very happy birthday to [ profile] assimbya :)
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] peaceinshadows, [ profile] penknife, and in advance to [ profile] rabidfangurl and [ profile] _hypatia_. Because despite appearances, I really can't make it to the net cafe every day :P The last three have been coincidental.

Almost gone

Aug. 6th, 2006 02:20 pm
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Leaving tomorrow morning for the lakeside, back on the 20th or so. I'll try to get to net caf├ęs in a timely manner, but can't promise anything. Mail if urgent.

I've been reading [ profile] limyaael's rants and liking them a lot - for some reason they woke up an original character of mine who'll eventually feature in a fantasy novel.

*waves to all of [ profile] hotbeast's friends, who should be checking out this LJ* Fics under the "fanfiction" tag, people...

Oh, and apparently I'll be acquiring a [ profile] fyrie again at the end of September, for purposes of vampires and small-stage Phantom of the Opera. Incidentally, if anyone's interested in the latter, shows start on September 16th.
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Due to thesis formalities, I won't be leaving until at least Tuesday afternoon, most probably Wednesday morning. I'm also rather shaken, though it all came together well. If I have to stay in town throughout my birthday to defend this bloody thing, I shall be rather upset, though. I was looking forward to relaxing and forgetting about the last three years' worth of stress, because yes, that's how long it's been since I had a proper vacation.

Also a very happy birthday to [ profile] tehta :)
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First of all, a very happy birthday to [ profile] trixie_chick!

Second, [ profile] pinkdormouse wrote some very interesting remarks on things one must consider in writing sex and relationships. And not the usual anatomical advice, but things like whether it's plausible for someone in the eighties to be wearing silk boxer shorts. Check it out!

Third, I've been lax in my pimping of [ profile] fyrie's Carpe Noctem series. If you've forgotten or are just now joining us, this is a delightful romantic soap opera that manages to combine Buffy, Tanz der Vampire (or the two main vampires thereof - no knowledge of Tanz necessary), and excellent writing. She also breaks my brain at least every other chapter. The last I recced was the delightfully brain-breaking Contact, which is followed now by Vampires on a Plane!, in which Herbert descends to new lows. Reason for said lows is explained in the new prequel, Over Troubled Waters.

Today will be spammy, since I'm leaving tomorrow for two weeks at the lakes. In case you're interested, I did finish the thesis and celebrated by attending a bonfire/picnic type thing, at which I ran into a friend of [ profile] hotbeast's and other people In The Know. Four slashers stumbling around a pitch-dark forest at 1AM and using a cell phone with a Harry/Draco wallpaper as a torch is an interesting sight.
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I don't remember which was the latest part of [ profile] fyrie's vampire soap opera epic that I pimped, but Contact is hotter than fresh lava, terribly wicked and apparently I, rather than her, am going to hell for it. Even if you just read the first scene, read it. It outkinked me completely, and I still had to go find my fan.

Also, a very happy birthday to [ profile] luinar today and [ profile] jehzavere tomorrow :)
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] shineko - many happy returns! :D

Also, some quotes that have been amusing me lately:

[ profile] astarise, as von Krolock appears in the cemetary scene: Jesus, he's so pretty! ^_^

Mike, my 14-year-old nephew, as I examine a pendant chain: I like that one. It's sturdy. You can tie people up with it.

Mike, after the first act of Tanz der Vampire: A gay vampire? How cool is that??? XD

It seems that after a period of obnoxiousness, my nephew is starting to show the family traits. I am rather proud of him. Especially since he spent the next 24 hours humming various songs from the musical.
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] fyrie :) And do you know it's a year and 4 days since our first contact online? (Not to mention two months and two weeks since you first mentioned the idea for Carpe :D) *snugs her partner in crime*

And people. Remember that awesome vampire soap opera melodramatic relationship series she's writing? Go read the newest installments: Divergence and Things Fall Apart. Coming up: the story that, back in early April, traumatised my Herbert beyond belief.
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Eeep! Happy birthday, [ profile] applegnat! Many happy returns, and please don't mind my idiocy, because that's twice now that I've meant to do birthday posts for the whole day only to go to sleep without posting them.

Here, look. Even Herbert's laughing at me.

Then again, he laughs easily... )
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In contrast to yesterday's snarling:

- The fact that after 5 years of wobbling between UK size 18 and 14, I'm wearing size 12 trousers. I'm 5'10", so this is NOT a plus size.

- K discovered the secret coffee machine where you can get the kind of coffee they serve to clients. Mmm, caffeined goodness.

- It's [ profile] amamiyarin's birthday today, and I don't even want to know how long it's been that I've known her :D

- Coldfire status: I now know what Narilka's on about in the long thingie, am way past the action scene in the short thingie, and have 5 drabble ideas :S

Also, I saw Cats today. It's no Tanz - no story, not much emotion really - but damn if it isn't cute. The Warsaw version is gorgeous, terribly professional, mad ballet skillz and not one but two actual famous opera tenors (as Old Deuteronomy and Gus). And check out the original costumes! They're amazing.

*looks at the musical-loving portion of the f-list* Guys, would anyone happen to have an mp3 of Steve Barton as Munkustrap, by any chance? ^_^
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I know it's late, but in this backwater, Brokeback Mountain just premiered yesterday.

I think this movie can be summed up by three sentences: Wyoming is pretty. Jack is pretty. Ennis is dumb.

I can't point to any particular scenes or points that clenched it for me, but I liked it. There's a timelessness to it that makes it a story of star-crossed lovers, period, not particularly tied to any period of time or space except maybe the macho mythos of men-don't-cry and extrapolating from that, men-don't-have-any-emotions-except-anger (see: Men Are Dumb). It felt soft and quiet and real, and I walked out of the cinema with a sad smile.

(Also: this is the director of Hulk and the star of A Knight's Tale. Just for the transformations, Oscars for both of them, please :>)

In other news: a very happy belated birthday to [ profile] kiraboshi - sorry luv, completely slipped my mind :S


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