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I first noticed Bruno Pelletier in Notre Dame de Paris, as recommended by [ profile] fyrie, about two years ago. On Youtube, there were clips of him doing various things, including appearing in something that looked... strange. The music was great, the French lyrics had vivid imagery, but the costumes? The flames? I googled it and came up with Dracula: Entre l'amour et la mort.

The CD has been out for a long time, and it gets regular airtime in my house. The DVD of the musical was recorded in November 2006 and came out last month. I now have it in my hands and all I can say is: Whoa. This is what a Dracula musical should be.

Rambling review, hampered by my half-fluent French )

And some Youtube clips to whet your appetite:

Dracula and Lucy's meeting (promotional video)

Concert version of the philosophical discussion between Dracula, Jonathan and Renfield

Digest of DVD scenes
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*flops* I wrote most of these twice, because my scratchbook file got corrupted.

For [ profile] shineko: Pirates of the Caribbean, 100 words

Guidance )

For [ profile] ciciaye: Angel the Series, 100 words

Vanity Varnish )

For [ profile] elefwin: Star Wars, 130 words

Silent )

For [ profile] fyrie: Phantom of the Opera, 114 words, same universe as Singing Songs In My Head

Hide Your Face )

For [ profile] kyrre: Batman Begins, 125 words

Communicativa )

For [ profile] alice_montrose: Roses for Lucifer, 160 words

Practical Applications )

Bonus question: Can someone give me an Elisabeth idea, preferably something featuring Sisi herself with a side of Death? She wants fic, I'm fresh out of bunnies.

Video spam

May. 7th, 2006 04:04 pm
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In between the thesis thing (which is slowly gaining momentum - I might actually get 10 pages done today), I'm browsing through YouTube, mostly looking at musical stuff, but not exclusively. My list of favourites is available here, but since it's cluttered, here are a few particularly worth watching:

A kickass and very well-vidded Van Helsing vid - from a now sadly defunct site, which is a pity, because I'd love to send feedback to the vidder.

La Fête des Fous - Bruno Pelletier in the musical Notre Dame de Paris. I like the way he moves.

Dracula - Nous sommes ce que nous sommes - worth watching, if only for Bruno Pelletier's outfit and makeup. My inner Draculea just about had a heart attack.

Gerard Butler auditioning for Dracula 2000 - OMG the hair is going to EET ME!

Elizabeth the musical, Japanese trailer - such pretty costumes, and the Death in this one is going to be von Krolock :D

John Owen-Jones, The Music of the Night - hands down my favourite Phantom. He has almost the exact same voice as Lukasz Dziedzic, too.

Tanz der Vampire - Unstillbare Gier. No words, none. If only Steve hadn't killed himself.
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Over the past few days, I've been re-reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. I've managed to misplace my old copy, so I acquired a new one - the 2003 Penguin Classics edition with new prefaces by Maurice Hindle and Christopher Frayling. All in all, I recommend this edition, as the prefaces and the information they give on Stoker himself are quite enlighting.

Musings on the prefaces and the book itself; mostly character-oriented )

In other news, I'm still in thesis-land. Do not taunt on pain of being crushed with motorways and rail links and airports, all constructed cheaply and efficiently with hybrid PPP financing structures. Yo.
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The last batch of the request drabbles from two weeks ago, though [ profile] fyrie's turned into something much closer to a full story. I still owe Van Helsing to two people, and am still working on it. Incidentally, it's not that I haven't been writing fiction lately: I have, but it's a long Tanz der Vampire series that will need to be posted (and read) in order, and is still missing the first two installments.

For [ profile] azarias: Bruce Wayne as a Jedi Sith apprentice. Part of the Will to Act verse.

Truth and the Bat, 200 words )

For [ profile] fyrie, Viktor from Underworld meets Draculea. Incidentally, apart from another drabble where Draculea muscled in while it was supposed to be VH!Vlad, this is the first formal posted outing of Draculea, also known as my historical!vampire!Dracula.

For all the Sultan's gold, 670 words )
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Look! [ profile] fyrie drew brilliant fanart for my Krolock and Lestat fic! Go and marvel and tell her how good she is!

And since I'm almost finished with the fake-title meme (and the two bits that are yet to be written will get their own post), here are the best bits from that and the blather-about-characters meme, the ones I want to put on my site sometime:

The Dark River: Obi-Wan and Dooku )

Von Krolock and Dracula )

Sirius meta )

Dream and Thessaly, from The Sandman )

In other news, I managed somehow to sign up for a multi-fandom Dracula essay for [ profile] idol_reflection. Due May 3rd, and for source material I'll probably use Prince of Many Faces and Dracula: The Dark Prince for historical Vlad, Bram Stoker, Murnau's Nosferatu if I can get it (Herzog's if I can't), Dracula 2000 as an example of a BAD vampire movie, Van Helsing and The Historian. Anything else you think I should include in my ravings on why Dracula freaking rocks?
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One of my shames is that I've yet to see Murnau's original Nosferatu. I've got a vague idea of catching it at the artsy cinema, where they sometimes show silent movies with live piano music. For the meantime, the local Cosmo equivalent came packaged with a DVD of Herzog's remake a few months ago, and since my exam didn't happen (argh), I watched it today.

It's such a quiet, unearthly movie. The light and shadow play is very much inspired by Murnau. The soundtrack compliments the visuals beautifully - the scene where the plague-stricken people dance as a mournful hymn plays out is unearthly. The sheer contrast - Lucy (in this version, Jonathan's wife) looks like a vampire, pale and black-clad, and yet it's the people she passes, dancing and joyful, who are the ones condemned to death.

Kinski's Dracula is a mite too crazy at times, but then he catches the rhythm and is appropriately spellbinding, quite an accomplishment in that makeup. I didn't much care for Bruno Ganz as Harker, except at the end, but I was surprised at how much I liked Isabelle Adjani's performance. I was afraid her Lucy would turn out to be a will-less victim, and I couldn't have been more wrong.

Come to think of it, this is a surprisingly feminist movie.

Also, a guy looking like that has absolutely no business being hot, but somehow his scene with Lucy was scorching. Something about their hands...

(Note: the version I saw was the German-language one. The English one consists of entirely different "speaking" takes.)
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Some people think gay people should stay out of politics

Let's just say that all my muses hold the author in equal contempt, including historical!Dracula (not to be confused with historical!Roxula), who's as homophobic as they come, but still agrees that the bisexual sultan Mehmed II was a kickass war leader.

Meme ganked from [ profile] shezan:

Name a CD you own that you think no-one else on your friendslist does:
Polish ones wouldn't be fair, so... HIM, Greatest Love Songs vol. 666. Mmm, love metal covers of pop hits :D

Name a book you own that you think no-one else on your friendslist does:
Erberto Petoia, "Werewolves and Vampires". A lovely resource on Balkan folklore, but I think it was ever only published in Italian and Polish.

Name a movie you own on DVD/VHS/whatever that you think no-one else on your friendslist does:
Kindred: The Embraced was a TV show, but I do have the DVD.

Name a place that you have visited that you think no-one else on your friendslist has:
Wetlina in the Bieszczady mountains? *looks at the Polish portion of the f-list*

Name a piece of technology or any sort of tool you own that you think no-one else on your friendslist has:
No idea, actually. I'm probably the only person with a Caran d'Ache fountain pen...
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Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian

It's 1972 and a young girl finds a book in her father's library - a blank book with a single plate of a dragon holding the words "Dracula". When she asks her father about it, in bits and pieces she learns the story of her father, mother and grandfather, and the search that directed their lives - a search of ancient manuscripts and old Balkan monasteries, a search that leads them back five hundred years to the winter of 1476 and a monastery on an island. And the story has not finished yet.

This is a book I can recommend to any Dracula fan in general, as well as to fans of Victorian novels. The structure is parallel, intricate and layered, the descriptions are gorgeous and the Dracula lore is lovingly presented. The plot moves slowly, but surely, and there's a real atmosphere of elegantly presented danger, a restrained Victorian kind without gore or gratuituous horrific imagery. It's a quiet book for reading when you have a headache and need to go somewhere else entirely. Plus, while Dracula is mostly present in spirit, his appearances are lovingly described and dovetail with my inner!Vlad in intensity and cruelty and vision.

It's not perfect - the pacing is off at times, and the ending in particular suffers a bit. Some characters aren't explored as much as they could be, and other plotlines disappear into the void. But still, a lovely read if you're into vampires, especially a certain Wallachian prince.

On a random note, the Polish translation is pathetic at times. It takes a special talent to take a wandering monologue by a character who's a famous expert on eighteenth-century English literature, have him mention Pope, and then translate the next thing he says as "Rape of the PADlock" ~_~
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Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula

Just saw snippets of this movie on some German channel. Low-budget (made for TV?), but looks reasonably true to form, and Rudolf Martin's insanely delicious as Vlad-darling. €6 for the DVD on Amazon.De? I have to remember to order it the next time I'm assembling a shipment.

Mmmm, not!vampire. Who are they kidding, exactly?
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Eurgh. Hence, meme, ganked from [ profile] selenak: 10 of my favourite characters and what kind of relationship I'd be likely to have with them.

Current and past favourites )
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Note to self: Baudelaire's cat poems and the best Vlad Dracula site ever.

I need to write that book just to get them out of my brain >.


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