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*flops* I wrote most of these twice, because my scratchbook file got corrupted.

For [ profile] shineko: Pirates of the Caribbean, 100 words

Guidance )

For [ profile] ciciaye: Angel the Series, 100 words

Vanity Varnish )

For [ profile] elefwin: Star Wars, 130 words

Silent )

For [ profile] fyrie: Phantom of the Opera, 114 words, same universe as Singing Songs In My Head

Hide Your Face )

For [ profile] kyrre: Batman Begins, 125 words

Communicativa )

For [ profile] alice_montrose: Roses for Lucifer, 160 words

Practical Applications )

Bonus question: Can someone give me an Elisabeth idea, preferably something featuring Sisi herself with a side of Death? She wants fic, I'm fresh out of bunnies.
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The last batch of the request drabbles from two weeks ago, though [ profile] fyrie's turned into something much closer to a full story. I still owe Van Helsing to two people, and am still working on it. Incidentally, it's not that I haven't been writing fiction lately: I have, but it's a long Tanz der Vampire series that will need to be posted (and read) in order, and is still missing the first two installments.

For [ profile] azarias: Bruce Wayne as a Jedi Sith apprentice. Part of the Will to Act verse.

Truth and the Bat, 200 words )

For [ profile] fyrie, Viktor from Underworld meets Draculea. Incidentally, apart from another drabble where Draculea muscled in while it was supposed to be VH!Vlad, this is the first formal posted outing of Draculea, also known as my historical!vampire!Dracula.

For all the Sultan's gold, 670 words )
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Just three so far, alas. To my defense, work absolutely pwn3d me today just after I wrote the last post - I ended up staying way longer than regular work hours and I still have a busload to do tomorrow. On the upside, I also have tickets for the 18th for my next dose of fanged crack, so yay. Said crack has also inspired drabbles #2 and #3, because I'm on a permanent vampire high here. Both titles from "Vor dem Schloss/Wohl der Nacht/Wohl dem Mann", the last song in act 1.

Mexico, seasonal )

Bruce and Ducard, and giving in )

the long dark night of Obi-Wan Kenobi )

In other news, a very happy birthday to [ profile] _leareth and [ profile] rkold!
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[ profile] fyrie asked me for this a long time ago. I managed to use all elements of her challenge. 900 words.

Being a much-delayed gift or handsel for the lady [ profile] fyrie, with the author's apologies

It all starts with a letter )
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A momentary breather (actually, the day's shaping up better than I thought, and project!boss praised me just now), and a request drabble from too long ago. For [ profile] kyrre: Bruce/Ducard, demons. 100 words, about 10 minutes tops.


In the night, the mountains are silent. The campfire ricochets off the glaciers like neon and halogens at the entrance of Muder Alley. "I do not believe in demons."

Ducard’s fingers wrap around Bruce’s wrist before checking his grip on the rope. They’re close enough to hear each other’s heartbeat. "You should. You’re becoming one."

Bruce steps off the ledge into darkness. The rope is a whip, a command, finding purchase where there should be none. In the instant before gravity and legend grip him, a thought flashes through his head.

He can’t be a demon.

Demons fall.


Bat recs

Aug. 29th, 2005 07:33 am
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I have to be in the office in an hour, but there's time enough for a quick rec or two. Batman Begins, [ profile] heridraconigena, two short stories with a fresh charm to them, and a tired, feeling Ducard that's the human, not the legend. Full of other little touches, too, like a glimpse into the man we first meet as Ra's Al Ghul.

Nowhere Place

The Witch's Pyramid
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I’ve been thinking – and yes, this is more Bat-meta, just because I missed everyone else’s due to the film not being out yet. Anyway.

It’s the perennial question of book vs movie canon. In this case, it’s a big characterization difference between the two, and in the main character at that.

How to tell two Bats apart )

In other news, a list I’m on has been discussing Myers-Briggs personality types. I’ve done the full test long ago, and I’m a picture-perfect ENTP. Q, Bugs Bunny, Garfield – take your pick. Go me.
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Summary of today: paycheck yay. Boss back, also yay. Workload, NOT yay. I barely found the time to finish this.

Fandom: Batman Begins
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Bob Kane, DC, Christopher Nolan. I am none of these people.

Summary: In the world of the movie, where are the familiar faces? What's going on behind the curtain, in the wings, beyond the stage? Seven drabbles, requiring varying levels of Bat-canon knowledge.

Behind the Curtain )
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I just saw Batman Begins again, in IMAX no less. Mmm, Liam with crystal-clear surround sound <3

random notes mostly for fic purposes )

and more notes )
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I meant to sit on this fic longer, but Ducard was having none of it. And BatmanBegins!Bruce is too whipped puppyish in a crazy obsessive way to resist. For what it's worth, the fic kicked my arse three ways from Sunday: I giggled at work, lost my thread of thought completely a dozen times and bothered everyone with coming up with a five-letter word for "touch" that'd start with S, because I pick strange moments to be a perfectionist.

Everything belongs to DC Comics, Christopher Nolan, and is Christian Bale's and Liam Neeson's fault for being too good actors.

Summary: Bruce takes Ducard's advice to pay attention to his surroundings literally. Could be Bruce/Ducard UST if you squint. 1440 words.


Read more... )
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Story Synopsis: Answer to the Matrix crossover challenge. Nightwing in a digital world remains himself.

SPOILERS: Information revealed in Matrix: Reloaded, but not the exact events, since the timeline's pre-Reloaded.

Disclaimer: Nightwing, the man who was the boy who was Robin, belongs to DC Comics, Bob Kane and whoever. The Matrix, which is not a revelation but a nice world with an impressive gallery of characters, belongs to the Wachowski Brothers, WB and whoever. I only tied them together.

Digital Descent )


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