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Between August 16 and September 2, I was working every day. I just had my first free weekend and, predictably, spent it sleeping off the stress.

Today, I was on the road for 12 hours, due to a meeting in another city.

Tomorrow evening, I fly to Prague. Three days' training, then Saturday-Monday for sightseeing.

I'm taking the computer, but I might not be around much. I'll be trying to rest, because the alternative is passing out with exhaustion at some point next week.

But! I managed a pathetic two responses to the crossover meme:

Buffy and Phantom )

Star Wars and Tanz der Vampire )
winter: (Star Wars - droid ninja) <- a high school musical of Star Wars: A New Hope. This is rather awesome, even if Vader could use a better mic. Part 3 of Act 1 is the best :D
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*flops* I wrote most of these twice, because my scratchbook file got corrupted.

For [ profile] shineko: Pirates of the Caribbean, 100 words

Guidance )

For [ profile] ciciaye: Angel the Series, 100 words

Vanity Varnish )

For [ profile] elefwin: Star Wars, 130 words

Silent )

For [ profile] fyrie: Phantom of the Opera, 114 words, same universe as Singing Songs In My Head

Hide Your Face )

For [ profile] kyrre: Batman Begins, 125 words

Communicativa )

For [ profile] alice_montrose: Roses for Lucifer, 160 words

Practical Applications )

Bonus question: Can someone give me an Elisabeth idea, preferably something featuring Sisi herself with a side of Death? She wants fic, I'm fresh out of bunnies.
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First of all, [ profile] fyrie's Dance of Death: Obligatto, PWP with breathplay, utterly enjoyable even if you don't know the characters :> And do read to compare with my upcoming PWP with breathplay, which was written because [ profile] fyrie and Herbert are evil to the extreme.

It's been a while since I recced anything by [ profile] guede_mazaka, because she's been writing Supernatural lately and I've the vaguest idea about it. But now she's back in POTC fandom with a vengeance, and she's the only person who can make me believe in Sparrington and want more, too. In Judas Kiss she does it beautifully. And Blooded is Will/Norrington as Norrington searches for an anchor and Will's unable to change, stark and violent and confused just like the inside of Norrington's head.

Finally, [ profile] shezan wrote me a neat little vignette on Vader and imperial bureaucracy, with Piett, my favourite Imperial :D
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The last batch of the request drabbles from two weeks ago, though [ profile] fyrie's turned into something much closer to a full story. I still owe Van Helsing to two people, and am still working on it. Incidentally, it's not that I haven't been writing fiction lately: I have, but it's a long Tanz der Vampire series that will need to be posted (and read) in order, and is still missing the first two installments.

For [ profile] azarias: Bruce Wayne as a Jedi Sith apprentice. Part of the Will to Act verse.

Truth and the Bat, 200 words )

For [ profile] fyrie, Viktor from Underworld meets Draculea. Incidentally, apart from another drabble where Draculea muscled in while it was supposed to be VH!Vlad, this is the first formal posted outing of Draculea, also known as my historical!vampire!Dracula.

For all the Sultan's gold, 670 words )
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Probably not the right moment to mention the fact I haven't touched Star Wars with a ten foot pole in a long while, said she. Which was Dooku's cue to look up from watching Gerald and von Krolock play chess, and politely apologise for his neglect.

#26 to #30 of a set of 50 prompts for [ profile] 1character, in three sentences instead of one.

Meditations on a Fall, Part 2 )
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I totally should post something Star Wars related, except for the fact that I didn't realise posting my info in [ profile] imadra_blue's friending meme would lead to people actually friending me. So. Um. Probably not the right moment to mention the fact I haven't touched Star Wars with a ten foot pole in a long while.

Anyway, spent today trying to fic and failing. Current working-on-them-right-now list, just to motivate me tomorrow at work, because apparently I'm unable to write at home; at this rate I'll be able to write something I want to write around... hm, July?

- 3 Tanz der Vampire stories (trials of a vampire father, very twisted Dracula/Krolock and Herbertfic). All for [ profile] fyrie *expletive deleted*

- Vlad and Gabriel by the fire, for [ profile] ariss_tenoh, with sincere apologies for the delay

- Coldfire: Family Ties, possible vignettes, for Gerald Tarrant. Peskiest muse ever

- next set of Dooku drabbles for the [ profile] 1character prompts, and the Dooku-and-Obi-Wan fic, for [ profile] imadra_blue

- miscellaneous Dooku and non-Dooku fic for the SW people on the f-list because I'm feeling guilty

Oh, and on top of everything else I may be able to combine my obligations towards [ profile] fyrie, the Coldfire people and the Star Wars people in one fic. But I've a feeling it might get me a wee bit flamed =^.^=

In other news, GIP. *purrs*

EDIT: *headdesk* Completely forgot. [ profile] fyrie did it again. The next installment of her Buffy/Tanz crossover killed me even deader. Even if you don't know anything about Buffy or Tanz, if you have the slightest fondness for dominant vampires, for Lucifer's sake read this story.
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One of the few rules I have is that I don’t do Star Wars Extended Universe. Basically, it’s movie or bust for me – I might gleam a gem or two of inspiration from an interview with Lucas or from the novelisations, but if it wasn’t in the movies, it’s not canon. I also consider 99% of the EU to be mass-rpoduced drivel.

Shadows of the Empire, which [ profile] fyrie made me read, is part of that 1%.

I’m not saying the book is perfect. But it’s highly enjoyable. All characterisations ring true, all interactions seem real, intra-movie introspection is plausible. And then there’s Vader.

Shadows takes place between TESB and ROTJ, so Vader is. And he’s written perfectly – impressive, impulsive, and just bratty (in a mature way) enough to make me believe this is both the villain I adored in the Original Trilogy and the rebel Jedi I grew surprisingly fond of in the prequels. Mind you, the book came out in 1996 – several years before we even got a look at Yippee Kid in TPM, never mind Hayden.

It’s not a dazzling intellectual endeavour – hello, Star Wars – but it’s certainly enjoyable. I would have preferred for Xizor to get his arse kicked worse, though: this was one fictional character that I was plotting how to assassinate fifty pages into the book. (I decided sabotaging his physical-training machine would have been the most elegant way.)

In other news, I’m still working on the Coldfire FST. I was listening to HIM’s version of Wicked Game yesterday and I realised it’s the perfect Gerald/Damien song:

The world was on fire, no one could save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do
I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you

Yes, this FST is going to be highly on crack.
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Look! [ profile] fyrie drew brilliant fanart for my Krolock and Lestat fic! Go and marvel and tell her how good she is!

And since I'm almost finished with the fake-title meme (and the two bits that are yet to be written will get their own post), here are the best bits from that and the blather-about-characters meme, the ones I want to put on my site sometime:

The Dark River: Obi-Wan and Dooku )

Von Krolock and Dracula )

Sirius meta )

Dream and Thessaly, from The Sandman )

In other news, I managed somehow to sign up for a multi-fandom Dracula essay for [ profile] idol_reflection. Due May 3rd, and for source material I'll probably use Prince of Many Faces and Dracula: The Dark Prince for historical Vlad, Bram Stoker, Murnau's Nosferatu if I can get it (Herzog's if I can't), Dracula 2000 as an example of a BAD vampire movie, Van Helsing and The Historian. Anything else you think I should include in my ravings on why Dracula freaking rocks?
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For [ profile] shoiryu's birthday, and for once within my deadlines ;) 333 words on Anakin and a white dragon.

The First )
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A day of nothing but waiting for other people to do their jobs, and of course my vampire muses have taken a runner. Fortunately a certain (ex)Jedi is too polite to refuse me.

First 25 of a set of 50 prompts from [ profile] 1character, but using three sentences for each prompt. No pairing, no sense, no purpose apart from being able to say "This is the Yan Dooku in my head."

Meditations on a Fall, part 1 )
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Eurgh. Hence, meme, ganked from [ profile] selenak: 10 of my favourite characters and what kind of relationship I'd be likely to have with them.

Current and past favourites )
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Just three so far, alas. To my defense, work absolutely pwn3d me today just after I wrote the last post - I ended up staying way longer than regular work hours and I still have a busload to do tomorrow. On the upside, I also have tickets for the 18th for my next dose of fanged crack, so yay. Said crack has also inspired drabbles #2 and #3, because I'm on a permanent vampire high here. Both titles from "Vor dem Schloss/Wohl der Nacht/Wohl dem Mann", the last song in act 1.

Mexico, seasonal )

Bruce and Ducard, and giving in )

the long dark night of Obi-Wan Kenobi )

In other news, a very happy birthday to [ profile] _leareth and [ profile] rkold!
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Fandom: Star Wars
Genre: Spamfic

Warning: Codeine influence. Anakin in tight black clothes.

Career Options )
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This is a bit of silliness inspired by The Pairing List That Broke Fandom. It's also in the set-of-drabbles format that I'm getting really tired of. At least this time there are no pretentious Dog Latin titles ~_~ 785 words, 45 minutes.

Fandom: Star Wars prequels/Buffy/Angel
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Anakin/Cordelia, sort of

Chances )
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Over a month ago, [ profile] shoiryu showed me something wonderful she made with [ profile] rackhamrose. Since then, I've been badgering her to post it. Because I'm not the only one who's crazy for well-written fights and braintwists and traditions and picture-perfect characterization, and I wanted to share the joy with the world.

Now you can read it too:

The Victory Over The Sith At Theed And The Noble Fall Of Master Qui-Gon Jinn

Run, don't walk.
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Dear Luke Skywalker, get out of my brain. I’m trying to write about the torrid affairs of your father, mother, mentor and assorted hangers-on, which will probably result in your not being born at all. Now is not the time to hang around and try to engage me in discussions on philosophy.

Dear Bruce&Ducard, please reappear. I have pr0n to finish, and the fact you’ve been ensconced in the attic for the past two weeks is getting in the way. Also, the neighbours are starting to complain about the noises.

Dear Sands, shut up. If I want running commentary from the personification of my id, I’ll ask for it. Also, you’re not getting fic at the moment, so live with it.

Dear Obi-Wan, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to break your brain the way I did. It’s not my fault if people keep making me think up bad things to happen to you – it doesn’t mean they will happen. At least, not all of them. Even though you look utterly adorable and ravishable with your brain broken like that, a fact Darth Jinn was all too quick to point out to me.

Dear all: just cooperate. Is that really so much to ask for?

(Also: am stuck on who will lose a hand in the Darth Jinn fic. It will not be Anakin, Obi-Wan’s not the hand-losing type, Jinn and Dooku both maintain you only lose limbs when you lose your cool, therefore excepting them from the proceedings, and the OCs are bit players. Um. Padme?)
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I've just gotten my hands on the first season of Clone Wars. Cartoon Network showed it dubbed here, and I just can't watch stuff I know in original dubbed, so I hadn't seen it before. This is less a review than a series of loose remarks and inspirations.

Overall: lovely characterization and design, great Star Wars fun. The two jarring things were some replaced voices and the fact that at times they overdid it at the bad-assedness of certain characters (Mace Windu, I'm looking at you). Still, mreeeow.

specifics and spoilers )

Now to fight certain servers and make them give me some Season 2.
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Today's Mary-of-the-Herbs, but also the Polish Army Day, so there was a grand parade and ceremony, with the President and all that jazz. And a drill demonstration among other things. While the soldiers drilled, which always reminds me of Broadway-style dancing, the marching band played a medley of soldierly songs. First Brigade to Poppies of Monte Cassino to Warsaw Song to- Wait a minute.

The Imperial March. By the Polish Army marching band. During a national fete, on national television.


In other news, yes, I'm back. My mail program's on the fritz, so mail-answering might be short. And tomorrow I need to go back to work :/
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First of all, two points of interest. One: [ profile] guede_mazaka wrote a bijou Sin City/Constantine crossover. Go and bother her to write some more. Two: [ profile] temve, quite apart from being a very good writer, makes customized Qui-Gon figures that had me in stitches. Go and marvel.

But it’s not all fun and games in Beth’s head today...

The curse of Mary Sue

Any fanfiction reader worth their salt knows the basic way to tell Mary Sues from legitimate original characters (OCs). They’re perfect and have the same – or better – powers as the main characters. They are or become best friends, relatives or romantic interests of the main characters. The story revolves around them.

The case in point: Will to Act (working title), also known as the Darth Qui-Gon fic. And the fact it now has a cast of three original characters, all of them Sith and (ex)apprentices to either Qui-Gon or Dooku, and all of them at some moments driving the story forward. One’s even female – if she weren’t African-Corellian, a manipulative bitch and asexual, I’d have no hopes of escaping the Mary Sue bashers.

The problem is that they’re all needed. Will to Act is a large-scale retelling of AOTC and follows its dual narrative structure, so Qui-Gon has to take care of Obi-Wan’s quest. Dooku’s too busy on Geonosis to go chasing after Anakin and Padmé. And if there’s no-one to interfere there, that plotline will take its AOTC shape, which will be boring. Then there’s a large plothole in the end that needs a Sith Infiltrator to plug it up. This means at least two OCs are needed, plus a third for Obi-Wan’s emotional reasons.

Beyond that, each of the OCs serves as a foil for a canon character. Ador is a counterpoint for Anakin and Padmé, the one who puts strange and dangerous thoughts in their heads. Damay lets Qui-Gon and later also Padmé shine: he asks them questions and gives them opportunities to articulate their own thoughts. Est... okay, Est is a pain in the arse, but a cute one. And he’s got a total of three scenes so far, in one of which he gets Dooku to open up, which alone is worth keeping him.

My question: is this too much? I’m not afraid of original characters, but out of an eight-strong main cast three are OCs. I’m wondering if it’s worth it to get creatively invested in something people will dismiss as weak origific or Sith Mary Sues.

(Even though the Qui-Gon|Obi-Wan|Anakin dynamic I’ve got set up is absolutely delicious. With lots of manly touching, natch. Am thinking of pawning Padmé off on Ador and pushing these three into bed together.)


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