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In the confessing vine, this year I went slightly insane and wrote four stories in total - one for my original assignee (I lucked out and got BluePeople again, which meant I already knew what she'd like ^.~), one as an assigned pinch-hitter, and two treats for requests that caught my attention.

Elisabeth: Finality

One thing that stuck with me from BluePeople's requests was that she wanted Rudolf to do something rather than just angst aloud. Before I knew it, I was dealing with his James Bond instincts ;) There's a fair bit of violence in this one, and angst, because you can't have a Rudolf without his angst.

Feel free to imagine Taaffe as Uwe Kröger in this one, but Rudolf is clearly Morie with Asako's Death.

Ovid's Metamorphoses: Telê

I grabbed this one as a pinch hit, with a request for giving Ovid's stories happy endings. At first I was just revisiting Hermaphroditos, who I've first written last year in Blood of Salmacis, but he was quite clear about how much he wanted to reveal. This made me revisit other stories. At first I wanted to write one for each book of Metamorphoses, but since VII is all about Jason and Medea, it was an hour to deadline, I gave up at VI. And no, I had no idea [ profile] selenak was writing her superb Spinning Fate about Arachne as well!

Elisabeth: The Last Song

I owed [ profile] fyrie this one for last year's pinch hit on my request ;) She asked to see Death with a member of Elisabeth's family, and it turned into this - Saeko!Death with her hair and her skirts, the way she is in Nettaiyawa, and Max being as incorrigible as always ♥ This one, I think, was the most fun to write.

American Gods: Coming to America: Venus

This vignette just came to me entire when I read the request - I guess writing Ditos woke Dite up as well. I'm rather proud of my Gaiman!style, and the story owes much to [ profile] jo_graham and the way her work made me look up Aphrodite in all her incarnations.

My own main stories were written by [ profile] windstar127. Mind you, I knew she was my Santa when she started to complain about having to look up Kacha stories in [ profile] wao_wao's journal ;) Thank you again, m'dear, they're lovely!

My Babylon 5 story came from thenewhope, while the Cinderella vignette was from [ profile] museofspeed. And last but not least, the gem of an Elisabeth story came from palmedfire, who may find herself the recipient of a NYR soon - the idea of Kimu in trouble is irresistible.
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