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In the confessing vine, this year I went slightly insane and wrote four stories in total - one for my original assignee (I lucked out and got BluePeople again, which meant I already knew what she'd like ^.~), one as an assigned pinch-hitter, and two treats for requests that caught my attention.

Elisabeth: Finality
Rudolf as an action hero! )

Ovid's Metamorphoses: TelĂȘ
Endings for Ovid's stories: Argos and Hera, Phaeton and Cygnus, Cadmus and Athena, Hermaphroditos, Kore and Hades, Arachne )

Elisabeth: The Last Song
Herzog Max meets Saeko )

American Gods: Coming to America: Venus
Imitating Neil Gaiman for the win )

My own main stories were written by [ profile] windstar127. Mind you, I knew she was my Santa when she started to complain about having to look up Kacha stories in [ profile] wao_wao's journal ;) Thank you again, m'dear, they're lovely!

My Babylon 5 story came from thenewhope, while the Cinderella vignette was from [ profile] museofspeed. And last but not least, the gem of an Elisabeth story came from palmedfire, who may find herself the recipient of a NYR soon - the idea of Kimu in trouble is irresistible.
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Fandom: Greek Mythology

Characters: Hermaphroditos, Thanatos

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Inspired by the story of Hermaphroditos in Ovid's Metamorphoses

Prompt: 546. Mythology - Greek: Hermaphroditus. How does his assimiliation with the nymph immediately affect him and his sexuality?

Summary: After Hermaphroditos pronounces his curse.

Author's Notes: With great thanks to [ profile] shriker_tam for beta-reading. Written for [ profile] lgbtfest.

( Blood of Salmacis )


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