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I don't do this often, but today's changes to LiveJournal's design are beyond idiotic even in a long history of idiotic LJ stuff. Just try viewing a long comment thread on a post without a custom design to see what I mean. Please go to the LJ Releases post about them and lodge a formal complaint. Numbers are the one thing they understand.
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...yeah. I need some time to think this through.

Some things, I really like. The reason Tomomin initially caught my attention was not her goofiness, but the fact that she's one of those girls who gives all to her role, allowing it to subsume her. Onstage, Yumeno Seika isn't there, and this is a very Yukigumi thing.

Similarly, I think Masako will do nicely in Hoshigumi (giving Toyoko someone to bounce off of) and MiyaRuri in Tsukigumi - Hoshi just has too many people and she hasn't been well-utilised lately; Mii-chan's situation in Sora was the same. Dai-chan I'm not sure about - there's going to be Tomomin and Koma above her and Kingu gaining fast. I'm curious about Serika Toa in Hanagumi. Dammit. Have to start watching them.

But I'm... annoyed about the Senka transfers. I know, I've been talking for ages about how Senka needs new blood, but it rubs me the wrong way to take Ema Naoki and Asuka Yuu away from troupes that they've been with for respectively 30 and 35 years. Let them retire with the people who care for them, would you?

Micchan... I'm hoping it's a New Senka thing, Tom-style, stealing All The Shows. And better than the dreaded alternative!

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Nov. 12th, 2011 08:54 am
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Nominations are finally open! And only open till Monday, make your minds up fast! Signups Monday-Saturday it looks like, and assignments just afterwards. Still little time to write.

I just nominated Rose of Versailles, Tanz der Vampire and Elisabeth, so these are already covered. Unless anyone wants to request Rosalie or Alfred, because I ran out of character nomination slots - this year you can only add four characters with your nominations.
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Calling out to London and UK people - in the eventuality that one can be in London on Thursday-Saturday this week, how does one get (cheap) tickets to something like Phantom, Les Miserables, Priscilla, possibly Wicked?

(Also, anyone want to meet up? Evenings should be free-ish.)
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Oh, I did not expect this.

All the speculation was about Yuuhi or Chie. I didn't expect this, not bright Kiriyan and all her artistry. Not Kiriyan-gumi, because I know she'lll be taking a lot of them with her - my Morie, most probably, maybe Marimo, who knows what others as well.

And then I realise she had a good two years, with some perfect shows, and two young successors in line to the top star throne. She's done what she came to do, and I have the feeling she's retiring on her own terms.

It still hits me hard. For all that I like all current top stars, she had this ineffable quality that meant just seeing her smile would make my day.

Kiriyan ♥ I'll miss your light ♥

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Toyoko's Mr Darcy in a Bow/Nippon Seinenkan show, while Chie has what looks like a self-titled concert with an Umeda/Nippon Seinenkan run. Alike to Komu's Albatross, Wataru's Across! and Saeko's Nettaiyawa. And she's just had a music video, big box and everything.

If not for the fact Chie's November on the 2012 big calendar, I'd say she'd be out by August, leaving Toyoko to take over. But now... oh, Hankyu, making us speculate so much ~.~

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Alive, more than before (turns out magnesium supplements do work).

Yesterday, I went to the "Best of Roma Theatre" concert, which was supposed to feature the best bits of the musicals they've done over the last twelve years. In order:
  • Crazy for You - So you're tapdancing with Rockettes. Good for you. I've seen it done with actual sex appeal. By a girl.

  • Peter Pan - Okay, actual cool operetta-based song for Captain Hook... and the only one they're doing from this musical after three Crazy for You songs ~.~

  • Miss Saigon - *yawn* Stop trying to sing like you sang (badly) ten years ago. I've heard you as Phantom, you're actually good!

  • Grease - Um. Yes. Stop trying to LOOK like you looked ten years ago. Sandy should not have wrinkles. And Kennicky may be 35, but he looks 45 and that is rather disturbing.

  • Cats - Oh, I like the Jellicle Song... except I don't like it when the "High C" part is cut because of a mic going off. And um. Misto? You're supposed to jump high. You only remembered that in the last sequence.

  • Akademia Pana Kleksa - okay, kids are always adorable, so no complaints. And look! I told you you could sing, and you can be my evil hairdresser anytime ♥ Except get a better android, because this one can't do rock'n'roll any better than he could do tapdancing with Rockettes. Both require charisma, sorry, dear...

  • Tanz der Vampire - *wild sobbing because WHY DID THEY CLOSE THIS SHOW???* *momentary RAR on which more later* *more wild sobbing with giggles, because our Ewigkeit costumes are still beautiful and best ever*

  • Phantom of the Opera - see, I told you, GOOD Phantom. Now if only you'd sung like that since the show opened...

  • Les Miserables - sorry, all Mizzed out.

  • Aladdin Jr - boy can sing. Girl screeches. NEXT!~

  • Ooops. That's the end?

In conclusion, not the best spent money, except for a few high points. But one thing... I'm still raging.

Imagine this: Totale Finsternis, with von Krolock on the staircase, slowly turning. Sarah's fallen quiet, and it's time for his solo, the best part of the whole song. Sich verlieren heisst sich befreien - du wirst dich in mir erkennen - was du ertraumst wird Wahrheit sein - Nichts und niemand kann uns trennen. Between the void and the brilliance falls the darkness...

...and he forgot the words.

My hissy-fit was epic, I can tell you that much. He was the understudy in the show! He's done it like fifty times! He's done this concert quite a lot, too, and of all the places to forget the words - the one place where he's suppsed to shine - PEOPLE.

(Finally, this recipe for vanilla scones is fantastic.)


Sep. 20th, 2011 06:04 pm
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Ganked from [ profile] amenirdis and [ profile] penknife, myself as a Pony:

Courtesy of Pony Creator.
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Between August 16 and September 2, I was working every day. I just had my first free weekend and, predictably, spent it sleeping off the stress.

Today, I was on the road for 12 hours, due to a meeting in another city.

Tomorrow evening, I fly to Prague. Three days' training, then Saturday-Monday for sightseeing.

I'm taking the computer, but I might not be around much. I'll be trying to rest, because the alternative is passing out with exhaustion at some point next week.

But! I managed a pathetic two responses to the crossover meme:

Buffy and Phantom )

Star Wars and Tanz der Vampire )
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Any time I try to become more active online/creatively is cue for work to come crashing down at me. You don't want to know my overtime statistics.

But! I don't know if I mentioned, but I have a public Tumblr now.

(I'm sure I'm making a mess of it. Anyone got a Tumblr etiquette primer on reblogging / liking / following?)

Yukinojou, after Maki's great role, is my place for unashamed and unedited Takarazuka and other fandom squee, basically. Pictures. I like pictures :D I also like being able to post with a touch of a button rather than composing something thoughtful (LJ/Dreamwidth) or within a character limit (Twitter).

So for now it's LiveJournal as the communication hub + creative outlet, Dreamwidth for long-form public Takarazuka posts, Twitter for being social, retweeting neat stuff and stalking people, and Tumblr for fandom squee. I think this is as much of an online presence as I can handle on 12+ hours of work per day.
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First, thanks to everyone for the congratulations yesterday ^_^ I still can't believe it's over, or that I actually managed to be systematic and diligent enough to complete the programme. Apparently this year, 22 thousand people took Level III (some of them for the fourth or fifth time) and only 51% passed.

Second, to kickstart my creativity, meme from [ profile] selenak:

You, the friendslist, give me two characters you know I'm familiar with from different fandoms, and I'll give you a dialogue between them, without justifying how the crossover would work, how their worlds clashed, or how they could even meet each other -- just a silly crossover conversation for fun with no backstory.
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After three months of trying, and thanks to [ profile] zenicurean, I my Echo Bazaar character is now in possession of a Starveling Cat.

[ profile] reynardine is probably not the only person who wondered about why I tweet inane rhymes about that creature, so, below, an Echo Bazaar primer plus extra musings.

Echo Bazaar basics )

Starveling Cat!
Starveling Cat!
It knows what we think
And we don't like that!

Me and Echo Bazaar )

Oh, and I love the Starveling Cat: Another resident of Fallen London wishes you to look after this deranged and monstrous clot of spitting mangy fur. The Starveling Cat has moved into your Lodgings. May God have mercy on your souls.
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Following a lot of Japanese twitter accounts paid off in that Toho Geino was where I learned that my favourite Takarasienne ever has a blog now:

一路真輝 Official Blog ♥ ♥ ♥

I don't know what it is about this woman that reduces me to a squeeing fangirl, but oh, she. With flowers and a banner photo that doesn't hide the fact she's a 46-year-old mother, and photos.

And. Um. Puri-kura. *dead-as-a-doornail*

I will also finally be getting the 2011 Anna Karenina, and holding fingers and toes crossed for her October concert to be put on DVD, because this woman is a true diva. With all the sparkles and emoticons she wants.

(I also wasn't expecting it in the least because she's famous - married to a TV/stage star - and has had trouble with tabloids in the past two years. But she's never been one to back down from a challenge, or let her voice be silenced. THIS LADY.)

And if she's doing anything to celebrate her 30 years on stage next year... let's just say the currencies/world economy had better calm down.
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With the overall rush, I completely forgot to post about my new toy.

Since mid-May (just before Paris, in fact) I've been the proud owner of an HTC Desire ♥ It may be last year's model, but it's plenty fast, durable (I managed to get it caught out in the rain and drop it on a stone floor thus far), and I'm loving both Android and HTC Sense. Yes, you have to charge it daily, and hack it to move all apps to SD because the internal memory is laughable, but it's a tiny computer that works like a phone. I'm finally living in the future ;)

Requisite list of apps + plea for recommendations )
(Also, it's called Karenina, the wallpaper is Maki Ichiro as Anna Karenina, and the ringtone is Maki Ichiro singing Ich Bin Ein Echtes Wienerblut. In case you were wondering.)

The best thing about my new phone is that it means I don't have to drag a computer with me everywhere to stay completely connected (Echo Bazaar included). Thus I can take much lighter luggage to the lakeside cottage for the nine days I'll be spending there - leaving this afternoon, back on the 7th in the evening.

Not AFK in the least. Unless my signal's out.
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My colleagues won't let a birthday pass by without a demand for sweets, so I spent this evening baking alarming quantities of muffins ~.~

But! For the first time I made up a muffin recipe almost from scratch, and had it come out right :D

Chocolate-rum-raisin-gingerbread-coffee-chocolate-chip muffins of DOOM )

Now to sleep, and wake up a year older...
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I'm still in studying hell (fingers crossed on Saturday, please!) but concert schedules have their own rhythm. I don't remember that much from the one on Monday, but that is mostly because I was fading with blood pressure swings. I hope they didn't think I was asleep ~.~ I did notice that Jakub had new photos in the background slideshow - including ones from the Oberhausen concert where they let him open the second act as Phantom. I just about fell over when I saw that part!

(It did feature the one and only Wenn Liebe in Dir Ist as a Sarah-Herbert duet, because our second Alfred skipped out at the last moment and Sarah was in the audience anyway.)

Other people's clips:

One Song Glory - I do like the take on the song.

Till I Hear You Sing Once More - ...yes, you're one of my favourite Phantoms, stop making me interested in Paint Never Dries!

And that goes double for you, dear girl.

I Dreamed a Dream - EDYTA ♥

A Heart Full of Love - driving home the point that he should have been in Les Mis.

And the greatest surprise: the ushers/stagehands, a pair of complete newcomers, looking both all of 16, and bringing the house down with Boote in der Nacht. Go kids!

Au revoir

May. 17th, 2011 10:33 am
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I've been home for twelve hours. Good trip :)

I also have a severely aching arm. The new French collected edition of Rose of Versailles manga is awesome, but it's also phonebook-sized, and holding it up in one hand for two hours of flight was not a particularly bright idea.

(I acquired two of those thousand-page volumes. None of the three manga shops I tried had the third, but since that one' only about 500 pages, I can actually ship it from France.)
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People who follow me on Twitter are intimately familiar with the fact I play Echo Bazaar. What can I say - tweeting about it gives me more actions :>

It's a fantastic Gothic Victorian Horror narrative adventure that goes on by the strength of its writing, to the point where I feel as excited to get at a new storylet as at a book by a favourite author. And for weeks now, my character (an individual of mysterious and indistinct gender, thank you very much) has been hyperventilating in the very presence of the Summerset Provost at the University of Fallen London, to the point where I went through endless repetitions of the University Term storylet sequence just to get a chance for my character to seduce him. The University book ends with an exceedingly long storylet in which choices I made before about what kind of person my character is, forced hir to do something drastic to the Provost this morning.

Those pages of text have stayed with me for the whole day. Damn, this is good writing. Meta-narrative. Something.

So, who else is playing?
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I was somewhat dragged to see Thor, because my mother of all people decided she wants something pretty and brainless.

Not brainless, as it turned out (Kenneth Brannagh directing, J.Michael Straczynski with a writing credit, team from Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles - I should have guessed), but so. Immensely. Pretty.

Honestly, I could screencap any moment of the Asgard scenes and hang it on my wall. Classic pulp SF art, all soaring spires and gold and crystal, with angles and costumes to match. These are my childhood fairytales, and oh, they made them sing.

And really, nothing ruins it. I adore and root for Loki, of course, who is smart and tragic and engaging (and avoids chewing through scenery, unlike everyone else in Asgard and Jotunheim). There's not a single weak person in the cast, from Anthony Hopkins on down. For female characters, we get four strong major ones (a full third of MCs, impressive for a Hollywood movie) and the Bechdel test is passed with an impressive amount of technobabble. Good music. Very decent writing for a comic book movie, you can really tell which Shakespearean undertones they aimed for (and managed to hit). Chris Hemsworth in tight and/or missing shirts is the cherry on the cake.

I can get behind this kind of summer movie :) Pirates next, Captain America and X-Men First Class - anything else interesting coming out?

(Also, for a 3D movie this didn't give me a headache at all. I think the amount of CGI helps.)


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