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First of all, thank you dear Yuletide Writer for addressing my request :)

I enjoy many kinds of stories, and optional details are always optional. I like stuff that fleshes out the canon, and character moments are always nice, but I read very widely, so if you want to write action, romance (any configuration), mystery or comedy, feel free! I'm fond of strong female characters, too (and that doesn't only mean female characters performing traditionally male roles/tropes), genderfluidity, and mythological themes from various traditions.

My one very very firm "no" for stories is animal harm. I also prefer no mpreg, humiliation, incest or very graphically/clinically described sex.

Echo Bazaar
Player (Echo Bazaar)
Anything in the Echo Bazaar vein would be welcome. Mystery, tragedy, a new alleyway to explore.

I've played Echo Bazaar on and off for a year now, and I play it for the world and writing style. Any worldbuilding story would be welcome, actually, both original and something featuring known character. My player profile is here; I'm up to 120s in all qualities and I've been most fond of my Ambition storyline (Light Fingers, especially the Orphanage sequence) and the University (my character fell for the provost and then opted to betray him, with a heavy heart), as well as the Wars of Assassins and Cheesemonger storyline (blood-stained hands, natch), so those are the themes and writing styles I most enjoy. Anything to do with the Great Game would be a plus.

The Sandman
Desire of the Endless, Rose Walker
Have Rose and Desire said everything to each other, or will Desire look in on its granddaughter (and great-grandchild) again? Will Dream's demise turn Desire's thoughts to matters of family, or maybe they just run into each other in the street, passing by and shivering...

I'll love anything about Rose and Desire, but please, no Desire-bashing, or turning it 100% evil. Desire's my favourite character, simple and layered at once, with regrets buried so deep it manages to fool itself it doesn't feel them. I'm also fond of its genderfluidity (and not so fond of "it" as a pronoun, but it's canon.) I also like Rose very much as someone strong enough to face both Dream and Desire.

Yuri Petrov
An outsider's view on Lunatic or Yuri – a shadow on the face of the moon…

One of my favourite hero-comic-book story tropes is Tales of the Common People – a bystander's view of the heroes and villains. Maybe someone who gets rescued because Lunatic burns down someone about to kill them? Or a minor crook, terrified to the end of their wits, or a reporter from one of the programs or magazines about heroes, or courtroom staff, or a cop?
I love superhero/supervillain tropes in general, and mythological backgrounds, so an exploration of just why Lunatic calls upon the voice of Thanatos in particular would be welcome, or maybe touching on how his Russian origin background influences his life. My other favourites from the show are Origami, Dragon Kid, Agnes and Kaede. Unless it's absolutely necessary for the story, I'd prefer not to see any romantic/sexual actions or thoughts from Yuri himself; I tend to think he's got too much on his plate to think about such things in the show timeline.

Rose of Versailles
Alain de Soissons
Alain at any point of the anime, manga or musical story – or reflecting afterwards. Give him a voice!

I love Alain to bits, gruffness and all. He comes over as very open, but there are complications there under the surface. I'd love to get a scene between him and one of the other characters (Oscar? Andre? Diane? Any of the soldiers?), or someone he didn't interact with in-story (what would a meeting between him and Fersen look like?). I'm familiar with the anime, manga and musicals; I'm also not averse to exploring Alain's manga/musical crush on Oscar.

I hope this suffices while not overwhelming, but should you want to know more, you can ask [ profile] fyrie to relay your questions :)
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