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It's been quiet, which is - good, I think. It's starting to turn into spring.

I've gone back to Echo Bazaar, which has removed the daily action cap, so it's even better for new users now. If you want to give it a try, you'll need a Twitter account (or Facebook), and please let me know - I can invite people now, and inviting will probably give both me and you something nifty :)

Related to Echo Bazaar, I managed to max out my data limit on the phone. It just means throttled bandwidth, but lack of surfing ability has left me occupying myself with Obenkyo Japanese flashcards on my commute. I think this "learn more Japanese" thing may be working.
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A plea for help for the large portion of the flist who have studied Japanese at one point or another:

One of the things I'd like to tackle this year is Japanese, because it's ridiculous that it's been over a decade since I acquired my first words of it, with two years of quasi-formal study of it thrown in, and yet my grasp of grammar is nil, some of the simplest words trip me, and let's not talk about my kanji knowledge, plzkthx. (On the other hand, my pronunciation's decent, understanding's getting better, and I am somehow getting some grasp on appropriate levels of keigo.)

I'd like to start by self-study, with textbooks. Can anyone recommend textbooks for the following?

- General textbook with exercises and lessons to work through
- Grammar, from beginner to intermediate, with a focus on how people actually speak
- Kanji (I'm eyeing Remembering the Kanji, but would it be better to buy volumes 1 and 2 at the same time, or will 1 suffice for now?)


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