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Dear Yuletide writer,

Thank you, first and foremost. This is the first year I'm requesting all new fandoms, and all really small ones, so I was afraid I wouldn't get any story at all!
Dear Yuletide writer,

Thank you, first and foremost. This is the first year I'm requesting all new fandoms, and all really small ones, so I was afraid I wouldn't get any story at all!

I enjoy all sorts of stories, though this year character focus would be what I'm after. Overarching themes, legends, scary stories are fun. Any mention of Slavic themes/characters is always good, because everything is always about Americans...

The things that prevent me from reading a story are animal harm (very triggering for me) and humiliation. I'd also prefer no mutilation, no D/s / alpha/omega / etc dynamics and no no-consent scenarios, though a bit of forcefulness (with enthusiastic consent) is welcome if you do end up writing sex.

You can get a bit more of an idea of what I like from my Tumblr - my LJ isn't very active these days.

Halt And Catch Fire
Joe MacMillan
Anything about Joe - preferably when he's being more like his mother than his father. See letter for details.

I won't deny - I started watching Halt And Catch Fire for Lee Pace and finished for Joe MacMillan. I love Cameron and Donna, too, and Bosworth's layers are fascinating. Less fond of Gordon - I don't mind him being in the story, but please no Joe/Gordon and I'd prefer no Gordon POV.

But for Yuletide, I want Joe. More than slightly unhinged, improvising, storytelling, fey Joe when his mask slips or lies shattered - think any time he picks up the baseball bat, his visceral reaction to LouLu gaining the upper hand, that scene in the hurricane with the flashlights, water and fire. Give me something where he acts on impulse, where his hair gets messed up, where he's not playing the polished corporate creature part. Getting out of IBM with a bang? Something from the missing year, Joe on a road trip and chasing his mother's shadow? Joe blowing off steam with a random guy or girl he picks up on his way home? Joe versus the powers of nature, or trapped with the Clark girls again, or forced by Cameron to play Adventure and rewriting it to be 300% more deadly and twisted and likely to give you nightmares. All I ask is no AUs that completely change the setting or his personality. (If by hook or crook you can give me Joe/Donna, I will throw things and love you.)

John Luther, Alice Morgan, Mark North
Three points of a triangle, with a dead body in the centre. Planning, follow-up, or altogether AU (write me a steampunk magician Mark and I'll love you forever).

As you can see by my character choice and prompt, I loved the first series of Luther most of all. I'm fascinated by how this trio worked, the dynamics and chemistry and balance between them. As long as all three feature and the dynamic is in focus, I'll be happy with any kind of story - case fic, character exploration, missing scene, something experimental, smut, or putting them in a completely AU setting. Especially steampunk, because for some reason they seem to fit it.

Lymond Chronicles
Francis Crawford, Philippa
Shenanigans. The sort of gambit pile-up that ends up with a chase sequence and optionally dead bodies.

It's been half a year since I finished the series and I'm still traumatised. So please, please something light? Spying optional, jewel heist also optional. And optionally with Kate, Will, Jerott or Archie (though any of St Mary's are also welcome, and about the only character I truly hated was Gabriel). One of those situations that has Francis in hysterics and Philippa in an outrageous costume and hopefully some very offended royalty. Any timeline, any setting, AU included. Though preferably not high school AU, because a teenage Francis with modern technology would be a danger to humankind.

Pushing Daisies
Ned the Piemaker
I love Ned.

Actually I love everyone in the Pushing Daisies universe. I'd be happiest with something along the lines of the show - casefic, relationship fic (any pairings, though I've a weakness for Olive), Ned and the gang dealing with a hurricane that traps them in the Pie Hole (with the aunts!), road trip to see the House on the Rock?

(Or if you really want to mess with my brain, Halt And Catch Fire crossover, wherein Ned has to deal with his slightly unhinged cousin and his wonderful idea how to develop the Pie Hole into a global franchise without giving away his secret. Actually I'd love any crossovers too, as long as I'm familiar with the other fandom.)

For this one, I would prefer to remain on the fluffy side, or at least avoid character death and post-apocalyptic scenarios.

Dragaera - Steven Brust
Aliera e'Kieron
Behind the eyes of the winner for "most twisted fate in the Dragaera universe" (and yes, she beats Sethra Lavode).

I'm re-reading the Dragaera books in preparation for reading Hawk - by Christmas I will be done with Hawk as well - and I keep thinking that I'd love to see Aliera's POV on either the events of the Taltos books or generally her view on the world she landed in. How did she get used to all the changes after the Interregnum? How is she dealing with her father's fate and her own changing place in the House of the Dragon? Just how stunned were Mario and she to find out the other is alive?

Or, you know, shenanigans. My favourite characters for partnering her in such would be Morrolan, Sethra Lavode, Vlad or Norathar & Cawti. Anything from a political intrigue to Aliera stalking through Castle Black looking for someone to kill because she tried a new hair treatment and it turned her hair blue.


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