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Dear Yuletide writer,

Thank you, first of all. I try to be a non-problematic recipient - for any of the prompts I listed, I'll be happy with anything in those fandoms :) My only firm squicks are animal harm (very triggering for me) and humiliation. I'd also prefer no explicit sex, and no D/s / alpha/omega / etc dynamics.

I love mythology, legends, binding stories into an overarching canon. Any exploration of gender themes and gender fluidity is always a plus.

My AO3 name is Beth Winter (BethWinter).

Rose of Versailles - Oscar. Class and/or gender politics. Getting mistaken for a guy and evening shenanigans with a young MA. Alternately - French Guards era Oscar and the evolution of her political views.

Oscar is very special to me - I love how strong she is, how true to herself, and how she takes trouble head-on. Favourite characters: Oscar, Alain, Marie Antoinette, Andre, Fersen - in that order.

If lighthearted is more your thing, I'd love any shenanigans Oscar and friends can get to in her Versailles time - evenings out with Marie Antoinette, ferreting out plots with Andre and/or Fersen, keeping Rosalie out of trouble. Or later, maybe Oscar and Alain investigating a plot of some kind?

For darker stories, the road forward to the Revolution in Oscar's mind. What does she see and hear that moves her closer and closer to the Bastille? When and how are her key decisions made? How does it feel to say goodbye to Marie Antoinette, to her parents, finally to life itself?

I've seen the entirety of the anime, read the manga in French, and seen many Takarazuka musicals (1989 Yukigumi remaining my favourite).

Spooks - Jo Portman. Any exploration of her character and/or spy shenanigans adventure.

I mainlined Spooks in January this year and it made it straight to the top of my favourite TV series, both because of my longstanding love of spy novels (Forsyth and LeCarre for preference) and because of the vivid characters. I love Jo in any incarnation from industrious ingenue to the broken Persephone at the end. I'd love to see her out with her old friends after all, trying to pass for normal (which could be comedy or angst), or under deep cover, or facing down a terrorist in a standoff, or just up on the roof with cigarettes and maybe someone to talk to.

I'd adore you forever if you could write her dealing with Adam's fate, or the two of them in the period between series 6 and 7, bound so much closer together. I've always seen them as a sort of older/younger sibling dynamic, but feel free to convince me otherwise if you have a different view.

About the only person I'm not actively fond of in Spooks is Harry, but my particular favourites are Adam, Lucas, Ros and Zaf. And Zoe, because Jo running into Zoe, neither of them knowing who the other is, would be brilliant as well.

Conclusion: as long as Jo is in the story, I will be very very happy :)

Sneedronningen | The Snow Queen - Hans Christian Andersen - Gerda. Where does she go from here?

Snow Queen's a bildungsroman for Gerda - she grows so much, acquires so many friends and knowledge. Where is she five, ten, fifty years later? Crossing into other stories, travelling the world with Kay, helping others on their own quests?

BOSS (TV) - Osawa Eriko. Cases, backstory, shenanigans?

Again a character I adore so much, I'd love any story featuring her. Banter with Nodate would be a plus, or riding herd on her unruly team as usual. I also think BOSS is very suited to potential crossovers with anything from Sailormoon to Avengers.

(If you sic Eriko on Logan/Wolverine post his newest movie, I may explode with glee.)


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