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I like to think I'm a non-problematic Yuletide beneficiary - this year in particular I requested stories of the "anything with those characters will make me happy" variety. Optional details are optional!

Generally I prefer no mpreg, outright pornography (that is, clinical descriptions of actions without emotional content), humiliation or incest (see Sandman request for exception), and I firmly stay away from animal harm stories - if there is animal harm in the story, I will not read it at all. Apart from that, my tastes vary. Feel free to browse this journal to get a handle on the things I tend to recommend or write :)

Characters: Desire of the Endless, Dream (Daniel)
Request: How do things go between Desire and the new Dream? Does Desire feel in any way complicit, annoyed, or just curious about this new creature? What does Dream/Daniel remember and what does he do about it?

I do like the idea of attraction between the two of them (acted or not acted upon), but that part is optional. No Desire-bashing, please.

Sandman is special for me: it's the summer of my eighteenth birthday, on my own for the first time in London, curled up in an armchair of the first big Borders bookshop. I love the idea of the Endless as personifications of various aspects of human personalities and actions, and Desire also plays into my tendre for gender-fluid characters.

There are layers and tangles to Desire vs Morpheus, mostly because they don't understand each other, and both are too proud to look at the other's point of view, but there is a regret and pain in Desire at Morpheus' passing, even though Desire covers it with bitterness. I could see Desire going either way. One is by attacking Daniel outright, wanting him to be Morpheus Mark II and strike at Desire, give Desire a target. The other is - starting anew? Being nice to Daniel? Trying to recapture the friendship that Desire and Morpheus once shared?

Desire is complicated. You may have realised by now that Desire's my favourite Sandman character as well. This is my one request: do not bash Desire or make it evil. Desire is itself. (I'm not too fond of calling Desire 'it', but since it's canon, feel free.)

Dreams and desires are closely entwined. There were enough sparks flying between Morpheus and Desire - Morpheus threatening Desire at the end of Doll's House remains a favourite panel - and in the absence of previous history, who knows how Daniel-Dream and Desire will relate? Since I regard the Endless not as siblings in the traditional sense - they certainly weren't raised together - in this instance, my incest prohibition does not apply. And the idea is very appealing, for me.

Rose of Versailles
Characters: Alain, Oscar Francois de Jarjayes
Request: Oscar and Alain, at any point during their acquaintance. I love the dynamic they have, especially Alain's loyalty to Oscar. For me, the defining moments between them are Oscar searching for Alain after his sister's death and then letting him grieve, and Alain hugging Oscar after Andre's death. If you can give me any scene between the two of them, I'd be grateful!

As you may have guessed from the above, I've seen the anime (in German, a long time ago, and recently in Japanese with subtitles). I'm also familiar with half a dozen versions of the Takarazuka musical, the favourite being the 1989 version with Ichiro and Karincho.

Oscar is special to me, too. She's strong and honourable and complicated. And I find that many of those things come across in her interactions with Alain - someone who doesn't know her at first and who has to be shown who she is. He teaches her as well, and he and the rest of the French Guard contribute to Oscar's gradual social awareness. This relationship, commander and soldier, could use exploring: they trust each other, they know each other's emotional needs, and they care.

I'm not fussed about the period where you set the story, or the presence of other characters (I like everyone in the series). I'm thinking of gen, but if you think you can swing something else - unrequited feelings? Acknowledged attraction? AU scene after Andre's death? A little comfort following that hug, the night before the Bastille falls? - I certainly won't stop you. Just bear in mind that I'm a firm Oscar/Andre fan, so I'd prefer this angle not to be ignored or maligned.

Vorkosigan Saga
Characters: Ivan Vorpatril
Request: Basically, I love Ivan. Any time, anything will make me happy, but I'd love to see him working on a caper/case without Miles, or maybe even against Miles? I also love Barrayaran cultural details, Betan hermaphrodites, and Byerly and Donna/Dono Vorrutyer, should you be inclined to add them in.

I'm caught up on everything except Cryoburn, so I would prefer no spoilers for that one if you can swing it. Barrayar's Slavic angle is the most interesting for me (they are SO Russian). I'm certainly not averse to either Ivan/Byerly or Ivan/Original Character, but I'd prefer no shipping Ivan with other regular cast members such as Miles, Gregor etc. Ivan forced to show his initiative and intelligence would be perfect.

Characters: Death, Sophie
Request: Sophie and Death, in any time of her life. Supernatural elements welcome, though it could be just Sophie considering death in general. Most of all I love a strong Sophie!

My favourite Sophie is Mori Keaki in the Toho production, but I love all of them (and I've seen all but Finnish and Thun), especially when they sing Bellaria. I love the historical character as well, and the way her life has been entwined with death - from the ailing l'Aiglon, through the loss of two children in 1840, the death of her namesake grandchild and Maximilian's execution. Any Death meeting her (and my favourites include Maki Ichiro, Yuichiro Yamaguchi, Mate Kamaras, Stanley Burleson, Jun Sena, Nao Ayaki and Saki Asaji), in any instance up to and including her own death, will make me happy. So will a game of billiards in the crypt of the Kappuziner church :D

I hope this suffices while not overwhelming, but should you want to know more, you can ask [ profile] fyrie to relay your questions :)
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