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To start off, I'm not terribly picky. Optional details are optional, and I'll be happy with just about any story featuring my indicated fandoms and characters. I've tried to divide the request descriptions into my take on the fandom, my firm squicks (often based on somewhat rambling explanations), and very optional story ideas in case you're the sort of person who likes prompts; I've also tried to vary these prompts from single-word to detailed. Length, plottiness, level of detail, type of narration and rating - it's all up to you.

Generally I prefer no mpreg, outright pornography, humiliation or incest, and I firmly stay away from animal harm stories, but apart from that, my tastes vary wildly. Feel free to check out this journal or my Yuletide stories from previous years for hints - I tend to write what I like.

Fandom: Elisabeth
Character: Death

Death, taking someone from the musical (or from the historical characters of the period who were involved with Elisabeth, but not featured) other than Elisabeth and Rudolf.

With Elisabeth you can assume I've seen just about any version (except Swedish, Finnish and Thun). This journal is full of my thoughts about the musical, which may be of assistance. My favourite Deaths are Maki Ichiro, Máté Kamarás, Yuichiro Yamaguchi and Ayaki Nao, but any others (Asako? Stanley? Uwe?) will also be welcome.

I don't have any firm squicks here except out-of-character modern behaviour - as long as it's nineteenth century (or early 20th), it'll be fine.

Ideas? How about a conversation after Sophie's demise, and bonding over their exasperation about Sisi? Maybe Mary Vetsera, the collateral victim of the Habsburg tragedy, or would poor baby Sophie get a hug after her death? There's always Franz-Joseph, and Max, and Giselle, too common-sense for deathly fancies, and Valerie, with the fairy-tale life Sisi tried to make for her. Or maybe Stephanie, giving Rudolf's tempter a piece of her mind? Take your pick, or pick your own :)

Fandom: RPF - Takarazuka Revue
Characters: Nagina Ruumi, Sena Jun

Something about Nagina Ruumi during the rehearsals and/or performance run for the 2009 Moon Troupe Elisabeth production. Asako's presence appreciated, but it can be only a mention if the story turns out that way.

I felt for Nagina Ruumi from the moment I learned that a Cosmos Troupe underclassman otokoyaku was picked over all Moon Troupe musumeyaku to play Elisabeth. The decision surprised everyone, and she clearly struggled a lot to find the character and do the role justice, never mind the challenge of her first true female role and her first time on stage singing a whole show in soprano. The phrase I used for Moon Troupe during that whole time was "a beautiful trainwreck" - so many talented people, but with Mihoko's departure and Asako's upcoming retirement hanging over them, plus the demands of this show, there was a sense of them being overwhelmed. [ profile] ekusudei's Elisabeth Roundtable translation gives a good insight into the mood during rehearsals. The end result, however, I found beautiful.

Here, I'm afraid I have one firm demand - I adore Kacha and I met her in person, however briefly. She's a very kind person who rose to a great challenge, so I'd like a story that would be respectful to her. I don't mean sticking to the Sumire code, but respecting the fact that she's a good actress and singer and performer - no bashing, please. (And likewise for Asako, who I have admired since the days of OsaAsa.)

Ideas? Any moment in time - learning of the casting decision? The first meeting with Asako after that? The press conference? Rehearsals for a particular scene? Performances, shonichi, raku? Or more personal - struggling with interpretation, Kacha's POV on Moon Troupe and vice versa, learning of Asako's retirement decision? Meta discussion on Elisabeth, on the Revue, on being star-tracked, on the differences between playing a male and female role? An adventure on a day off? Pick, mix, or pick your own!

(Additionally, my other Moon Troupe favourites are Aoki Izumi, Kiriya Hiromu, Ryuu Masaki and Asumi Rio. Just in case you want more characters to play with :))

Fandom: Babylon 5
Character: Susan Ivanova

Something about Susan and her Russian or Jewish (or Russian Jewish) heritage? Proverbs, folk tales, reminiscences all welcome, as is the presence of other Babylon 5 characters.

Babylon 5 is my favourite science-fiction series, and Susan Ivanova was always special to me - finally someone Slavic on TV who was just like me, rather than American, or British at best, and a woman strong in the way of Eastern European women who had to hold down the fort while the men were busy with Patriotic Matters (ie getting shipped to Siberia). JMS used his own memories to construct her character's cultural background, and it shows. I recently rewatched seasons 1-3 after almost ten years' break, and I love her as much as ever.

Thus, the only thing I ask for is cultural sensitivity - no Bond-villain Russians, please. Apart from that, up to you :)

Ideas: Fairytales/parables? Childhood memories? Something in episode format (ie alien issues that Ivanova realises relate to her own experiences as someone from a different cultural background than most of the cast)? Maybe Susan telling someone about a book she loved, Strugatski or Bulychev or Bulgakov? Any appearance by any other cast member will be welcome - I have no-one I don't like (while my other favourites would be Bester, Garibaldi, Marcus, Sheridan and Delenn).

Fandom: Fairy tales (traditional)
Story: Cinderella

The fairy godmother - who is she? Why does she do what she does? Supernatural explanations preferred over her being a ghost of Cinderella's mother.

I wrote a story in this vein myself, though that was based on the Rogers & Hammerstein musical rather than on the traditional tale. What I'd like to see here is the Godmother's motivation. Curiosity? Goodwill (why)? Boredom? And who is she when she is at home? I'd love to see a backstory.

I hope this suffices while not overwhelming, but should you want to know more, you can ask [ profile] fyrie to relay your questions :)
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