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The final part of the Songs in My Head series, which comprises Singing Songs in My Head and A Cry To Heaven, and should definitely be read in order. Disclaimers in the first chapter.

There are also two optional outtakes from this series - a mood-setting drabble called Hide Your Face and a slash detour Wine and Song. Neither is necessary to understand this story, and in fact I think you can read it both the gen and slash ways with equal validity.

As usual, everything is [ profile] fyrie's fault.


Six months later, they reach an equilibrium )
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This is an outtake from the Songs in My Head series that may or not have happened in canon. Because I foolishly admitted to [ profile] fyrie that Erik and Raoul had the hots for each other, and she went "whee! smut!". Follows Singing Songs in My Head and A Cry To Heaven, set the next night after Cry.

Wine and Song )

(First person who isn't [ profile] fyrie to identify the cameo can request a one-page fic :>)
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*flops* I wrote most of these twice, because my scratchbook file got corrupted.

For [ profile] shineko: Pirates of the Caribbean, 100 words

Guidance )

For [ profile] ciciaye: Angel the Series, 100 words

Vanity Varnish )

For [ profile] elefwin: Star Wars, 130 words

Silent )

For [ profile] fyrie: Phantom of the Opera, 114 words, same universe as Singing Songs In My Head

Hide Your Face )

For [ profile] kyrre: Batman Begins, 125 words

Communicativa )

For [ profile] alice_montrose: Roses for Lucifer, 160 words

Practical Applications )

Bonus question: Can someone give me an Elisabeth idea, preferably something featuring Sisi herself with a side of Death? She wants fic, I'm fresh out of bunnies.
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This is a sequel to Singing Songs In Your Head. You are very much advised to read that story first, then this one. There'll be one more story in this cycle and one optional side-story, because I owed [ profile] fyrie lots :P

*goes back to writing Elisabeth-fic*

Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
Characters: Erik, Raoul
Summary: As they battle with grief, Erik and Raoul revisit the place where the tragedy's first act took place.


On the roof of the Opera House )
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This was written for [ profile] fyrie, and because I have a strange combination of Phantom characters in my head at the moment - Erik from the Polish small-stage production and the original London Raoul. Erik in particular is a strange bird, mostly because the actor doesn't think twice about singing Raoul songs - or hell, Christine ones - during his recitals, while in the mask. A Phantom singing Twisted Every Way made an indelible impression on me.

Warnings: Heavy angst. And Erik is even more melodramatic than certain vampires.
Rating: PG

Summary: When it's over, Erik finds a place to think, but he's not expecting visitors.


What I once used to dream, I now dread )


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