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I'm overdue on quite a lot of commentary about recent revue happenings (retirements mostly, alas), but I just ran into a clip that really drove home why the kuroembi / tailcoat otokoyaku dance is my favourite set fragment from any revue. It's as stylised and full of set elements as any traditional Japanese dance, and yet when you have so many otokoyaku moving in unison, it's magic. The flair, too, the way each movement is carried out with flourish and grace.

I need to bookmark and download this, because it is Takarazuka.

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Tom. Tom. Evil, evil woman.

At least I wasn't the only person sobbing in the intermission of Onegin. Tom and Hiromi just about did me in.

There is a full review upcoming (with an extra-special section for Ayanagi Shou, because yes, I have a new favourite), but this show is one of those that mean I love this revue, this wonderful theatre that goes straight for your heart without bothering with mundane things like words you can understand. I was sitting in Bow Hall with my face in pain from grinning and tears in my eyes.

(And Pushkin! They put Pushkin in it! In bed with Onegin! And Tatiana was perfect, so strong, and Maihane Mimi is my choice for Yuki Top, hands down, and I saw Miho Keiko live, and did I mention HIROMI yet?)

Snow Troupe. Yukigumi. ♥

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Nine, nine good people. On a par with recent top star retirements, I guess, even with the wonderful people who left with Yumiko. We'd better get a lot of 96ths to make up for it!

Manami Sora is going to be missed - a solid upperclassman. She really caught my eye in Zorro, with how dignified she was as the priest. Plus she was Mizu's kurotenshi ♥

Saika Ryou nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw the first 彩 kanji ;) That's a Hoshikage no Hito rewatch coming up. Her batchmate Shiyuu Mirei's leaving too, and that's one more incentive to find the ShinYukiBeth shininkouen.

And speaking of batchmates, we're losing a slew of 90ths along with Mika. Yuuzuki Rena, Azusa Haruki <3 and Yoshino Honoka. And Rudou Masa, who we barely got to know. I think she might get a postcard in French from me ;) could have been worse? It speaks of hope, the way we're not bleeding more upperclassmen. And the ones that are staying, I may get to see come October.

Top star retirements require their own post, really. Soon, soon.

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