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Sliding in under the wire on the [ profile] yuletide rec train, just before the reveal :) Like before, Yuletide was a trip and a half this year. I was in a worse emotional state, but I managed, and I'll post about my stories after the reveal.

This year, I was exceedingly lucky - I got so many stories and treats!

Takarazuka RPF, Yami ga Hirogaru - Kacha and Asako during Elisabeth rehearsals, with Kacha catching a glimpse of the loneliness that Asako forged into her role. This is 100% my take on them, from which I conclude that my Santa is psychic. My Nanowrimo (which fell by the wayside because of the aforementioned events) had these two as main characters, and I could paste this scene into it with just changing character names ♥ Thank you for the telepathy, m'dear!

Takarazuka RPF, Father's Day with the Hapsburgs: A bonus story from my Santa - backstage hijinks and Kiriyan! Kiriyan being her wonderful self.

Babylon 5, The works of creation: Susan Ivanova in her youth, a series of snapshots of her growing up, and growing tougher and more beautiful.

Elisabeth, Do Not Be Afraid: I remain in love with this story. It's Death taking Little Sophie, who's such a Character in this one. And Death is kind, for a moment. ♥

Cinderella, PSA: And to finish it off, tiny Daily Mail article about the dangers of fairytales :D

Other recommendations:

Night Watch, Never be lost: This is exactly the story I asked for last year, Kay after the events of the book, and Kay being happy.

Tanz der Vampire, First Step: How Alfred falls into his story. Be sure to read the ending!

Elisabeth, Guiding Light: Rudolf and Death throughout Rudolf's life. The best parental take on it.

Arthurian Legend, The other way: Mordred and Galahad and making far too much sense ♥ I started writing a story for the same prompt, but couldn't finish in time - it might be a New Year's story....

Vorkosigan saga: The Rules of Barrayaran Sex: Perfectly in-character and exceedingly amusing. Cordelia is always love, and so is Aral and his socks.

Vorkosigan saga: Sworn in Silence: Aral's view of the moments just after his mother's and brother's deaths, a breathless chase and plot and a very poignant view of Piotr Vorkosigan.

 Sandman: Ink Space Lucien's view of the new Dream. It's just a little heartwrenching, and full of a quiet love.

Sandman, Recoil and Grace - an AU ending for Lucifer and Morpheus that makes far more sense than it should.

Discworld, A place called home - The rarest thing, a Discworld fic that does justice to the world and the characters, and a perfect Drumknott (and Vetinari) study.

Discworld, Wizard Muddle:  What happens in UU when Ponder goes on a vacation.

The Cable and Deadpool Yuletide Special: Epic. Just Epic. Read. Even if you have no idea who Cable and Deadpool are, because Deadpool is King of Backstory, thankyouverymuch
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Sometimes, life makes me feel like stabbing someone in the gut. Since that would be unprofessional, instead I have to withstand the same sensation from my own body as it gives under the stress.

At times like these, I find it calming to think that nothing lasts forever, and that I always have writing to turn to. I've been worried over the past year or so, as my creative output all but dried up and I could not even get the motivation to write on request. I'm amazingly grateful to [ profile] penknife and [ profile] mireille719 for [ profile] lgbtfest, which dealt with my fears nicely.

There's nothing like finding that a fresh issue to explore and toy with (and one that has interested me for half a lifetime - genderqueerness and gender identity). And most of all, there is nothing like writing stories for an audience that is 100% disparate from my LJ acquaintances - and getting positive reviews. It makes me believe that I can go somewhere with my writing; that apart from style, I have substance, original characters and emotional arcs.

(Plot will be the next thing I'll work on. I promise :P)

I missed two deadlines for this fic, but got it in just under the wire once I stopped fighting the characters about its direction:

Marching Orders - Discworld, Polly and Maladicta - The next war, and where they take it

(3,000 words, 2 days. Yes, I've still got it.)
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For [ profile] gisho: "Let's go old-school! Discworld, Susan/Lobsang."


The unspoken arrangement starts when Susan corrects Lobsang's tie the way she would Jason's, and Lobsang only smiles (Time, he is Time). She pretends not to notice when he steals the coachman's watch, sets it correctly and returns it (old habits die hard). He doesn't blink when she steps out of time (away from Time) because she forgot her hat.

By the time they're sitting on the grass, they've got the hang of it. Susan sneaks an extra chocolate from the heart-shaped Wienrich&Boetcher box while Lobsang ages the wine a little.

It's not a perfect moment, but it's close enough. They're only human (in part).

Headache's strong enough that I wussed out of database administration. I'd take something for it, but that's impossible for other reasons, so I'm going to apply a kitty-compress and go to sleep instead :S
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(Snape and Magrat, for [ profile] bekithewitch, 300 words)

An unexpected connection )

(Juubei/Kazuki for [ profile] sakura_no_prey, double demi-drabble - two times 50 words)

Limits/Chains )

I'm still taking drabble requests. Any fandom I'm familiar with - give me a character, pairing, prompt, missing scene, idea.

Fandoms I'm especially interested in drabbling right now: Chronicles of Narnia, CLAMP's Wish, FAKE, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (manga), Van Helsing, Phantom of the Opera, any Guy Gavriel Kay book.
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I've been good all week and didn't spend a penny except on groceries. So of course when I ambled down to town to check out the bookshops, I should have really expected this.

I could have, perhaps, resisted a brand-new Pratchett book. Even if PTerry dropped fascinating hints about it and mentioned copious amounts of Vetinari.

*insert pause for mad Vetinari fangirling here*

Waterstone's had the first-day special edition postmarked covers and 5 euro off the cover price.

I've inhaled Going Postal in 5 hours flat. It's brilliant. It's dazzling. It's the old Pratchett and the new Pratchett, and OMG I really want to have Vetinari's babies, only they'd take over the world and forge Rings of Power probably. I won't spoil it for you. Go and buy it. NOW.

It's also almost entirely unlike The Truth, which is good because I was worried it'd be a carbon-copy.

And to top off my day, I went into a second-hand bookshop that normally doesn't have comics. And lo and behold, there was a pile of extremely affordable near-mint DC-verse TPBs. I ended up walking off with both volumes of Knightfall, Knightsend and Death In The Family. There was also Prodigal, but I'm not as fond of it as the Knightfall arc, because it doesn't have Azrael in it.

My Visa's weeping. But for a good cause.

And hey. I save on food. LOTS.


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