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May. 17th, 2011 10:33 am
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I've been home for twelve hours. Good trip :)

I also have a severely aching arm. The new French collected edition of Rose of Versailles manga is awesome, but it's also phonebook-sized, and holding it up in one hand for two hours of flight was not a particularly bright idea.

(I acquired two of those thousand-page volumes. None of the three manga shops I tried had the third, but since that one' only about 500 pages, I can actually ship it from France.)
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People who follow me on Twitter are intimately familiar with the fact I play Echo Bazaar. What can I say - tweeting about it gives me more actions :>

It's a fantastic Gothic Victorian Horror narrative adventure that goes on by the strength of its writing, to the point where I feel as excited to get at a new storylet as at a book by a favourite author. And for weeks now, my character (an individual of mysterious and indistinct gender, thank you very much) has been hyperventilating in the very presence of the Summerset Provost at the University of Fallen London, to the point where I went through endless repetitions of the University Term storylet sequence just to get a chance for my character to seduce him. The University book ends with an exceedingly long storylet in which choices I made before about what kind of person my character is, forced hir to do something drastic to the Provost this morning.

Those pages of text have stayed with me for the whole day. Damn, this is good writing. Meta-narrative. Something.

So, who else is playing?
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In brief:

Game of Thrones - I didn't read the books, and I think that might be why I'm so repelled; I don't know who those people are, and instead of making me care (with the exception of small humanising moments for Clan Stark), HBO's going through the predictable checklist of "let's shock people!!!" that made me stop watching True Blood, combined with stock political fantasy material. Unless the second episode presents a dramatic departure, that'll be it for me.

The Borgias - This, on the other hand, I like lots. My kind of murderous priests, and the storytelling is aces ♥ Doesn't hurt that Jeremy Irons is having the time of his life, and Cesare-guy is adorable when he goes all threatening. (And the women - Giulia Farnese in particular, possibly the first time in American television I've seen the other woman done as a sympathetic character.)

Castle - Still watching, still enjoying :) This and Mentalist remain my mostly-mindless entertainment shows. (And White Collar, when it's on.)

winter: (Star Wars - droid ninja) <- a high school musical of Star Wars: A New Hope. This is rather awesome, even if Vader could use a better mic. Part 3 of Act 1 is the best :D
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I never imagined I could see a Rocky Horror production this kickass in my hometown XD

That is all, because I'm grinning far too much. (Except for the fact that our ex-Black Vampire is EVIL and oh, I love him for it <3)

Icon meme

Mar. 24th, 2011 09:28 am
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Ganked from [ profile] shirabyoshi:

Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than fifty icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have each one, why it's interesting to you, what significance it has.

Seeing as I have 126... )
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On top of the exhaustion I've managed to catch a cold, but with the short-handed team at work, I had to muddle through it. Packages to everyone waiting for them will be sent today ♥

I've spent the week glued to Twitter, mainly, catching up on the Japan news. At [ profile] help_japan there are several thousand wonderful offers you can bid on, all money to go to charity (and donated by you to one of several reputable charities directly, so that you can be sure money isn't mislaid). I still have one free slot on my fanfic offer - your chance to get, for a donation, fanfic written in any obscure fandom we share, to your specification :)

I've seen misinformation that as a rich country, Japan doesn't need donations; I'll let UNICEF explain how for the first time in 46 years, this major charity contributor country needs help on its own.

Flat update: all furniture that needed putting together, is put together. Still not clean, because the cleaning lady was off sick, but that's on Monday. Most importantly - it's hooked up to the internet, and thus classes as livable :D Which is a good thing, because I've been informed someone is going to be sleeping in my room here on Friday. Oops?

Finally, I've had problems with LiveJournal notifications since March 1st. Now that I've switched to Gmail and some delayed ones came through, it may be resolved, but if I missed your response to a comment - or your entry, in my fog of exhaustion and illness - please let me know!
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I've put up two items for charity auctions for [ profile] help_japan:

Fanfic of 2,000 words or more in any fandom I've written in - and any musical I've seen, Western, Takarazuka or otherwise! Offer of three, to top three bidders, starting at 10 USD - your chance to get fic written for That Obscure Musical of your choice...

Grab-bag of Polish folk crafts - we have some fantastic wood carving and wooden crafts in general, as well as sweets, jewelry, and handmade toys. 30USD value and I'll try to up it if the winning bid is higher than that + shipping :)
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Dead to the world, though I now have kitchen cabinets (!), far too many bills to pay and still a mountain of stuff to buy. One more Ikea trip, a few more broken nails putting things together, a thorough scrubbing, and the flat will be as ready as it will be. Photos this evening.

In the meantime, meme swiped from [ profile] 3peanuts:

Contents of my bag )

And just for the record: tonight will be the first time in four weeks that I have a free evening. Not a free day; a free evening without work or shopping for the flat.

I may need to slow down a little.
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So I went and saw that movie. Someone give Colin Firth his Oscar now, plzkthx.

It's fantastic, but for me it was also personal. I owe a lot of mental stability and general wellbeing after Ireland to the speech therapist who patiently taught me how to breathe and not seize up with nerves. (I still slur my Polish Rs, but apparently that's anatomical.)

Here's to speech therapists. Angels in disguise :)
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I wasn't terribly productive (especially next to [ profile] fyrie with her 11 stories *swats*), but then rather than snowed in for a week, I was doing semi-regular 12-hour days at work while overseeing the ongoing renovations of my future flat. (All Christmas cards I got this year mention the renovations. Am I babbling about them that much?)

Oh, and my main stories were written by Herself *swats again* I guessed from Raindrops, because that's our Amidio and Thanatos in the flesh, but Gazing into the Abyss fooled me. No fair changing style on me :P

I also got a lovely treat from Skazka - a Sandman snippet from the ending.

Yuletide was fun as usual. And I love the Kudos feature - the "Like" button that's so easy to click!

With my assigned recipient, I had to stretch myself to write an Alfred story. I have no idea where I got that Alfred from!

I also promised one to [ profile] windstar127, and writing a young Rosalie was fascinating - I'd like to do more either with her or characters like her, young and innocent. I write too many omnipotent dark warriors ;)

And speaking of which, the response to this fic - written because the recipient's Yuletide letter just resonated with me - kind of floored me. 88 comments and kudos, on a story that's all about women (five to three men, and all main characters) and all about the powers and the different kinds of queens.

Snow, melting (1952 words) by faviconBeth Winter
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis, Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alice/Hatter
Characters: Susan Pevensie, Mirana of Marmoreal, Mad Hatter, Mallyumkun, White Rabbit, Bandersnatch (Alice in Wonderland 2010), Alice Kingsleigh

Alice isn't sure that she did the right thing by taking Susan Pevensie to Underland.

I like the fact I wrote this one :)
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For the record: the one reason I adore the new Who Christmas special beyond compare is because of its quotableness. ELEVEN.

Case in point:

Eleven: "You'll find I'm universally recognised as a responsible adult."
Kid: "'s just a lot of wavy lines."
Eleven: "It's shorted out. Finally, a lie too big."

(I think I need to write more Eleven just because of the babble. I LOVE writing babble.)


Dec. 25th, 2010 10:38 am
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Recs later, because I'm still hyperventilating over my two gifts :D

Gazing into the Abyss - Archduchess Sophie and Death, and oh, a perfect arc for her, showing her strength and mind and emotion. (Also, I believe I spy a Japanese Death ♥)

Raindrops - Yes. That would be MY Oscar and Alain ♥ Fwee doesn't begin to describe it.
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A white Christmas, it seems. The snow melted a little today and a freeze is coming, so yesterday was probably the last we've seen of the true fluffy stuff. The decorations in the city centre are stunning.

darkness and snow and lights )
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Just for people who have been dithering: Yuletide signups close today, midnight EST, or 23:30 hours from now.

If you don't have an Archive Of Our Own account yet, here's what to do. Come on in, we have madness!
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I like to think I'm a non-problematic Yuletide beneficiary - this year in particular I requested stories of the "anything with those characters will make me happy" variety. Optional details are optional!

Generally I prefer no mpreg, outright pornography (that is, clinical descriptions of actions without emotional content), humiliation or incest (see Sandman request for exception), and I firmly stay away from animal harm stories - if there is animal harm in the story, I will not read it at all. Apart from that, my tastes vary. Feel free to browse this journal to get a handle on the things I tend to recommend or write :)

Detailed requests - Sandman, Rose of Versailles, Vorkosigan Saga, Elisabeth )

I hope this suffices while not overwhelming, but should you want to know more, you can ask [ profile] fyrie to relay your questions :)
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I'm certainly not going to shut up about the Japan 2010 trip (so many pictures!), but I'm now checked into my flight, 95% packed (give or take pajamas and cosmetics) and safe in the lovely J-Hoppers Osaka hostel. In 12 hours I'll leave it and head to the airport.

For Whom The Bell Tolls is very good in a high-drama way. Tomochin is a scene stealer ♥ Tomu is really exceedingly pretty ♥ ♥ ♥ And the show has the best mini-revue I've ever seen at the end of a two-act show: Tomu gets the musumeyaku ballet, and the otokoyaku ballet is epic, Spanish and exceedingly long. (Also, Yuuhi. YUUHI. She and Tom are going head to head in my YOU GIT ranking.)

Final shopping is accomplished. Someone cleared out Taka-An of all Ichiro Maki photos and it wasn't me, but I did get an Anna Karenina clearfile.

Last time on the Hankyu train back from Mura. Last walk through the maze of Umeda stations.

I think it's safe to say I'll be back.
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The Koya-san cold managed to put us both under the weather - I'm the one who's actually upright, so I'm taking the opportunity to sort through photos. I can't believe there are less than three days left before I'm back home.

J-11, days 1 to 5 - Kyoto, Nara 1300th anniversary celebrations, Tokyo )
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Apparently mid-November is the perfect moment for Koya-san tree-watching. I fear I took 444 photos of red and gold leaves. Oops?

It's also exceedingly cold. I think my toes are still encased in ice, and we've been back in Osaka for over an hour now.


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