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Author names are now up, which means I can confess to posting the following:

Elisabeth: The Play of the Hand
Three months before Mayerling, Rudolf has to deal with Death, Elisabeth, and a visit from an Emperor younger than him. This is my longest Yuletide story, and the most hermetic one, in that it takes as given that the reader knows that in 1888, Wilhelm von Hohenzollern became Emperor of Germany, and that Rudolf had a love-hate relationship with him, culminating in political quarrels and estrangement during that visit, in October 1888. It was my first attempt at pulling out these two, and I fear I may return to them at some point in the future :)

Elisabeth: Empress of the Mind
After seeing to Elisabeth's fainting spell, Doktor Seeburger returns to the Archduchess Sophie. Inspired by the Yukigumi 2007 production, and by the Hungarian production's scene with Death and Sophie. (And again a historical fact: Sophie witnessed the decline and death of her beloved cousin, Napoleon's son. She was close enough to him that there were rumours that her second son was his. From that moment on, she was familiar with Death.)

Romeo et Juliette: The Wedding Night (R, Mercutio/Tybalt)
Alternate Universe: It is the night of Romeo and Juliette's wedding.

Arthurian legend: Natural Son
Mordred's arrival in Camelot. He's always been my favourite, along with Lancelot, of the Arthurian legends, and in this piece I touch on the reasons why. I think this, together with the fandom's popularity (and the fact so many great fics were written in it this year!) was why this story got the most comments :)

Out of all of these, I think I'm proudest of Empress of the Mind. Mostly because it flowed, and Death still does not want to shut up.
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Ooops. Took a bit on those, since the reveal is around the corner. I've read haphazardly this year, and there are some old favourite fandoms where I still haven't read a single story.

Featured fandoms: 10 Things I Hate About You, Arthurian Legend, Fairy Tales, Hot Fuzz, Vorkosigan series, Lucifer, Merlin, Greek Mythology.

Note: there are no recs from my musical fandoms. This is because all Elisabeth, Tanz der Vampire and Romeo et Juliette fics are gorgeous, and because I'm a bit too invested there ;) See my previous post for the ones that were written for me in the Lord John, Elisabeth and Tanz der Vampire fandoms - I adore each and every one. There are also no recs of stories where I know the author - that's for after the reveal ;)

Onto the recs )
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I'm getting back home tomorrow, and I'll do a full recs post then - just the Vorkosigan fandom has me in so much squee. For now, just the ones I got, in their order from my Yuletide mail. Each of these is a marvel, especially since my original Santa defaulted - all of these are Yuletide Treats!

Shadows and Blood - Tanz der Vampire. I know who wrote this one, but that doesn't stop me from adoring it to itty bitty pieces :D Von Krolock and Herbert, as played by Jan Ammann and Jakub W., and being so them that I almost fell of my chair in giggles.

Taking the Waters - Lord John Grey, a story in which Stephan and John are delightfully them, and a mood that could be written by Diana Gabaldon herself.

Eschewing Protocol - another Lord John story, and this one had me in stitches at how well it gets into John's head. It's the kind of slashy gem I adore so much ♥

Der Untergang - Elisabeth and Death, and the author's grasp on Death is amazing. It's a missing scene from the musical, and makes me want to send this to Michael Kunze for inclusion in the next staging of the show.

And then there is Close as Brothers, which is Lord John again, and lovely and touching, and written by someone who's not even a Yuletider O.o I've no idea who it is, and the very sentiment was jaw-dropping, never mind the fact it's so well-written!

Here's hoping everyone had a happy and joyful winter festival of whatever flavour they prefer!
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I'm off to the seaside, and a happy winter holiday of whatever flavour to all :)

Also, Yuletide stories go up in two days. I ended up writing three full-length ones and one stocking stuffer, which is rather a lot, especially since almost all of it was written since Friday. And yes, there is one story that does not have my signature scrawled all over it, in a new fandom to boot. Can you guess which one it is?
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Despite some real-life events (which in the end, turned out not as badly as they could have), I managed to finish my main Yuletide story on Thursday and just uploaded it. I'd offer goodies to people who guess which one I wrote, but all in all, this is the story that has "Beth Winter" plastered on it in mile-high letters. Trust me.

I have one stocking-stuffer written already, and am eyeing more. Somebody stop me.

(Also, I'll be away from December 23 to 28, but the new keitai has a good web browser and email client.)
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I don't have to remind anyone that signups are open for Yuletide, do I?

Record number of fandoms this year, and looks to be a record number of signups too. If anyone's considering writing Elisabeth or Tanz der Vampire (or any of the other musicals on offer), please sign up! That means one less chance of myself and [ profile] fyrie getting each other's requests, which is my one fear ;)

(And I ended up offering 20 fandoms, too. I may be slightly deranged.)
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Not a bad party, surprisingly :) Now, two days of work to get through before I'm off to Budapest.

And now that Yuletide authors have been revealed, I can tell you which one I wrote. It's an utterly obscure fandom, but I've tried my best to make it outsider-accessible in a way that might make the story enjoyable also for someone unfamiliar with it.

Chasing Titania - based on Boris Akunin's Fandorin novels (in particular the first one, Azazel/Winter Queen).

(And incidentally, I feel utterly inferior. That brilliant Neverwhere story I recced was written by [ profile] calliope85, my recipient. I am significantly unworthy.)
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*looks at Yuletide assignment and kind of falls over* At least I didn't get [ profile] fyrie. And I do have a challenge like I wanted.

EDIT: Huh. Looks like everyone will get a rematch, which is a pity - I liked that request :/

Dear Yuletide Santa, as to my own requests.... )

In conclusion: Dear Yuletide Santa. I wish you luck. You may need it ;)
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I signed up for Yuletide, which means a week and a bit of waiting with bated breath until I get my assignment. And then there's the fact Takarazuka Moon Troupe will be in London in January and I may end up glomping vampires, Deaths and Japanese crossdressers all in one week, but that also requires waiting for dates and details to go up.

To help me wait, I stole an idea from [ profile] alighiera and [ profile] ariss_tenoh, to take advantage of my good Yuletide karma and the urge to WRITE something. It's been a while:

1. Make at least three requests from different fandoms, for original stories, or a mixture of both. Optionally, in addition give me characters and/or a setting, a plot, a situation or some other kind of prompt. If you make a request for something original, give me a prompt of some kind in any case. A setting, plot, even a word.

2. If there's something you absolutely want (or don't want) to see in your story, tell me.

3. Fandoms I can write:
All I've ever written and most I've read )

I'll take all requests posted here before Yuletide assignments go out (a few days after October 18). I'll post all fic before December 6, St Nick's. Each story will be 500 words, minimum.

Comments are screened so you take your chances :)

(Also: yes, original includes That RPG. And if you know anyone looking for fic in any of those fandoms, feel free to pimp. I want to write!)
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So you're the poor person who got my Yuletide request? Never fear, I have a few pointers to help you along.

About my Yuletide requests )


Oct. 12th, 2006 11:09 am
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I'm starting to wonder if the recent blah-feeling isn't the infection still echoing :/ It had to be something particularly nasty, especially since yesterday, over two weeks after the initial doctor's visit and almost three weeks since I first started feeling the symptoms, I got the vertigo and shortness of breath again. I do so hate being sick.

So, I've been apathetic. When I try to read, especially online, the words tend to just run together. Even Fandom_Wank isn't entertaining me as much as it should. Creativeness also seems to be on hold, apart from one active muse *glares at a certain genderless anthropomorphic personification, who apart from a boyfriend has now acquired a quasi-parental figure and a kid brother*

Nanowrimo probably will not happen this year, but I'm going to do [ profile] yuletide. They're assembling their list of rare fandoms from scratch this year, and I'm thinking of which ones to request to add to the list - each person can suggest six. Elisabeth is a given, and probably Tanz der Vampire. Book-Dracula is another thing I'd be happy to write. Coldfire, yes, but that'll probably get requested by enough other people. Once Upon A Time in Mexico might not make the cut - 437 stories at No idea what else to nominate.

And hey. [ profile] yuletide will be opening to all comers this year. How about it, people? I can't be the only crazy one :)


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