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I got through the entire 2010 full-length archive in one big burst yesterday, so here are some favourites in alphabetical order by fandom :) Expect more when madness goes live!


Bloody - Carmilla meets Bluebeard. Carmilla ROCKS.


Acute, Obtuse and Triangle - Rick, Alexis and Martha, family stories in the best of ways. Obtuse is the particular favourite.

Once Bitten - Castle. Vampires. And done Gothic Novel Narration Style :D


Parent-teacher conference - the sheer idea of Damien trying to explain Gerald's parenting ways :D


Die to Live Forever - Lucheni and Death, and just the right kind of madness.

Gazing into the Abyss - I love my Sophie fic the more, the more I re-read it. History geek treat!

The Historian

among some talk of you and me - A vignette with a perfect Vlad Draculea ♥

The Mentalist

What You See Is What You Get (If You're Looking Hard Enough) - The Mentalist as an urban fantasy steampunk AU. A GOOD ONE.

Rose of Versailles

Raindrops - Some of the reasons I'm so delighted with this story must remain secret for now, but oh, it's just what I asked for. Oscar, as played by Maki Ichiro, and Alain, as played by... Stanley Burleson? ;)

Scarlet Pimpernel

The Dress Makes The Man - Percy and Marguerite have way too much fun ;)

V for Vendetta

This Vicious Cabaret - Rosemary Almond and what comes after. There was a feeling of deep satisfaction when I read this. V for Vendetta and female empowerment - why not? (And empowerment in the good sense. Rosemary doesn't want to be a hero.)

Vorkosigan saga

Responsibilities of Command - Miles and Gregor and facepalming, post-Vor Game :D

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Have I told you that you are a good writer? I approve your The Scarlet Pimpernel one!


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